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Engineer Engineering

January 18, 2017

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Experimental Flight Test Engineering Manager/Test Director

Experienced results driven engineering manager with extensive experience in aerospace, including: rockets, missiles, fixed wing and rotorcraft. 16 years of experience in commercial and military airworthiness certification, stability and control, environmental qualification, instrumentation, flight, ground, telemetry, systems, avionics, software, hardware, integration, and test. Successful flight test director and manager of multidisciplinary engineering teams resulting in on schedule efficient test point burn down. Experienced in all phases of the system development lifecycle from requirements definition to verification and validation.


B.S. Aerospace Engineering

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott, AZ; GPA 3.5; May 2000 - Minor Mathematics

Masters of Engineering Systems Engineering

Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken, NJ; GPA 3.9; graduation Dec 2016.

Certifications: Security + Certified: CompTIA Certificate: COMP001020524094

Security Clearance: Current Top Secret Investigation

Professional Organizations

Society of Flight Test Engineers, Member

IEEE, member

Experimental Flight Test Engineering Manager

Enstrom Helicopter, Menominee, MI 7/2016 – Present

Flight Test Director

Responsible for conducting, overseeing, and managing R&D and certification flight/ground testing.

Participate in FAA certification events and direct multidisciplinary engineering teams.

Responsible for Experimental Engineering organization, management system, personnel assignments, and resource allocation.

Provide professional support and mentoring to mechanics, technicians, and engineers within the Experimental Engineering team.

Plan, schedule, and budget program execution and staffing reporting to the Director of Engineering.

Responsible for design and acquisition of test fixtures and test facilities.

Identify areas for process improvement to improve test efficiency including identification and improvement of test data processing and reporting.

Support demanding test schedule including working atypical hours as necessary to complete testing on schedule.

Department Director

Reicher Catholic High School, Waco, TX 7/2015 – 2/2016

Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, Math Teacher

Responsible for curriculum development, leadership and mentoring of science and mathematics staff.

Staff Aeronautical Engineer/Flight Test Engineer

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics - Patuxent Naval Air Station, MD 06/2014-7/2015

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Staff Aeronautical Engineer, Flying Qualities

Mentored junior engineers in flight test engineering and telemetry quick look analysis development as a Senior Engineer.

Developed flight test plans and procedures in preparation of flight tests.

Developed software for checkout of various Weapons/Stores (Air to Ground, Air to Air, Instrumentation Pylons, etc.) to de-conflict use for flight test between several jets flying daily.

Developed simulation results analysis using Matlab and Excel.

Monitored and assessed flying qualities of the F-35 STOVL variant aircraft.

Ensured Control Law (CLAW) and aerodynamic modeling are properly instituted for Stability and Control by analyzing real-time and post-process telemetry.

Ensured Handling Qualities are assessed by the pilot and meet requirements.

Created and configured control of IADs real-time telemetry screens for the STOVL variant Flying Qualities team.

LabVIEW Developer Contractor

Neptune Technologies Group, Tallassee, AL 02/2014-05/2014

LabVIEW Software Programmer

Developed USRP software defined radio LabVIEW applications for the transmission of simultaneous packet data to test the Neptune Gateway water meter data collector.

Developed packet building application that enables the user to modify the packet data prior to being built, modulated, and transmitted.

Used RF knowledge to build, combine, modulate, and transmit FSK and ASK/OOK modulated packet data for testing the Gateway.

Developed a LabVIEW application that enables the user to modulate and transmit binary text files, built to represent water meter packet data, as single line packets using the USRP.

Sr. Systems/Flight Test Engineer II

L-3 Communications, Waco, TX 06/2012-02/2014

HH-60U Ground/Flight Test Director

Ground/Flight Test Director for the HH-60U Blackhawk EO/IR replacement program.

Developed flight test plan and procedures in preparation of flight tests for the HH-60U Blackhawk

Created flight test cards, schedules and planned flight tests.

Ground and flight test support for the HH-60U including test conduct, data analysis, and conduct of pre and post flight briefs. Set up Telemetry room.

