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Management Supervisor

Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States
October 31, 2016

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Barnes, K Page * of **

Kenneth L. Barnes (Ken)

**** ******** *****, ************, ** 28306 910-***-****

SKYPE: kenneth.l.barnes3

Country of

Citizenship: United States


Preference: 5-point preference based on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces Registered I am a male born on or after January 1 1960, and I have registered for the Selective Service For Selective


Availability: Job Type: Permanent, Term, Telework

Work Schedule: Full-Time

Clearance: Top Secret-SCI


U.S. Army 10/2015 - Present

402nd Army Field Support Battalion (AFSBn) Salary: $110,000 Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER), AK 99505 US Hours per week: 50 Senior Logistical Supervisor

Supervisor: LTC John Rotante 907-***-****)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

DUTIES AND RESPNSIBLITIES: Responsible for planning, developing, coordinating, and integrating logistics operations; as a key multi-functional logistics staff officer and subject matter expert (SME), supports direction and staff level oversight of Brigade Logistics Support Teams (BLST) and/or Logistics Support Teams (LST), geographically dispersed over installations throughout the AFSBn area of support

(AOS); contributes to Battalion level programs in support of the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) process, which includes, but is not limited to, Left Behind Equipment (LBE), RESET field and sustainment level synchronization and Pre-Deployment Training Equipment (PDTE); perform supply and maintenance workload analysis, and coordination with applicable IMCOM Director of Logistics Material Management Divisions, and contractor operated maintenance operations to ensure LBE is maintained and serviced to TM-10/20 condition for reissue upon the Soldiers return to CONUS; assist with the management of PDTE pools to ensure adequate training equipment is provided to active, Reserve and National Guard forces when required; as a field agent for Army Sustainment Command (ASC), assist Brigade and Battalion commanders in resolving unit readiness problems and enhancing their readiness posture. Integrate Barnes, K Page 2 of 10

Logistics Support Activities (LOGSA) products and Standard Army Management Information System

(STAMIS) as required to support Brigade and subordinate command activities; support implementation and integration of contingency contracting and acquisition, logistics and technology (ALT) into Battalion operations.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Managed, Planned, and facilitated the first consolidated tactical logistics simulation exercise. Applied the United States Army’s 8 principles of sustainment to train and evaluate 21 staff members on the use, implementation, and integration of logistics Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS). Performed supply and maintenance workload analysis and coordination with applicable IMCOM Director of Logistics Material Management Divisions. Contributed to Battalion level programs in support of the Army Force Generation process, which includes, Left Behind Equipment, RESET field and sustainment level synchronization and Pre-Deployment Training Equipment. Planned, developed, coordinated, and integrated logistics operations; as a key multi-functional logistics staff officer and subject matter expert. Supported direction and staff level oversight of Brigade logistics and/or Logistics Support Teams, geographically dispersed over installations throughout the AFSBn area of support.

U.S. Army 09/2014 – 11/2015

Fox Company, 725th Brigade Support Battalion Salary: $110,000 JBER, AK 99505 US Hours per week: 50

Personnel & Program Manager (First Sergeant)

Supervisor: CPT Joseph C. Ford 706-***-****)

Okay to contact supervisor: Yes

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITES: Managed performance standards, training and the development of six Army Officers, 24 mid and senior Noncommissioned Officers, and 118 enlisted personnel. Developed and enforced policies and procedures. Served as the principle advisor to organizational leaders and staff members in the areas of personnel placement and development, operations, readiness, maintenance, and logistics in both a garrison and deployed environment. Collaborated with other support agencies across the community.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Performed multi-functional logistics planning, budget formulation, operations, supply, maintenance, doctrine, training and administration to support the requirements of the Unit. Utilized combat experience to develop and implement an aggressive training plan; provided battlefield logistics support to over 500 Personnel. Ensured the commander and unit were updated on the supply, maintenance and transportation regulations. Demonstrated superior organizational skills; planned and coordinated training for 148 Personnel who achieved exceptional results during multiple field exercises. Developed and enforced a Command Supply Discipline Program; resulted in 100% accountability of all organizational property valued in excess of $15 million. Enforced a comprehensive maintenance program focusing on user level maintenance ensuring Personnel maintain vehicles; maintained a 97% operational readiness rate.

