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Care Staff

Al Ain, AZ, United Arab Emirates
November 13, 2016

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To highlight my skills and establish a career in reputable organization where I can apply my technical knowledge and skills more effectively and positively.


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Date of Birth:

March 15th 1978





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Mediclinic Middle East, Lookwow Day Care Surgery, Al Ain, UAE


Urdu, Punjabi, English



Govt.College Chitral, Pakistan. (1994)

BISE Saidu Sharif Swatt


Govt. high school Brep, Pakistan. (1992)

BISE Saidu Sharif Swat.


General Nursing

Critical Care Technician


HAAD License

Diploma In General Nursing (2004 to 2007)

Liaquat National Hospital School of Nursing Karachi, Pakistan

Intensive Care Technician Course (1995 to 1996)

Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi, Pakistan

Diploma in Information Technology (2001 to 2002)

Institute of Information Technology Karachi, Pakistan

HAAD License # 27670

ACLS from AHA, Valid up to 2018

BLS from AHA, Valid up to 2018

First Aid Certificate from AHA 2018.

Course & Certificates

CVP, Joe Cath, A\L, Pic Line Dressing Course from Aga Khan University Hospital.

Safe Administration of Medication Certification from Aga Khan University Hospital

I/V Cannulation Certificate from Aga Khan University Hospital.

EKG IABP Certificate from Aga Khan University Hospital

Medication Certificate from Aga Khan University Hospital.

Respiratory Course from Aga Khan University Hospital.

TPM, PPM Course from Aga Khan University Hospital.

ECG interpretation course from Kulsoom International Hospital.

Critical Care course from Kulsoom International Hospital.

ACLS from AHA,from Abodhabi university UAE Valid up to 2018

BLS from AHA, Abodhabi university UAE valid up to 2018

First Aid Certificate from AHA, Abodhabi university UAEvalid up to 2018

Skills and Knowledge

Different types of IV cannulation.

Different types of Folly’s and N/G tubes insertion.

Care of Tracheostomy/Ileostomy/Colostomy/Urostomy.

Changed numerous dressings and removed various catheters and drains.

Eligible to manage mechanical Ventilator.

Eligible to manage post-operative Cardiac Surgery patients.

Prepare patients for various Diagnostic Procedures.

Eligible to read and understand 12 Lead ECG and ECG interpretation.

6 Second strip monitoring of ECG.

CVP measurement and care.

Able to handle different types of ventilators ( Invasive & non-invasive)

Full knowledge for operating of different type of syringe pumps and infusion pumps.

Safe, critical care drugs dilution and administration of life saving drugs.

Medication administration.

Assessing in emergency and electro cardio version.

Identify different types of cardiac arrhythmias and management.

Understand certain types of anesthesia.

Handling of TPM and IABP.

Fluid balance and vital signs record.


Al Noor Hospital, Al Ain

AL NOOR HOSPITAL CCU ( April 2015 – Till Now)

Working as a HAAD RN in CCU.

Monitoring staff clinical skill and practice.

Safe administration of medicine.

Proper infection control practice and patient safety.

Performing nursing skills and practice in clinical areas.

Attending meeting and ensuring for implementation or policy and procedures.

Handling patient on ventilator.

Making staff duty roaster and assignment.

Daily check of staff special assignment and staff guidance.

Giving orientation to new staff and teaching regarding clinic polices.

Facilitation of staff in transfer of patient to the outside clinics and patient guidance.

Coordinate to the different patients for special referral and diagnostic procedures.

Staff teaching and evaluation in ICU/CCU

Assessing of doctors for different types of procedures and examination.

Proper nursing documentation and checking staff documentation.

Performing nursing skills iv cannulation, wound dressing etc.

Nursing documentation and implementing of ICU/CCU.

Assessment of patients, making nursing care plan.

Safe administration of IV fluids and fluid balance.

Kulsum International Hospital, Pakistan

Head Nurse ( May 2011-2015)


Head Nurse of CCU .assessing in PCI and coronary Angio other cardiac procedures

Ensuring quality of care & implementation of standard operating procedures.

Making duty roaster and staff daily assignments.

Ensuring implementation of hospital polices and quality of care.

Attending different meeting and session with the higher management.

Duty of shift supervisor according to the hospital policy

Ensuring quality of care and evidence based nursing practice

Arrangement and coordination with NES regarding staff skills and knowledge and teaching

Daily patient round and problems solving and Cath lab on call duties.

