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Engineer Server

Frankfort, Illinois, United States
January 20, 2017

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Lewis University, Romeoville, IL **** – 2013

Masters in Information Security

Achieved a Master’s of Science in IT Security

Lewis University, Romeoville, IL 2009 – 2011

Achieved a Bachelors of Arts in Human Resource management

Morton College, Cicero, IL 1998-1999

Achieved an associate degree in general education with a concentration in Science and Computers

Adjunct Professor Part-Time

Lewis University, Romeoville, IL

Data Networking

Hacker Tools and Techniques


Sun Certified Systems Administrator

Sun Certified Network Administrator

Sun Certified Enterprise Systems Engineer

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Access Data Certified Forensics Examiner


Solaris, Redhat, Redhat Satellite Server, ElasticSearch Stack, Kickstart, Puppet, Centrify, CentOS, Splunk, Cisco VPN, Cisco Products, Open Architecture PC/Server hardware, Zabbix, Syslog, Nagios, HP Openview, Webtrends, Gomez, Nessus, Satan, security scanners.

Signature Consultants / AT&T, Chicago IL, Sept 19 – Present-Full-Time

Linux Engineer

Installation and Setup of Elastic Stack

Support of Elastic Stack (kibana, and Logstash

Scripting in Python and Bash

Security Clearance

Setup of Redhat and CentOS server in VMWare environments.

Administration of over 300 Servers.

Script Automation Bash and Python.

Clustering of the Elasticsearch Nodes.

Backup and restore of the elasticssearch Nodes.

Monitoring of the Cluster through ElasticSearh plugins.

Collaborating with management to roll-out client environments.

Advisory Board Company, Vernon Hills, IL, 3/15 – Sept 19 – Full- Time

Linux Administrator

Administer IBM Websphere 6.

Create scripts for automating processes using Bash, Perl, Python and Jackl.

Setup modules in Puppet to automate system configurations.

Administer Splunk environment.

Participate in monthly code releases.

Setup and configure VMWare environments.

Perform server builds using Satellite and kickstart.

Created scripts to automate SFTP, FTP, and web server processes.

Installed and administered Apache web servers.

Scripted WebSphere 6.2 installation from backend command line for client installations.

Used Veritas Net Backup and Volume Manager for daily server backups.

Nadex, Chicago, IL, 10/10-03/15 – Full-Time

Senior Linux Administrator

Administered over 100 HP 380 DL G5 servers.

Wrote Puppet modules and manifests for server configurations.

Installed Splunk server and configuration with daily searches.

Code releases on a weekly basis / software life cycle.

Used Jira for service request system and for daily tasks tracking.

Wrote technical documentation for WIKI page creation.

Scripted in Bash, Perl, and Python to simplify administration tasks and for automation.

Wrote a menu based script to shut down a datacenter in minutes rather than

Puppet installation and configuration.

Worked with Tomcat server during code releases.

Worked with Qpid messaging.

Installed and configured Smarts for compliance.

Engineered and Implemented Veritas Net Backup environment.

Installed and customized Nagios for server monitoring.

Performed Redhat patching utilizing Redhat Satellite server and kick-start.

Managed 2 data-centers with 100 + servers in each.

Maintained Linux server images with RHN Satellite server and kick-start / Cobbler.

Experience with Squid Proxy Server.

Setup Open LDAP and Sun Directory servers.

Setup Syslog server for daily server alerting.

Knowledge of bonding network cards.

Setup and maintained Cisco UCS blade servers for server migrations.

Installed and configuration of VMWare server and sub servers.

Various networking tasks including:

Swapping out Cisco hardware to replace new Cisco hardware.

Moving patch cables on request.

Concuity, Vernon Hills, IL, 10/08 – 10/10 – Full-Time

Senior Linux Administrator

Administered over 100 Linux Redhat and CentOS servers.

Configured Cisco 520 Series Wireless Lan Controller.

Administration of enterprise network devices, 3600 routers, 1700 routers, and fiber switches.

Worked with Dell chassis and blade servers and HP blade servers.

Perl and Bash Scripting for server configuration automation.

Scripted WebSphere 6.2 installation from backend command line for client installations.

Configured WebSphere 5 & 6.2 properties files.

Setup and configured Sun Directory Server 6.1(LDAP) for WebSphere.

Created scripts to automate SFTP, FTP, and web server processes.

Troubleshooting of custom application issues in Linux and WebSphere.