Management Duties: Responsible for Request for Proposal (RFP) response, test basis of estimates (BOE), cost account management (CAM), Earned Value Metric (EVM) status for test team, test scheduling, execution, and reporting. Actively coordinate with the cross functional Integrated Product Team (IPT) as the project test lead.

Systems, Integration, and Test Lead Responsibilities:

Lead Systems Integration Test Engineer responsible for leading test and requirements verification of the next major generation of the EC-130H Compass Call aircraft mission equipment.

Management Duties: Development of the Test Engineering Management Plan (TEMP), CAM, and EVMS status.

Flight and ground test plan and procedure development.

Automated test equipment (ATE) design and development, test planning and execution, electrical and mechanical drawing creation.

Systems Engineering:

Development of the ATE Concept of Operations (CONOPS).

Development of the ATE functional and physical architecture using CORE and Visio.

Requirements definition and specification

Design document development, including CAD drawings for state of the art automated test equipment.

LabVIEW Software Programmer

LabVIEW programmer and architectural expert for EC-130H test team.

Successfully developed and deployed LabVIEW software to provide automated and custom user interface control for four portable RF auto-emitter systems utilized to test the EC-130H Compass Call aircraft.

Developed, architected, designed, and integrated the temperature monitoring system software for the EC-130H test team.

This LabVIEW based software is currently deployed on the EC-130H Compass Call providing critical temperature monitoring of aircraft mission components with real time display and data archiving for data analysis.

Developed, architected, designed, and integrated the electrical loads monitoring system software and hardware for the EC-130H.

Developed Matlab software for detailed data analysis for temperature and electrical loads post process analysis. This software automatically populates a MS Word doc with detailed plots. A power point file is also generated for post flight test briefing.

Co-architect of Lowband Transmit Antenna transmit and receive LabVIEW software. This software controls two rack mounted spectrum analyzers and two rack mounted signal generators using TCP/IP while collecting data for post process analysis.

Trained users in operational use of Lowband Transmit Antenna and test suite execution.

Systems Engineer

Systems Engineering and Test Technologies 03/2010 - 06/2012

Systems Telemetry Design Engineer

Designed mobile, remote, and modular telemetry data acquisition systems.

Conducted market research to develop strategic base model designs.

Developed a business plan for capital investment.

Conducted trade studies.

Sr. Flight Test Engineer II

L-3 Communications, Waco, TX 06/2008 – 03/2010

MH-60M Program Flight Test Engineer

Created flight test plans in preparation of flight test for the MH-60M Blackhawk program.

Created flight test cards, scheduled and planned flight tests.

Coordinated the development of the Remote Telemetry Lab in Waco, which is used as a remote interface for flight tests conducted off-site.

Flight test support at the Joint Operations Group in Lexington, KY. Duties included test conduct, telemetry verification, data analysis, and conduct of pre and post flight briefs.

Developed flight test data analysis GUI using Matlab for flight test reporting and data quick-look.

Flight Test Engineer on board the C-27 Joint Cargo Aircraft and 747 Widebody Integrated Platform Protection System (WIPPS) flight tests to determine the clear separation of dispensed flares.

Project Liberty Test Engineer

Integration and test of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) hardware and software onto MC-12W aircraft (Hawker Beechcraft King Air 350).

Installation, functional checkout, and troubleshooting of the line of sight and SATCOM data links, voice communication suite, MX-15I visual/infrared camera and laser illuminator, various antennae, and computer networking.

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) of transmission lines throughout the entire aircraft and phase matching of various transmission lines.

Ground crew member responsible for voice and data communication checks and visual/infrared camera testing during functional check flights.

Sr. Systems Integration and Test Engineer II

Raytheon Missile Systems Tucson, AZ 04/2007 – 6/2008

Flight Test Engineer Responsibilities:

Data analyst for the AMRAAM Phase IV program responsible for data verification post flight testing on F-15E/F and F-18C/D platforms.

Ensured missile performance per sensor requirements against various emitters.

Developed Matlab scripts to positively identify various emitters from collected telemetry and 1553 data.

Identified and submitted necessary Software Change Requests (SCR) necessary to improve missile performance.

