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Software Engineer Computer Science

Hyattsville, Maryland, United States
January 19, 2017

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Cyrus Vorwald ᐧ 301-***-**** ᐧ


University of Maryland – College Park May 2017

B.S. Computer Science

oGPA 3.0; Upper Level GPA 3.7

Programming Skills

Java Windows

Matlab Linux

Python Git


Work Experience

Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC June 2016 – August 2016

Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (NREIP) Intern

Built quadrotor platform using Ascending Technologies Pelican Autopilot and Odroid-XU4 Hardware

Interfaced parallel tracking and mapping software with embedded system using ROS and C++

Became proficient at manually flying drones using a Futaba T7C Flight Controller

Developed data visualization of ROS I/O messages in real-time using Python and bokeh

Modeled and designed a monocular camera mount in Solidworks CAD software for 3D printing

Presented updates at bi-weekly meetings

Alfred Gessow Rotorcraft Center June 2015 - Present

Research Assistant

Programmed camera pose estimation for Android devices in Java and native C++

Led computer vision team for American Helicopter Society’s 4th Annual Micro Air Vehicle Student Challenge

Implemented visual simultaneous localization and mapping onboard a Snapdragon Flight

Built lightweight object detection and range bearing system using a monocular camera

Programmed inter-system communication in C++ and ROS

Presented weekly progress updates to an interdisciplinary group


3D Reconstruction of Multiple Objects

Implemented an iterative closest point method of 3D reconstruction given RGBD sensor data in Matlab

Won best in class


Built a music visualizer that interprets a database using Python, C#, and Unity

Awarded Honorable Mention by Capital One


Paper, April 2016: “Towards Visual Inertial Navigation on a Mobile Device for Autonomous Micro Air Vehicles,” AIAA Region I Student Conference, Worcester, MA

Presentation, August 2016: “Intelligent Microflyer”

Presentation, December 2016: “Relative Trajectory Tracking Onboard a Mobile Device,” Systems Technology and Research, Woburn, MA

Paper, January 2017: “Visual Odometry Onboard a Micro Air Vehicle Using Snapdragon Flight,” Seventh AHS Technical Meeting on VTOL Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Autonomy, Mesa, AZ

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