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Plant Water Treatment

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
January 16, 2017

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NAME: - Mohamed Hussein Hammed Hussein


Address: Block 406, second family homes, first Quarter, New Asyut, Egypt.

Mobile: - +201*********

Date of Birth : 14th July 1982.

Nationality : Egyptian

Military Service: Exempted

Marital Status: Married

Religion : Muslim

Driving license: 223255 EGY

Passport No. : A10598461 (Date of Expiry 22/11/2020)

Egyptian syndicate of scientific professions: - General No 73525 – Class No Ch. /41548


Position as a Commissioning Chemist

Which offers key participation, team oriented tasks, immediate challenges, and career opportunity. also, conduct qualitative and quantitative chemical analyses or chemical experiments in laboratories for quality or process control or to develop new products or knowledge.


B.Sc. of science in special chemistry with Cumulative Grade Good [2005] with aggregate of 66.93% from Al AZHAR University.


1-from 18th Marsh 2016 to 4th Aug.2016.

Commissioning Chemist in Shanahan Engineering Ltd


• Shanahan Engineering Ltd

Description: BEMCO-GS was awarded the EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction) contract.

By Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) on May 16, 2012 for a net guaranteed output

Capacity of 2,175 MW CCGT project, consisting of two power blocks, each with four GE

Frame 7FB Gas Turbines, four Alstom (GE) HRSGs with one Alstom (GE) Steam

Turbine Generator. Each block has an ACC (Air Cooled Condenser). There is a central

Control room and a 380/33KV GIS.

The Gas Turbines have been in operation since the summer of 2015. All GTs’ are fitted

With a bypass damper. Original handover date for the first CCGT was Nov 14, 2014, with

Second block to be handed over on Jan 2015. So the project is very late.

Shanahan Engineering received its NTP on Sat 13th February 2016 from BEMCO-GS JV

To accelerate and commission Block 2 CCGT, including pre-commissioning of the steam

Turbine block. The target date for initial synchronisation is the 31st May 2016, but thus is

Predicated by a number of pre-requisites. The company will be penalised for late delivery

Of this project if we don’t achieve this goal. It is therefore hugely important to document

And record daily information in the company diaries that impact our performance.

2-From Oct 2013 to Mar 2016.

-Worked as Assistant Chemical Section lead in TNB REMACO KHARAFINATIONAL JV

Description: at SHUAIBA North Combined Power & Water plant. From 19/9/2013 in Kuwait.

3* 260 MW Gas Turbines Contractor {GE} company frame (9FA),

3* HRSG (75 bar) Contractor {HYUNDAI} company,

1*220MW steam turbine Contractor {TOSHIBA} Company,

3*15 MIGD Distillers MSF Contractor {FISIA ITALIANTI} company,

200KG/hr Chlorination Plant Contractor {ALLDOS} company,

Re-carbonation plant contractor {FISIA ITALIANTI} Company.

3-from Aug 2010 to Sep 2013


Role: Chemist (Man power supply of KHARAFINATIONAL Company) to Ministry of Electricity & Water in Kuwait at SHUAIBA South Power & Water plant (6*150 MW & 6*5MIGD).

4- From Oct 2006 to July 2010.

Shift Chemist in Asyut thermal power plant in Egypt. (UEEPC)

Role: chemist and laboratory analysis (external water treatment, internal water treatment) at Ministry of Electricity in Egypt (Asyut Thermal Power Plant 2 * 300 MW).


1.Controls and monitors the operation process from DCS and PLC base.

2.Operation of the chlorination plant (C.W& Raw water chlorination).

3.Operation of the pre-treatment plant for potable, domestic water and waste units.

4.Operation of the Demi plant, polishing plant and regeneration.

5.Controls Chemical Dosing system and quality of water and steam during Start-up and shut-down procedures for thermal power plant (Cold, Warm, and Hot Start Up and normal or emergency shut-down) and HRSG.

6.analysing samples from various sources ((Raw water, Demi plant water, Pre-treatment water, waste water, thermal cycle water, distillation water, closed cooling water, Re-carbonated water, transformer, turbine, lube Oil, heavy fuel and heat transfer fluids)) to provide information on compounds quantities of compounds present, using analytical techniques and instrumentation.

7.Know a lot of Laboratory Equipment, Furniture and instruments such as ICP, AAS, flash point, cloud and Pour point, viscometer and Lube Oil Tester (Petrotest® 40-0160).

8.Determination of sulphur by (IKA® AOD 1), Determination of Vanadium by DR 2800 HACH, Determination of Asphaltene Content.

9.Make calibration for much kind of analyser instrument and prepare reagents, calibration and cleaning solution (lab and field pH meter and Conductivity meter), (Silica analyser, Hydrazine, Ammonia, Oxygen and Sodium analyser).

10.Boiler passivation and preservation.

11.Know a lot of chemical cleaning for (air heater, super heater, boiler, Gas Turbine compressor& condenser) and acid cleaning of Desalination plants

12. Calculate and reporting the rates weekly and monthly of consumption of chemicals and to compare the design specifications.

