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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
January 17, 2017

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Meera Madhavan


Programming and Scripting IDEs, Platforms, Compilers Operating Systems and Protocols

C#, Java, VBA


PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS


C++, C, Assembly

Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server

Ranorex, Junit, Selenium

Eclipse CDT, JDT

Apache Spark

PIC16C57, PIC16F877A, ARM


Microsoft Windows


RTOS: Toppers JSP 1.4.3 Windows

Simulator, MicroItron Standards, APIs

TCP/IP, SOAP, Emnet Protocol,



University of British Columbia

Master of Software Systems

Jan, 2013 – Aug, 2014

Marian Engineering College, Kerala University, India BTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering Oct, 2002 – Dec, 2006


Secure Webserver

Developed and tested an HTTPS Web server that supports almost all MIME types.

Implemented a digest authentication and password hashing mechanism to make it secure. Stock Trading System (Real Time Distributed System)

Developed and tested an application that extracts stock prices ad details from the internet and updates the database at regular intervals.

Developed a UI that allows the user to buy and sell the stocks at the last updated price in synch with the client that updates the database.

Elevator Simulator

Implemented an application to simulate the elevator movements on randomly generated button presses, with control given to the user to start and stop the same.

DBLike (Real Time Distributed System)

Developed the client side for a Drop box like system which communicated with servers running in Amazon EC2 instances to synchronize a user designated folder.

Implemented multicasting and redundancy in server to replicate designated folder. Tech University Enrollment System

Developed test cases, sequence diagrams during the design of a flexible University Enrollment System and used MVC framework.

Executed Junit testing.


Pranavom Consulting Inc, Vancouver


Jul, 2016 – Present

Self learning technologies like Amazon (AWS certified developer - Associate) for System and Prototype design and development

Developed Micro python subscription based system (data can be subscribed to) to come up with a low-cost Wi-Fi sensor-data acquisition (ESP8266 Wi-Fi module, MQTT messaging protocol).

Used Raven API to develop a subscription based system to acquire data from Rainforest EMU 2 device using Python, MQTT to be loaded eventually into suitable IOT platform for analytics.

Working on scaling the system to the cloud, including data analytics with Apache Spark, and Python. College of pharmacists of BC

IMIS Support

Oct, 2015 – Mar, 2016

Supported IMIS CRM upgrade including planning cutover.

Converted Crystal to SSRS, and Integrated SSRS reports with the CRM AWS Certified Developer - Associate

Online Registration System (Business Analysis and QA)

Conducted Requirement and GAP Analysis, Software UI and Database design and documentation

Conducted QA involving creating test plans and test cases.

Produced detailed Work flow in Visio, and detailed wireframes reflecting workflow

Detailed data dependencies and backend logic to be presented to the developers and internal non-technical staff. Techxcore Solutions

Programmer Analyst

Mar, 2015 – Oct, 2015

Conducted Business Analysis (Requirements gathering, Design, QA & Testing, Documentation), created test plans for numerous e-commerce and dynamic web applications

Created automation test scripts using Ranorex and tested web applications using Selenium Powerex Corp, Vancouver


May, 2014 – Dec, 2014

Tested, fixed bugs in, enhanced, optimised and developed numerous applications as below:

Developed and maintained automation scripts for testing Software using Ranorex.

Executed numerous process automations using Automate BPA Server, like file archiving, e-mail notifications on folder update failure, to name a few.

Developed and installed a full-fledged Windows service that runs to retrieve data from a website and load it into SQL database and with event logging capabilities at regular intervals, developed the excel UI which retrieves data from the database into the sheet in specified format.

Fixed bugs on critical applications involving real time data.

Designed and developed MISO confirm sheet that sends request, and parses XML response from various websites to be displayed on a Macro enabled excel sheet and enhanced the same with automatic adjustment of day light savings data.

GenTX overhaul: Migrated from Access database to SQL after design and development of database.

Enhanced batch script to execute automatic shutdown and restart of multiple Virtual machines sequentially.

NEISODownloader, IMOReporter Enhancement: Added automatic proxy detection mechanism.

UBC Three Tier Wind Application Enhancement: Added seven-day wind forecast data. Modifying database.

ITSM to dashboard Application: Added a new field and enhanced the display layout of this application besides fixing bugs.

Enhanced Report to read from the cube using MDX queries. (SSAS)

Developed the website parsing script, and created an SSIS package to regulate data flow. Designed and developed the database to accept data. (SSIS)

Encora Technologies for Mahindra Satyam, Singapore Software Engineer

Mar, 2011 – Apr, 2011

Conducted Code Analysis and Reverse Engineering involving C, Unix, Perl scripts (Legacy System)

Created Software Requirement Specification for Informatica developers

Liaised with Informatica developers and ensured proper communication amongst cross functional team members Gemalto Pte Ltd, Singapore

Software Engineer

May, 2010 – Nov, 2010

Implemented and tested Profile porting of SIM Cards per client specifications using proprietary tools, Emulators, SIM APDU commands, SAT and Mobile to Network Communication protocols, BIP and CATTP. Guildsoft Pvt Ltd for Panasonic Japan, India

Embedded Systems Software Engineer

Sep, 2007 – Jul, 2009

Developed test stubs to ensure working of front ends for all RTOS applications developed by Embedded Systems team during my tenure.

Developed and conducted Integration testing for a SCADA system in C, an HVAC application. This application constitutes several unit applications that take in Manual and sensor inputs, interacts amongst each other to produce the appropriate output temperature. The units communicated amongst each other using EMIT OALs.

Self-learned the working of TOPPERS JSP RTOS, and MicroItron standards, designed, developed and tested applications using the same.

Developed the front end and tested an HMI for a Power Meter (JavaScript/HTML) which interacted with the backend RTOS

(TOPPERS JSP RTOS) application to display outputs. Used RS-232 cable and Emnet protocol for communicating between the Front and Back end.

Developed unit test tool (C#) to generate RTOS outputs on an excel sheet based on inputs on the same excel sheet.

Developed a configuration file generator that forms an add-on to the Application Layer of an application. This C# based application lets the user change the input values which might be numeric values and parameters like file extensions and to view the outputs.


Math, Music, Movies

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