Telemetry Test Equipment Design/Test Engineer responsible for the Standard Missile 3 (SM3) telemetry test equipment.

Upgrade of SM3 telemetry stations to production configuration by designing/developing the hardware and software for real-time seeker imaging and digital displays.

Telemetry station development for the Hardware In the Loop (HIL) lab.

Flight Test support including complete setup and checkout of the Kinetic Warhead (KW) and stage three telemetry stations and flight data collection at the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF).

Requirements definition for Systems Engineering for the Small Diameter Bomb II.

Developed the Interface Control Document (ICD) for the Small Diameter Bomb II

Stability and Control Aeronautical Engineer/ Flight Test Engineer

Boeing Commercial Airplanes Renton, WA 10/2004 – 11/2005

Stability and Control Aeronautical Flight Test Engineer

777-200LR simulation verification for the Aerodynamics department.

Flight test and FAA certification of the 777-200LR.

Flight Test lead for the implementation of the Landing Attitude Modifier (LAM) to achieve FAA and customer requirements for over speed landings.

Effectively communicated with flight test engineering, performance engineering, and directly with flight test pilots to achieve stability and control (S&C) requirements.

Identified and created SCR’s for flight control software updates to improve aircraft performance, stability and control.

Aerodynamics S&C author of portions of the Performance Flight Characteristics document for the 200LR which documents the performance of an aircraft using simulation and flight test data.

Conducted live simulator sessions with test pilots for preflight verification.

Environmental Test Engineer

Systems and Electronics Inc. St. Louis, MO 3/2004 – 9/2004

Senior Environmental Engineer

In accordance with MIL STD 810F, MIL STD 462D, MIL STD 108E, MIL STD 1474C prepared program test plans and test procedures, conducted product tests, and prepared test reports.

Performed environmental testing and provided product test guidance to design engineers.

Sr. Systems Integration and Test Engineer

Raytheon Missile Systems Tucson, AZ 5/2000-3/2004

Systems/Flight Test Engineer

Led the KW data analysis tasks for laboratory and flight tests under the direction of a senior analyst.

Tested propulsion software and hardware functionality of the Solid Divert and Attitude Control System on the SM3 KW program.

Supervised the KW assembly from system level to payload.

Deployment and setup of the telemetry station to collect and process KW data acquired.

Analyzed data collected; created and conducted data reviews for each stage of testing.

Flight test engineer/analyst onboard the USS Lake Erie for multiple Exo-Atmospheric flight test missions.

Led the complete setup and checkout of the KW telemetry station, flight data collection and processing, and “quick-look” report generation.

Participated in the generation of pre and post flight test reports.

Developed and ran analysis tools created using Matlab.

Created quick-look presentations using Matlab to streamline mission data processing.

Created Matlab scripts and GUIs to be used for data analysis.

Led and participated in test procedures and test problem resolutions for integration and test activities.

Tested functional capabilities of the KW for requirements verification.

Systems Integration and Test Engineer

Requirements definition for Systems Integration and Test

Propulsion Test Director for the complete software and hardware functionality of Divert and Attitude Control System on the Exo-Atmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV) program.

Dynamics Test Director for the Divert, Shock and Vibration tests conducted at Kill Vehicle and Payload levels.

Participated in Acceptance Test Procedures, Engineering Test Requests, and Test Problem Resolutions.

Created Engineering Test Requests and Test Problem Reports.

Ran and created analysis tools for Acceptance Test Procedures and Daily Health Checks including Built-In Test (BIT) using Matlab and LabVIEW.

Developed test user interfaces for guidance unit testing via VXI using LabVIEW.

Supervised the assembly of the EKV from component to payload levels.

Computer Experience

LabVIEW, Matlab, IBM Rational Rhapsody, DOORS, TeamCenter Enterprise, CORE, IADS, ILIADS, Microsoft Office Suite, Visio, Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop, MSProject, C, C++, Perl, AutoCAD, PLC, RS-422, RS-232, RS-485, TCP/IP, MIL-STD 1553, Win2K, WinXP, Winsvr2008, Win7, Win8, Linux, UNIX, Sys500, Acroamatics, Lumistar

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