U.S. Army 05/2012 – 09/2014

Army Sustainment Command Salary: $110,000

Rock Island Arsenal, IL 61201 US Hours per week: 50 Barnes, K Page 3 of 10

Logistics Management Supervisor

Supervisor: LTC Andrew Aiello 910-***-****)

Okay to contact supervisor: Yes

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBLITES: Program manager for the Army Sustainment Command (ASC), Distribution Management Center (DMC) that prepared, updated, and presented weekly Executive Level Retrograde and Logistics Information Secret Video Telecoms throughout Southwest Asia and CONUS. Analyzed information, data, and assesses progress, programs, projects, and tasks for the DMC Mobility section. Managed accountability and visibility of cargo movements for ASC customers, Army Materiel Command, and the Life Cycle Management Commands throughout the Army by using standalone transportation, supply automated systems and website databases. ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Supervised the tracking of over 70,000 pieces of retrograde rolling stock from Afghanistan; ensuring they were accurately tracked and receipted from the RPAT to the depot. Tracked 6,700 pieces of excess Theater Provided Equipment from theater to the directed Source of Repair and depots for Reset operations. Trained three members on Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW) establishing and maintaining total asset visibility of worldwide equipment. Developed and implemented tracking procedures that assisted in identifying friction points in the reverse transportation pipeline valued over $32 million. Provided a critical link with the 401st and 402nd Army Field Support Units by developing a tool that reduced the amount of delinquent export records and equipment accountability. U.S. Army 07/2010 – 04/2012

XIII Airborne Corps Salary: $90,000

Fort Bragg, NC 28310 US Hours per week: 50

Senior Logistics & Operations Director

Supervisor: CSM Nicol Williams 910-***-****)

Okay to contact supervisor: Yes

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITES: Serves as the XVIII ABN Corps G4 Operations SGT, consisting of one Division G4; one Expeditionary Sustainment Command; seven Separate Brigades; and on Separate Battalion. Assist the G4 SGM in the preparation of operations related to the employment of the G4 staff training; responsible for the garrison predeployment training and combat training of 37 Soldiers; 11 Mission Support element DOD Civilians and nine Corp Logistics Assistance Team Contractors; Operation New Dawn USG-I J4 Operations NCOIC for support, training and Force Protection of over 200 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Civilians in a joint combat environment. ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Reviews and analyzes all manning documents, and is aware of manning issues. Proactively works to fill shortages and recruit a highly effective workforce. Provides routine analysis and feedback to the G4 SGM on trends, issues impacting readiness/safety and Civilian workforce ability to train and prepare for contingency operations. Planned and facilitated the Command Post of the Future battle tracking systems to ensure that staff members were prepared for global logistical operations. Assisted Brigade planners and key staff elements in the development and execution of specific tasks to support the unit’s theater support mission. Oversaw the organization’s administrative functions which included 300 awards and recognitions, 30 personnel evaluations, 40 personnel promotions, weekly training, development readiness and job assignments. Managed and accounted for a 150 room housing Barnes, K Page 4 of 10

unit which housed 300 occupants. Conducted daily inspections to ensure occupancy safety, equipment maintenance, and furnishing accountability and serviceability. Utilized the Logistics Information Warehouse tools to resolve complex logistics problems at all levels. Reestablished systems to ensure the daily accountability and individual readiness of all 248 personnel assigned. U.S. Army 10/2008 – 06/2010

7th Special Forces Group Salary: $90,000

Fort Bragg, NC 28310 US Hours per week: 50

Supply & Services Supervisor

Supervisor: Jimmy Ocampo 305-***-****)