Installed and configured Nagios monitoring tool for monitoring servers.

Installed and administered Apache web servers.

Administered WebSphere 5.1 clustered web servers.

Upgraded WebSphere servers from 5.1 to 6.1.

Used Veritas Net Backup and Volume Manager for daily server backups.

Administered EMC SAN replacing bad hard drives.

Assisted client IT teams in resolving issues at client sites.

BP, Warrenville, IL, 4/08 – 8/08 - Contract

Lead UNIX Admin / Engineer

Lead team on migrating Sun / Linux servers to Amazon Web Services (virtual environment).

Virtualized SAP environments on Amazon EC2 cloud.

Worked with the SAP team to prioritize requirements.

Virtualization of BP SAP environment standardized on RHEL5.

Integrated ZManda as an open source backup solution with Persistent FS.

Created scripts in BASH, and CSH to automate daily processing.

Installed, configured and ran security scans with Nessus.

Integrated Nagios as an enterprise server notification solution.

Communicated with various departments for certain needs: PROD, QA, DEV environments.

Communicated with team members and 3rd party vendors daily.

Documented tasks and environment layout along with instructions for setup.

Created scripts in Perl, PHP, Shell to automate tasks with Cron.

Performed and monitored backups on all systems.

Bash Scripting.

Perl scripting.

Virtual drive creation on Linux / Sun servers for redundancy.

Installed load balancing software for all web servers in virtual environment.

Administered over 100 Solaris servers.

Major League Baseball, NY, 10/1/07 – 4/08 - Contract

Senior UNIX Engineer

Managed over 200 datacenter Sun Microsystem servers.

Configured Zones and Containers in Solaris 10 for segregating apps and virtualization.

Integrate new Sun servers into existing environment.

Administration of Sun clusters.

Administered Sun V880, 6400, T1000, T2000, E25K servers on a daily basis.

Administered servers locally and remotely.

Installed Sun OS 8, 9, and 10 with Jump-start technology.

Used Putty and Putty commander for remote SSH server connections.

Updated and created new pages on the MLB WIKI.

New York Stock Exchange, Chicago, IL, 4/30/2007 – 10/1/07 - Contract

UNIX Administrator / Web Administrator

Support website and update content when needed.

Support clients and users on logging into website.

Installed and configured IIS for multiple web sites.

Set security on IIS directory structure using Active Directory

Worked with Sun Zones and Containers.

Daily troubleshooting of Foundry Load Balancers.

Setup of Foundry Switches as Load Balancers.

Used JIRA Daily for submitting EAR and WAR files.

Use Macromedia Contribute, RepilWeb, Visual Studio and Dreamweaver.

Pushed WAR, JAR, and EAR files in Websphere for NYSE web applications both on IIS and Apache.

Administer Redhat Linux, Solaris 9, 10 servers.

Setup and administer Apache web server, Sharepoint, IIS and WebSphere.

Daily monitoring or NYSE websites using Webtrends, Gomez, Nagios, and Sitescope.

Used Perigrine Service Desk for placing service requests.

Creation of SQL databases and queries.

Develop Sharepoint modules in .NET and VB.

Developed in Visual Web Developer, and Dreamweaver.

SunGard Futures, Chicago, IL, 1/2007 – 3/2007 - Contract

Senior Network Engineer

Supported and maintained Cisco routers and switches worldwide.

Upgraded Cisco IOS.

Made multiple changes to routes and configurations.

Used protocols: OSPF, BGP, EIGRP, IGRP,

Made daily changes to ASA, pix 506E and Checkpoint firewalls.

Made changes to routing tables both in the U.S. and Overseas.

Configured and installed new client hardware when needed.

Worked with ISP’s and clients to resolve networking issues and to connect new clients.

Worked with intrusion detection software such as: SATAN, and Tripwire.

SMaRT Technology Services, Inc. Chicago, IL, 12/2001 – 1/2007 – Full-Time

Technical Lead / SE

Setup and installation of Sun Microsystems servers and desktops.

Configured Sun Zones and Containers.

Supported Sun Zones and containers for clients.

Performed demos for clients using Zones and Containers in Sun Solaris 10.

Setup and installation of Redhat servers and desktops.

Installation of Apache web server, MySQL, Tomcat.

Implemented remote helpdesk with Sun thin clients and Citrix for Chicago Public Schools.

Architected different solutions for clients using MS Virtual server for remote connections.

Worked on setting up SAP systems for Chicago Public Schools.

