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Assistant State University

Temecula, California, United States
January 18, 2017

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Hongling Yang

***** ****** ********** **. *** #**5, Temecula CA 92591


(Cell) 915-***-****


Arizona State University

PhD in Statistics, 08/2005-08/2008

Dissertation: Estimation of Additive Coefficient Models Using the Kalman Filter (C++, R) Advisor: Dr. Randall Eubank (ASU Professor in Statistics) Relevant Courses:

Statistical Computing (C++) Large Sample Statistical inference Theory of Statistical Linear models Data Mining Non-parametric Smoothing Statistical Research Bayesian Analysis Applied Non-parametric Statistics The University of Texas El Paso Campus

Master of Science in Statistics, 01/2003-05/2005

Thesis: A Further Study of the Relationship between PM10 Level and Daily Mortality in El Paso, TX Using A Functional Linear Model (SAS, S+)

Advisor: Dr. Joan Staniswalis (UTEP professor in Statistics) Relevant Courses:

Statistical Research Stochastic Process (SAS) Probability and Statistics Multivariate Data Analysis Advanced Mathematics Linear Algebra Numerical Analysis Numerical Optimization Mathematical Statistics Peking University, Beijing, China

Master of Business in International Finance with a minor in Chemistry, 09/1995- 07/2002 WORK EXPERIENCE

Department of Mathematical Science, University of Texas El Paso Campus (UTEP) 06/2008-01/2016


El Paso, Texas

Teaching different levels of mathematics and statistics courses

Researching at Statistical Computing Lab of UTEP

Collaborating with Texas Tech health Science Center El Paso Campus on medical research

Analyzing data through statistical programming

College of Engineering, University of Texas El Paso Campus 03/2010-01/2016


El Paso, Texas

Working on GIS research and Ride8 Project

Guiding graduate students with graduate theses

Collaborating with other researchers in publication Department of Internal Medicine, Texas Tech Health Science Center 04/2009-07/2011

Statistical Consultant

El Paso, Texas

Leading and guiding residents to conduct medical research

Providing with research ideas and sampling designs

Teaching and helping the resident program with Statistical Computing

Collaborating with medical doctors in clinical trials Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Arizona State University 08/2005-05/2008

Teaching & Research Assistant

Tempe, Arizona

Assisting in in-class teaching and grading homework & exams

Tutoring and Answering questions during office hours

Helping Professors prepare for lectures

Researching and Analyzing data through statistical computing Content Connections, LLC

08/ 2007-01/2008

Data Analyst

Phoenix, Arizona

Mining and organizing data

Appling statistical computing methods

Performing statistical tests

Preparing and Presenting reports

El Paso Community College



El Paso, Texas

T eaching "Business Calculus"

Helping and tutoring students with questions and homework Statistical Computing Lab, University of Texas El Paso Campus 01/2004-05/2005

Research Assistant

El Paso, Texas

Performing descriptive and multivariate statistical data analysis

Preparing tables, graphs, fact sheets, and wrote summary reports. Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Texas El Paso Campus (UTEP) 01/ 2003-01/2005

Teaching Assistant

El Paso, Texas

Assisting in in-class teaching and grading homework & exams

Tutoring and Answering questions during office hours

T eaching statistical software at the UTEP Statistical Computing lab Beijing Yorkley Real Estate Development Co. LTD


Project Analyst

Beijing, China

Preparing budget estimates tracking reports

Conducting research on consumer opinions and marketing strategies

Performing marketing and advertising research

Center of Chinese Finance Research, Peking University 09/2000-07/2002

Research Assistant

Beijing, China

Applying mathematical models and statistical techniques

Compiling and Analyzing data; Reporting analysis results Applying findings to explain phenomena and forecast market School of Economics, Peking University

09/ 1995-07/2002

Teaching Assistant

Beijing, China

Teaching theories, principles, and methods of economics CERTIFICATIONS

SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9 (Certified Serial Number: AP011585v9) SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9 (Certified Serial Number: BP038502v9) FELLOWSHIP AND AWARDS

Nankai University Mathematics Specialized Fellowship, Nankai University (1996) Nankai University Fellowship, Nankai University (1995-1997) Peking University Fellowship, Peking University (2001) Outstanding Graduate Student, University of Texas El Paso Campus (2005) PUBLICATIONS

Yang H. L., Li, W.W. et al. (2014). Development of a Principal Component Regression Model for Predicting Ozone Exceedance, Air and Waste Management Association Annual Conference and Exhibition, Long Beach, CA. June 24-27th 2012. Valenzuela V., Yang H. L. et al. (2012). Conceptual Modeling of Ozone Pollution for an Air Quality Basin in Texas, Air and Waste Management Association Annual Conference Proceedings, San Antonio, TX. 2012. Yang, H. L (2015). A Study of Additive Coefficient Models, under review by Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference Alhamad,T., Blandon, P., Yang, H. L. (2011). Effectiveness of 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D on Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in Hemodialysis Patients. June 2011 Issue of Renal And Urology News. Olvera, H., Li, W.W., Yang, H. L. (2011). PCA Optimization of PM2.5 Land Use Regression Model with Small Monitoring Network. Summated to Sci Total Environ. Submission No.: STOTEN-D-11-02680 Staniswalis, J., Yang H.L. (2009). Using a Continuous Time Lag to Determine the Associations Between Ambient PM2.5 Hourly Levels and Daily Mortality: Indication of the Importance of the Total Number of the Particles, Journal of Air & Waste Management, 59:1173–1185

A Further Study of the Relationship between PM10 Level and Daily Mortality in El Paso, Texas Using a Historical Functional Linear Model. M.S. Thesis (2005). University of Texas; El Paso: 2005. AAT 1430952. SKILLS/ PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES

C, C++, SQL, MS Access, S-plus, SAS, Matlab, Minitab, Latex, CPL Programming English and Mandarin Chinese

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