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Full Stack Developer / System Engineer

State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
November 11, 2018

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System Analyst and Engineer

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Full Stack Developer, Conlab/Med Exames - Mar/2015 to Jan/2016, 2018 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ Mar/2015 to Jan/2016:

Created a medical image capture product based on laboratory requirements.

This system captures images from medical equipment and generates faster reports, reducing costs and accelerating the deliver for the client from 2 days to 15 minutes.

Developed front-end and back-end for a portal to access exams. Technologies: UML, HTML, CSS, JSP, Struts, Java, JavaScript, Eclipse, Visual Basic .NET, Crystal Reports, C#, MySQL, Hibernate.


Updating back-end to use in a Cloud environment (Amazon AWS). Technologies: Vivify- SCRUM, REST APIs created with Java, Spring Boot/JPA/JWT Security/Swagger, Spring Tool Suite, Postman, MySQL, H2, Amazon EC2, RDS (MySQL) and S3 (for images).

Updating front-end using React with Redux for a Single Page Application to be uploaded into Amazon cloud.

Visual Basic .NET will be updated to use REST APIs for exam storage. Software Developer, Ericsson/Telcordia Company - Feb/2011 - present – Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Conducted interviews with key business users to collect information on business processes and user requirements.

Design, Development, Tests and Deployment of the correspondent feature solutions to fulfil the requirements

Use of Java to generate reports about mobile web navigation in an Ericsson Web platform.

Trained with ConceptWave Catalog Manager and Order Care at Toronto, Canada office. JavaScript is used in the flows.

Full Stack Developer/System Engineer, Huawei - Sep/2008 - Jan/2011 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Collaborated with marketing department to gather requirements, plan and implement new services.

Software design and development to fulfil customer needs. Also worked as technical leader.

Modified existing software for a Web Portal to correct errors, adapt to new hardware and improve performance. Worked with: Java, J2EE, Eclipse.

Provided new solutions to improve system reliability in the swap phase for Linux operating system. Worked with: UNIX, PERL and shell scripts. System Engineer, Hewlett-Packard/EDS - Jan/2006 - Sep/2008 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Design with UML and development for Mediation platform projects.

Worked with design teams to ensure proper reports for customers and CDRs (Call Detail Record).

Full Stack Developer, Avanti Prima/Petrobrás - Oct/2005 - Dec/2005 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Web based system with new features to control courses that drill employees in some specific oil specialization sectors.

Use of UML for project design.

Technologies: Java, Servlets, Struts, JavaScript, DAO, Weblogic, Tomcat for development tests, Oracle, Hibernate, Eclipse, and Windows. System Analyst, Losango / HSBC - Jan/2003 - Sep/2005 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Development of a system that registers someone's loan request, approves or disapproves it according to company's policy.

Developed object-oriented software with C++ for the services, CORBA and Oracle database. System Analyst, Interquadram - Mar/2001 - Dec/2002 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Development and maintenance of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.

Services designed with C++ to run in the CORBA Visibroker Application Server platform, reducing costs from the previous Orbix platform.

Tools and languages: Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase, Informix, Orbix/Visibroker CORBA Application Server and UML.

Electronic Engineer, Elebra/DSND Consub - Sep/1996 - Feb/2001 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Executed electronic Console improvements in Brazilian Navy ships.

Tools and languages: C, UNIX/Sun SOLARIS, UIM/X, LINUX, XWindows, VXWORKS, Accel Schematic and Altera EPLD (Erasable Programmable Logic Device. Electronic Engineer, IPqM Brazilian Navy - Sep/1986 - Aug/1996 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Developed a Human-Machine Interface hardware and its Operating System to control an Electronic Counter-Measure platform.

Implemented schematics, diagrams and documentation for engineering projects.

Tools and languages: Assembly, Pascal, C, 8086 emulator pad, Orcad, oscilloscope. EDUCATION

2000 Post-Graduation in Management and System Analysis, PUC-RJ University 1985 Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineer, Santa Ursula University TECHNICAL SKILLS

Java, Spring, React, HTML, JavaScript, Tomcat, Eclipse, Netbeans, C/C++, PHP, VB.NET, UML, PERL, Crystal Report, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Postgresql, CORBA (Orbix, Visibroker), ConceptWave Catalog Manager/Order Care. LANGUAGES

Portuguese, English with IELTS exam.

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