Integrated MS Virtual server for Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Housing Authority.

Administration of Redhat servers daily.

Installed JIRA on Linux, Solaris and Windows for setting up of service request system.

Initial setup and administration of JIRA implementations.

Conducted demonstrations for clients with JIRA technologies.

Configured JIRA to work with Apache.

Setup and maintained Foundry Server Iron Switches as Load Balancers for Chicago Public Schools Citrix Farm of 20 server.

Designed and implemented Sun Portal Server including: Identity Management, Messaging, Calendar, Single Sign-on, and Instant Messaging.

Implementation and configuration of SUNSCREEN Firewall.

Worked with E450, V250, SunBlade 1000, 1500.

Administration of Sun Solaris v.9 on SPARC and x86 systems.

SunRay 150 Thin-client implementations.

Perl, Bash and Python scriptin for server configuration automation.

Rack, stack, and cabeling of Redhat / Solaris servers.

Installing Oracle servers for new and existing Oracle environment.

Performed disadter recovery on Solaris systems.

Configuration and administration of Citrix Metaframe on Solaris systems.

Designing and optimizing Windows 2000 / 2003 server farms for clients and in-house.

Implemented POP mail server in Windows 2003.

Implemented Terminal Server in Windows 2003.

Implemented Active Directory in Windows 2000 / 2003.

Made multiple changes to routes and configurations.

Used protocols: OSPF, BGP, EIGRP, IGRP.

Made daily changes to ASA, pix 506E and Checkpoint firewalls.

Made changes to routing tables both in the U.S. and Overseas.

Installed new harware at client sites.

Remote control of SMS users for troubleshooting and training.

Supervised / managed 7 – 20 technicians at one time.

Scheduled technicians and trouble tickets for daily problem resolution.

Fielded technician questions both in email and on the phone.

Team Lead for projects that were on-going among the 650 schools.

Implementation of Citrix Metaframe server farm.

Setup and configuration of Linux Enterprise servers and Desktop systems.

Implementation and administration of Apache Web Server.

Installed and configured IIS for multiple web sites.

Set security on IIS directory structure using Active Directory.

Implementation and administration of Sun Portal Server.

Design and implemented Sun Portal Server with, mail, calendar, single sign on, LDAP, instant messaging.

Rental Max, Downers Grove, IL, 10/2000 – 12/2001 – Full-Time

IT Manager / UNIX Administrator

Currently managing 14 locations using frame relay and SCO and Redhat Linux.

Administer Windows NT 4.0 desktop and server, and SCO and Redhat Linux.

Managing IT budget and purchasing new equipment periodically.

Administration of SCO and Redhat Linux with Pascal database.

Daily administration of Cisco 3600 router.

Implemented a VPN for satellite stores for remote access.

Worked in a Frame relay environment and a channelized T-1.

Communicated with AT&T for T-1 installation at corporate headquarters.

Worked on PBX for office phone system.

Set standards for enterprise I.T. systems, desktops, servers, trouble ticket procedures.

Ameritech-Rolling Meadows, IL, 7/1998 – 10/2000 – Contract

Systems Administrator

Used AIX, UNIX for daily administration and troubleshooting of network problems.

Network Engineer / PC Support.

Daily administration of Cisco 3600 router’s and Cisco, Nortel, 3com switches.

Used Optivity Group software to monitor enterprise network switches and hubs.

Used Ghost to image PC’s and laptops for new and existing customers in the enterprise.

Created a boot disk with DOS menus for technicians to use with Ghost.

Maintained and built Compaq servers and also Solaris servers. Performed daily Admin duties.

Maintained Nortel switches, Performed backups and restores using Arc Serve.

Installed and maintained and supported billing application written in an .AWK script.

Submitted reports and network audits via Trackit and Zenworks.

Configured and maintained network of 300 PC’s.

Motorola-Schaumburg, IL, 6/1997 – 7/1998 – Contract

Systems Administrator / Test Engineer

Setup Frame Relay servers with Redhat Linux both on our laptops and servers to configure Tandem computers with frame relay cards.

Installed NT 4.0 and Linux dual boot on co-workers laptops.

Installed HP UNIX, Linux, and Solaris based Tandem Frame Relay computers for cell phone traffic control. Interconnected systems while gaining exposure to CISCO routers. Tested police, fire, and safety band Motorola radio equipment on an HP UNIX platform.

Daily administration of Cisco 3600 router’s and Cisco, Nortel, 3com switches.

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