Okay to contact supervisor: Yes

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBLITIES: Maintained and accounted for over $200 million of group property. Provided expertise on logistical and supply operations. Senior logistics non-commissioned officer for a group size element. Organized, conducted and developed training programs in a variety of logistical operations to include Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPL), Statement of Charges, hand receipt, shortage annexes, Administrative Adjustment Reports. Developed and implemented a Command Supply and Discipline Program (CSDP) for all companies within the battalion to follow. Created and updated Standard Operating Procedures. Prepared Unit Status Reports for the battalion monthly. Operated and supervised Property Book Unit Supply Enhance at the S-4 level. Performed duties as a Government Purchase Card (GPC) holder with a monthly budget of $200,000. Trained and supervised 4 subordinates on Government Purchase Card procedures. Supervised and instructed GPC holders ensuring proper use and punctual approval procedures were followed through the Access Online Banking System. Performed duties as the Battalion's GSA FLEET transportation program manager which entailed vehicle services, issuing and overseeing the GSA Smartpay fuel card, and approving usage and funding of the fuel card monthly. Reviewed, analyzed and corrected a variety of documents forwarded to higher headquarters (FLIPL, GPC requests, lateral transfers, directives, and vehicle requests). Planned, analyzed, and evaluated the effectiveness of internal and external programs. Filed and organized office paperwork and publications. Complied with directives and revised existing directives to facilitate MTOE/TDA shortages. Resolved problems in supply management. Developed a long range supply calendar. Proposed recommendations to provide solutions to supply problems. Planned and performed new equipment fieldlings and statement of operational requirements (SORs). Used manual and automated systems and procedures. Conferred and coordinated with other employees/activities who may be involved in specific projects, and selects the most appropriate course of action of implementation to help improve logistics concepts. Assured that cost data and reports emanating from contractors are in accordance with applicable regulations. Coordinated logistical support for the establishment of one Special Operation Task Force, one Advance Operational Base, eight Operational Detachments, two

Marine Special Operations Companies, and five Marine Special Operation Teams spread across Regional Commands during Afghanistan deployment. Procured and processed more than $900,000 in Operational Funds during Operation Enduring Freedom deployment. Assigned as the COR representative for producing and receiving contracts. Procured over $10 million in contracts to ensure Task Force Operational Detachments had the necessary equipment to conduct combat operations. Completed contracts for a variety of property and services including obtaining bids and creating statement of works. Assessed the effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity of administrative and technical procedures. Barnes, K Page 5 of 10

Analyzed budgets, position vacancies, and made appropriate recommendations for allocations of manpower.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Oversaw the Government Purchase Credit Card program with the Group; effectively supervised a monthly credit limit of over $2 million. Received consecutive commendable ratings on 10 inspected areas during 2 annual audits (2008, 2009). Improved the Group’s financial investigation liability of property loss tracking system in order to enhance property management and accountability valued at over $120 million. Coordinated logistical activities with other agencies. U.S. Army 07/2005 – 10/2008

2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd ABN DIV Salary: $70,000 Fort Bragg, NC 28310 US Hours per week: 50

Logistics Management Specialist

Supervisor: SFC Shedrick Reese 910-***-****)

Okay to contact supervisor: Yes

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBLITIES: Provided technical guidance in the areas of supply management and maintenance planning as well as received and inspected inventories for future deliveries. Served as the principal advisor to organizational leaders and staff members to plan, coordinate, and request supplies, services, facilities and food service support, for a brigade element of over 3,500. Maintained accounting systems and managed records associated with supply management. Assisted the S4 in the planning and implementation status of modification programs and the management of various logistics during the life cycle with the projections and adjustment of logistics requirements during the operation phases of the life cycle through to retirement. Secured, controlled, reviewed and managed stock records. Coordinated with logistical activities with other agencies to help improve processes and policies. Developed and executed training programs greatly improving the competencies of 8 team members. ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Performed daily property book transactions including new property book postings, administrative adjustment reports, lateral transfers, statement of charges, and financial liability investigation of property loss, asset description updates, turn-ins, and property book maintenance. Received, inventoried, and assigned MODS (Medical Operational Data System) contract procured equipment valued over five million dollars. Conducted monthly team building and development sessions with team members. Used the Standard Army Supply Support System-Objective

(SARSS-O), SAMS-IE, LIW and the ability to analyze proposed changes for regulatory compliance. Used effective written and oral communication platforms and digital systems (Microsoft SharePoint, Teleconference, Video Teleconference, and Microsoft Outlook) to dialogue daily with organizational leaders, staffs, community leaders and leaders across the Army. Established and managed the Brigade supply warehouse to monitor, issue, and receive all property for the Brigade valued in excess of $60 million. Saved the Brigade over $20,000 by using logistics knowledge of the supply system to restock the Class IV yard.