13.Know a lot of Steam blow of (Boilers& HRSG), distillation plant, Re-carbonation plant and sewage water plant.

14.Adding and Calculate chemicals to closed cooling water, HVAC water and chilled water.

15.A review of the work of clearing lines for drinking water until further tap drinking water network in power plants.

16.Follow-up programs to measure the emissions of various stations, Revision additions materials and their impact on emissions from the combustion process

17.Commissioning of equipment’s after completion of maintenance works.

Essential Responsibilities:

Operation Chemist be functionally Reporting the scientific results. reporting to process leader and one over one to Operation manager.

Responsible for all laboratory activities including chemical sampling and analysis pertaining to the plant and ensure all the related parameters are within the limit.

The key responsibility for this Shift Chemist is the smooth operation of water treatment plant.

Reviews process control operation through inspection of system and plant records, technical data, operating reports and historical trends.

Familiarize with regulatory requirements pertaining to environmental compliance, chemical used in the plant, MSDS, related plant P&IDs, SOPs, Work instructions, as well as the emergency operation procedures and any other related documents.

Investigates, diagnoses, report, and recommends correction of abnormalities occurring in any part of the water treatment plant system or Process or plant utilities to ensure safe operation of the plant as per the stated procedures.

Shares and escalate the operational observations pertaining to the water treatment plant process or system control operation to ensure the economical functioning of plant facilities, coordinating operational strategies with process leader or Manager.

Responsible for Knowledge of the properties and company names of chemicals used in systems that work on the follow-up. Carry out the quality inspection of all the chemicals received in the plant.

Responsible for Know a lot of Resin troubleshooting & pumps and valves of chemicals used in systems that work on the follow-up.

Responsible for reporting shift operational activities to process leader and operation manager.

Responsible for creating safe working area by isolating the equipment/system from potential hazardous source and to authorize work executor to start the work by applying LOTO devices, the execution of the work shall be followed until the completion of the job.

Responsible for measuring individual water skids turbidity and individual vessel conductivity and maintains records for future reference and control.

Regular update to process leader and Manager and make routine plants walk round to notice any plant anomalies before in time. Responsible for reporting the shift activities to concern discipline responsible for corrective actions.

Routine monitoring of static and rotary equipment and initiate necessary maintenance works to avoid equipment malfunctioning & damages.

To work closely with client control room operators to maintain good relationship while on executing the assigned or common tasks.

Execute assigned tasks efficiently as per the instruction given based on plant process requirement and update the status periodically.

Responsible for communicate with other discipline responsible on equipment isolation and to initiate the maintenance works, follow up the works until the completion of works.

Writes comprehensive reports on process control operations as necessary to provide information as may be required by management.

Demonstrates continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality service.

Plan and initiate chemical preparation and perform lab analysis deemed necessary for the plant smooth operation and work closely with chemical department on timely and safe completion of chemical preparation, loading & unloading of chemicals.

Reviews all chemical usage to determine correct chemicals, doses, and application points; carry out necessary tasks related to chemical and water analysis based on process requirement.

Monitoring of process parameters, online instruments and individual system performances through plant automation system and initiate necessary action.

Assist process leaders on investigating & troubleshooting the process disturbances, equipment malfunctioning and notify the concern department responsible in time for necessary actions.

Write shift activities clearly and organized manner in shift log book and the shift activities shall distinctly be communicated to shift reliever for further follow-up, etc.

Apply and follow plant EHS procedures including handling of hazardous chemicals, confined space activities, chemical spill control, LOTO procedure and evacuation & emergency procedures.

Responsible for housekeeping of the laboratory equipment and spillages



Training course in Asyut Oil Refining Co. in summer 2003

Certificate of improvement principles in technology information in September 2006 from Asyut. university

Certificate from Central Chemical Laboratories from Ministry of Electricity in Egypt in Nov. 2007.

Certificate of AMEDC from Medical faculty in Asyut in December 2009

Training courses of computer (ICDL –HTML – Pascal …etc.)

Certificate of Training for laboratory equipment from KOMROWSKI Company in Feb. 2012.


Arabic: Mother tongue.

English: Good (Written, Spoken, and Reading).

Personal Capability:

Ability to work under pressure.

Ability to learn new technologies, and Attention in terms of training and raising the efficiency of expertise and care to attend seminars and conferences on chemistry and Environmental Affairs.

Ability to work well with levels of management and personal.

Ability to work as an effective team member.

Ability to work per priority, dealing with complexity and result driven.

Ready to work on rotating shift and familiar with shift duties and to Work in a variety of weather conditions with exposure to the outdoor harsh conditions (heat and dust).

Work experience in any large Water treatment plant process, Chemical, O&G plants or Power plants.

Knowledge on MS office system to enter data or information into system.

Perform other duties as assigned


I hereby declare that the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

(Mohamed Hussein Hammed)

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