Maintain infection control practice and follow up

Shifa International Hospital, Pakistan

Cooperation with other department of hospital for patient comfort and improving quality standard care.

Assessing in performing different types of procedures (chest tube insertion/TPM sheath insertion/thoracentesis /pericardial effusion taping/Angio sheath removing /Eco cardio gram.

Safe administration of life saving drugs and medicine.

Performing 12 lead ECG and interpretation or ECG .6 second rhythm strip monitoring.

Management of IABP and invasive and noninvasive ventilation.

ABG interpretation and diagnoses.

Preparing patient for different types of cardiac procedure ( PPM,TPM,ICD)

Assistant Head Nurse (2010-2011)


Maintain duty roaster and staff daily assignment

Staff teaching regarding different policies and SOP’s

Shift Supervisor duties according to the scheduled and hospital policy

Ensuring quality care and follow standard polices

Nursing Documentation of clinical practices.

Monitoring infection control policies and procedures

Daily patients round and resolving patient complains.

Attending seminars sessions and lectures for improving quality of care.

Changing of various types of IV dressing ( joe cath,CV line,Arterial line )

Care of patient on ventilator IABP.

Safe administration of medicine and lifesaving drugs( ing dopamine /adrenalin norepi,dobutamin)

CORONERY CARE UNIT AKUH (May 2007 to 2010)

Aga Khan Hospital, Pakistan

Ability to handling patient with TPM,PPM,and care of the patient having TPM,PPM

Assists with ECG tracing ECG interpretation, rhythm strip monitoring.

Full command on ventilator and care of patient on ventilator, IABP.

Now different type of ventilator invasive and non-invasive

Can work in any challenging environment.

Eligible to handle the patient’s with different type of surgery.

Eligible to manage patients with medical and surgical emergencies.

Eligible to manage patients with Heart Diseases.

Ability to work both medical and surgical ICU

Identify abnormalities of ABG’s lab result and informed the abnormalities to the doctor.

Is able to perform simple dressing. Wound assessment.

Ability to safe medication administration and patient teaching

Is responsible for care of patients on ventilator.

Is responsible for documentation, patient finding in nursing notes or designated forms.

Measure vital sign and venous pressure (CVP) of patient, record in the patient’s file, routine nursing care of patient.

Observes sinus rhythm on the cardiac monitor and report abnormal finding, to the team leader as well as on call doctor.

Performs dressing of CVP, A/line, and Joe cath dressing according to hospital policy.

Prepare CVP\Lumbar punctual\pacing and intubation trolley.

Provide hygiene care to assigned patient, according to unit protocol, e.g. bath, back care, and report immediately any changes.

Junior staff training and teaching and their observation.

Preparing patient for cardio version emergency and elective both

To handle Cardiac patients with ventilator.

To manage patients with ischemic heart disease, Acute Coronary Syndrome,

To provide holistic care in critical care environment.

Aga Khan Hospital, Pakistan

Intensive Care Technician (March 1995 to May 2004)

Handling patient on ventilator.

Know how to apply ventilator and different setting of ventilator.

Using standard infection control protocols in ICU and practice according to the infection control practice guide line.

Is responsible for documentation, patient finding in nursing notes or designated forms.

Prepare CVP\Lumbar punctual\pacing and intubation trolleys stocking with required supplies, instrument, and equipment’s.

Calculate I.V. fluid drop factors as, prescribe by physician and maintain fluid accurate balance chart’s and reports fluid imbalances.

Is able to perform simple and sterile dressing.

ABG interpretation and notify the changes to the doctor.

Know how to use BIPAP/and noninvasive ventilation.

Assists with ECG rhythm and ECG interpretation.

Performs dressing of CVP lines as per protocol.

As a senior ICU technician teaching the staff how to use ventilator .BIPAP.different mode of ventilator and complication of ventilator.

Know how to intubation and Extubation and weaning from ventilator

Identify abnormalities of ABG’s lab result and inform abnormalities to the primary doctors.

Handling patient with tracheostomy. Colostomy and ileostomy.

Expert in iv cannulation and CVP, Joe cath PICC lice dressing etc.

Update standardized Nursing care plan.

Proper documentation of the care and procedures


Internet browsing to learn innovations in nursing

To collect knowledge from various sources

Search Latest Technology of Medical on Internet

Swimming, Playing different games






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