U.S. Army 10/2002 – 07/2005

2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd ABN DIV Salary: $60,000 Barnes, K Page 6 of 10

Fort Bragg, NC 28310 US Hours per week: 50

Equipment Receipts Supervisor

Supervisor: SFC Shedrick Reese 910-***-****)

Okay to contact supervisor: Yes

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBLITIES: Performed duties as the Brigades Prescribed Load List (PLL) / The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) manager. Supervised two members on equipment records and over 175 lines of PLL. Requisitioned, issued, and turn-in of class IX repair parts required in maintaining over 65 pieces of ground equipment valued at over $2 million. Manages, controls, oversees, coordinates and implements the base mobility assets program and function. Provides day-today management and oversight of assigned personnel and monitors daily mobility assets operations and activities. Determines and establishes requirements, forecasts shelf-life expiration, and develops an operating budget for individual protective equipment to ensure critical wartime assets are available to support deployments. Serves as a technical advisor to the Maintenance Tech regarding Maintenance asset program and issues.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Obtained current MTOEs utilizing FMSWeb giving the staff section and supported units the most current information. Trained TAMMS section for Organizational Readiness Survey which resulted in 100%-unit readiness in five separate inspections. Maintained over 175 pieces of equipment and 13 different units at a readiness rate of 96% during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Develop storage plans and organizes warehousing to protect valuable assets from pilferage and damage. Storage of assets is arranged by specific wartime response tasking. Responsible for the storage of weapons identified for extended storage. Maintains currency on M-9, M-4, M-249 and MK-19 weapon systems. U.S. Army 06/2000 – 10/2002

104th Transportation Company Salary: $60,000

Fort Benning, GA 31905 US Hours per week: 50

Equipment Receipts Supervisor

Supervisor: James Tyner 334-***-****)

Okay to contact supervisor: Yes

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBLITIES: Prepared and managed unit’s budget. Supervised the activities of workers engaged in receiving, storing, testing, and shipping products and materials. Planned, developed, and implemented warehouse safety and security programs and activities. Prepared and direct preparation of correspondence, reports, and operations, maintenance, and safety manuals. Manages, plans, organizes, directs, monitors, controls, analyzes and coordinates the operations of the Supply and Services Division, to include property management, material management, transportation, supply and storage management, central issue facility management, Ammunition Supply Point operations, SARSS operations, through the use of logistics automation. ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Maintained a Prescribed Load List inventory that supported over 120 pieces of home station and draw equipment during Joint Readiness Training Center rotation. Recommend to the unit commander to improve processes and coordinate to supported activities. Managed two ULLSG computer systems that provided direct support to over 230 pieces of equipment ensuring the readiness Barnes, K Page 7 of 10

of the unit. Realigned section administrative MARKS files and key control easing office operations. Evaluates and analyzes operational trends for effectiveness and efficiency. Emphasizes correct equipment and supply authorizations, avoiding waste, fraud, and abuse of resources. Formulates and recommends corrective action regarding property losses within the unit. U.S. Army 05/1997 – 06/2000

147th Maintenance Company Salary: $60,000

APO AE 09225 Kitzingen GE Hours per week: 50

Materiel Storage Supervisor

Supervisor: Keevin Fields 314-***-****)

Okay to contact supervisor: Yes

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBLITIES: Prepared all unit and organizational supply documents and filed and maintained supply records. Issued, received, and maintained small arms. Scheduled and performed preventive and organizational maintenance on vehicles, masks, weapons and optical devices. Received, inspected, inventoried, segregated, stored, issued, delivered, and turned-in supplies and equipment. Performed causative research to resolve critical inventory discrepancies. Performed extensive research on inventory discrepancies and imbalances identified through warehouse denials, customer complaints/inquiries, physical inventory counts, location surveys, special inspections. Determined the cause of discrepancies and made or coordinated appropriate adjustments to correct inventory records and documents. Processed Supply Discrepancy Reports (SDRs), through research and resolution. Prepared all unit and organizational supply documents and filed and maintained supply records. Issued, received, and maintained small arms. Secured and controls weapons and ammunition. Scheduled and performed preventive and organizational maintenance on vehicles, masks, weapons and optical devices. ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Ensured his hand receipt of over $142,000 Modified Table of Organization and Equipment was properly maintained. Maintained accountability for over 800 authorized stockage list and over 100 non-stockage list valued at over $400,000. As a hazmat officer, reviewed and approved hazardous waste manifests and associated shipping documents reducing illegal shipments by 80%. Supervised the turn in of over $200,000 worth of excess class IX parts. U.S. Army 05/1994 – 05/1997

