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Software Engineer

Buffalo, New York, United States
January 21, 2017

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University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, Buffalo, NY Master of Science, Computer and Information Sciences, (December 2016) (3.59/4.0) PVG’s College of Engineering & Technology (University of Pune)-Pune, Maharashtra, India Bachelor of Engineering, Computers, (May 2012) (First Class) TECHNICAL SKILLS

Programming Languages : Java, C, C++, Python, SQL

Web Technologies : Javascript, jQuery, Node.js, HTML, CSS, GWT

Frameworks : J2EE, Android, AJAX, EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework), REST, Spring, Hibernate, OSGI

Tools : Eclipse, Android Studio, Tomcat, Jetty, Solr, SVN, Linux, Github, JIRA PROJECTS

Crime and Waste Management for Smart Cities via Text Analytics

Designed and developed a system that implements citizen journalism. The idea is to streamline analytics of issues corresponding to crime reports on social media platforms like twitter.

The system mines for complaints and crime scenes reported by citizens with the help of twitter, tags them by various keywords and classify them. under classes laid by the FBI and presents a dashboard for analytics.

Dashboard provides three different types of analytics: Google map to visualize various crime locations, Analysis of overall distribution of crime along with their classes and an intuition about the time when crimes are on its peak. Technologies used: Solr, Java, Twitter public API, HTML, CSS, Node.js, Google Maps Simple Amazon Dynamo

Developed a simplified version of Amazon Dynamo in android environment. Guaranteeing linearizability and availability.

Implemented features like quorum replication, object versioning and failure handling. Technologies used: Java, Android

Handwritten digit classification

Developed a system to classify handwritten digits in the MNIST dataset using logistic regression and neural network.

Implemented feed forward and back propagation algorithm with regularization. Achieving an accuracy of 94%. Technologies used: Python

Multilingual Search System for Tweets

Developed a complete search solution using Solr. Ingesting, indexing and searching twitter data in multiple languages.

Implemented various retrieval models, content tagging using alchemy, cross lingual analysis and summarization. Technologies used: Solr, Java, Twitter public API, HTML, CSS, Node.js Group Messenger

Developed a Total and FIFO ordered group messenger in Android.

Implemented node failure handling to preserve ordering of messages. Technologies used: Java, Android


GS Lab, Pune, India: Software Engineer, (July 2012 – June 2015) Services Designer

Designed and developed plugins in eclipse for Work-flow Service Designer to support actions and policies using EMF.

Designed and developed software installer(s) for product releases on various platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Performed enhancements on API management console, Web based Service designer using jQuery and AJAX.

Mentored new team members in agile development environment. Technologies used: Java, SWT, EMF, GEF, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX Service Gateway

Development and enhancements on Service Gateway.

Designed and developed web interface for the product using GWT. Technologies used: Java, GWT, JMX, OSGI

Work-experience-document generator

Developed a web application for work experience document generation.

Designed frames [web-app-pages] for different users using GWT and developed client server interaction using JMX Technologies used: Java, GWT, JMX, OSGI, MySql


Completed training on OWASP Top 10, secure aspects and coding guidelines

IBM Certified Academic Associate - DB2 9 Database and Application Fundamentals

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