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Information Technology Manager

Dalton, Pennsylvania, 18414, United States
January 18, 2017

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Kenneth M. Shirk

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Dalton, Pa. ****4



Thirty plus years’ experience providing innovative team leadership across various functional areas and multiple companies in support of government and corporate business. Experienced public speaker, enjoys working in collaborative environments developing innovative ways to increase efficiency, cut-costs, implement best practices and develop future leaders. Looking to relocate to St. Louis area.

Professional Experience:

Manager, IT Service Desk Apr 2015 to Jan 2017

TMG Health

Managed a 9 agent IT Service Desk at a single location; through automation, review and process improvement, reduced the amount of emails that came to the Service Desk from 1800+ per day to 50+ per week day. This reduced “touch labor” for agents; resulting in a higher FCR rate

Worked with ServiceNow team, created multiple self-service portals allowed Users to submit requests for equipment, services, access, report incidents and access outage Service Notices

oEquipment requests portals created direct assignment tickets to the service provider, reduced number of calls, contributed to higher FCR and ASA rates

oRequest portals allowed direct assignment, allowed agents to concentrate efforts on calls

oIncident portal allowed Users to submit incidents through ServiceNow, instead of calling

Developed first ever training plan for the Service Desk. Consisted of an initial training phase, advanced phase, recertification, skill-based tracking and additional eLearning courses

Created COOP plan; allowed operations to continue during inclement weather or emergencies Worked with IT Teams improving information capture, categorization of incidents and reporting within ServiceNow. Resulted in improved incident resolution, service fulfillment, and awareness

Developed reports utilizing ServiceNow and the Cisco Call Manager providing daily, weekly, monthly and ad-hoc reports on FCR, ASA, Average Handling Time (AHT), volume, and trending.

Created and implemented an incident resolution survey to capture customer satisfaction with the Service Desk and resolving agents. The Service Desk maintained a 98% satisfaction rating

Worked with team to clean up Knowledge Base (KB) reducing the overall number of articles from 2,400+ down to 700+ current articles, result is Wikipedia-like.

Operations Manager Jan 2015 to Apr 2015

Storage Strategies Inc.

Reviewed and developed strategies to implement ITIL processes and improve interoperability between ITIL functions and processes.

Manager, Incident Management Center Sept 2014 to Oct 2014

General Dynamics Information Technology, Chantilly, Va.

Developed a dynamic webpage utilizing existing resources that provided consolidated near-real-time data to Stakeholders on KPIs/SLAs in support of Customer’s 70,000+ IT users

Worked with stakeholders creating enterprise incident management policies and processes ensuring IT work force exceeded customer requirements, maintained FCR rate exceeding 70%

Managed four-person team monitoring incident management policy compliance, tracked initiatives, resolution rates, coordinated problem management and reported trends to leadership

Manager, Service Desk Dec. 2012 to Oct. 2014

General Dynamics Information Technology, Chantilly, Va.

Managed 60+ person two location IT call center (Virginia and Colorado), supporting 70,000+ IT Users, processing 1,000+ incidents and service requests per day

Develop formal training consisted of an initial phase, advanced phased, shift leadership phase, certification/recertification, skill-based tracking, and additional eLearning courses

Hosted daily incident management meeting for stakeholders providing overview of VIP incidents, outages, incident volumes, trending, SLA/KPI compliance, SLA/KPI end-of-month forecasting, etc.

Tasked to perform review of four locations and develop a performance improvement plan to improve SLA/KPI compliance, incident resolution, service fulfillment, etc.

Worked with the Tier II and Tier III teams transferring high-volume/low-effort work to Service Desk. Improved incident resolution timeliness, FCR, customer service and provided agents with additional training which could be levied in career progression and employee retention.

Set the benchmark for Gov’t Intel Agencies Service Desks; other intel agencies would visit our team to determine what processes, policies and activities could be implemented in their organizations

Worked with other departments and merged their Help Desks into our Service Desk. We did this through considerable planning, coordination and training prior to cut-over.

Led project to conduct a review of staffing at all locations and developed a plan to improve use of resources and cut costs. Transitioned tasks from high-salary work centers to Service Desk, moved functional authority of System Administrators to a single source, resulted in improved work sharing/balance, reduced costs, reduction in staffing by 32%, improved SLA/KPI scores

Incident Manager Jan. 2011 to Dec. 2012

General Dynamics Information Technology, Chantilly, Va.

Developed near real time incident resolution reports/metrics on client expectations, KPIs and SLAs

Created first ever Incident Management policy defining expectations & roles; improved service

Teamed with Stakeholders created tools to monitor/analyze/identify incident occurrence trends

Drafted COOP plan for 11 work centers, 120+ employees; ensured coverage and employee safety

Manager, Incident Management Operations Center Nov. 2010 to Jan. 2011

Harris Information Technology Services, Chantilly, Va.

Managed 7-person team providing near real-time reports and analytics on incidents & outages

Supported Program Management Office (PMO) requests to perform site evaluations across Enterprise, reviewed operational processes/procedures and recommended action plans

Drafted Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs) and proposed contract modifications that improved processes between the contract and Customer, reduced costs and increase work for the contract

Manager, Change Management Jul. 2008 to Nov. 2010

Harris Information Technology Services, Chantilly, Va.

Managed 45 Project Managers handling 1100+ projects, at more than 800 locations

Implemented centralized solution that reduced Project Managers by 63%

Standardized policies/processes; increased completion rates for infrastructure request requirements from 52% to 87% in 6 months; lauded by the Client!

Worked with Customer reduced delivery times of desktop services from 120 days to less than 20

Performed site audits of four locations, developed performance improvement plans

Contract Site Lead NRO HQ, Harris ITS Dec. 2007 to Jul. 2008

Harris Information Technology Services, Chantilly, Va.

Managed 48 employees, responsible for direct liaison with Client, ensured Statement of Work and contract compliance, developed staffing models, requirements collection and customer care

Assisted Client review of labor costs; resulted reduction of 10 positions; $300K savings annually

Education and Certifications:

BS (Management), National Louis University – November 2013

Service Desk Institute's Service Desk Manager - September 2014

Security+ certified July 2012

ITIL Foundation – Harris Government Technical Services - 2007

Certified IT Management Professional, Learning Tree International – 2004

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