584th Maintenance Company Salary: $45,000

Fort Campbell, KY 42223 US Hours per week: 50

Automated Logistical Specialist

Supervisor: Dale Smith 254-***-****)

Okay to contact supervisor: Yes

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBLITIES: Maintained and developed positive business relationships with a customer’s key personnel involved in logistics activity. Developed an understanding of customers’ needs and took action to ensure these needs were met. Directed the availability and allocation of materials, supplies, and finished products. Collaborated with other departments as necessary to meet customer Barnes, K Page 8 of 10

requirements, to take advantage of sales opportunities or, in the case of shortages to minimize negative impacts on the unit.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Saved the battalion over $30,850 in an eight-month period on the CLIX budget through judicious use of the Parts Accountability and Fort Campbell Free Issue Team. Took ownership of the company equipment dispatching process to adhere to all BN safety and procedural guidelines; enhanced operational continuity practices in the unit. Coordinated the exchange for reparable items and Maintained supply STAMIS.

U.S. Army 11/1993 – 05/1994

Army Trainee Salary: $35,000

Fort Sill, OK 73503 & Fort Lee, VA 28301 US Hours per week: 50 Army trainee Supervisor: UNK Okay to contact supervisor: N/A EDUCATION AND TRAINING

Troy University, Troy, AL Expected Graduation of 2017 Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management

Troy University, Troy, Al 2006

Associates of Arts in General Studies

Professional Development

• Sexual Harassment/Assault Response & Prevention 2016

• Certified Logistics Technician 2016

• Certified Logistics Associate 2016

• Support Operations Course 2012

• Contract Management Certification 2009

• Leadership and Strategic Analysis Courses 1997, 2004, 2009

• Defense Packaging of HAZMAT for Transportation 2003

• Air Movement Operations Hazmat Course 2003

• The Army Instructor Training Course 2001

• Paying Agent Course 2011

• Field Ordering Officer Course 2011

• Lifecycle Logistics Level I 2012

• Cost Benefit Analysis Course 2012

• Lifecycle Logistics Level II 2012

• First Sergeant Course 2015

• Environmental Management Course 2004

• Anti-Terrorism Officer Level II Course 2012

• Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and below, Blue Force Tracker Course 2011 Barnes, K Page 9 of 10

• Standard Maintenance System (SAMS) 2002

• Intermediate Acquisition Course 2012

• Safety Course 2011

• Defense Driving Course 2010

• Drivers Training Course 1995

• Combat Lifesaver Course 1995


American Logistics Association 2016 - present

82nd Airborne Division Association 2002 - present

Association of the United States Army 1998 - present AWARDS AND DECORATIONS

Earned multiple achievements medals for performance and dedication

• Defense Meritorious Service Award 2011

• Meritorious Service Award 2008, 2014

• Army Commendation Award 1998, 2004, 2012

• Joint Service Achievement Award 2011

• Army Achievement Award 1997(2), 2000

• Army Good Conduct Award for Behavior, Efficiency, and Fidelity 1993 - 2014 VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Alaska Bowl for Kids’ Sake, Anchorage, AK 2016 - present Habitat for Humanity, Davenport, IA 2012 - 2014


Extensive experience in a wide variety of software programs: Systems Applications and Products (SAP); Unit Level Logistics System (ULLS); Standard Army Maintenance System (SAMS)-1E, Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS-2A), FINLOG, Integrated Logistics Analysis Program (ILAP); Visual Logistics Analysis Program

(VLAP); Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA), and NetTerm, a network terminal emulation system; experienced user of MS-Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in creating presentations and charts. Barnes, K Page 10 of 10

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