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Engineer Software

Kensington, California, United States
October 31, 2016

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Oakland, CA


Joel Schoolnik ma

h ttp://

Technical Skills

● Strong: JavaScript, Angular, Node, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, Postmark, Express-jwt, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Git

● Experienced: React, Webpack, Redux, Backbone, Java, Grunt, Gulp, Mocha, Chai, MySQL, SQL Projects

Gourmand - S oftware Engineer 2016

Mobile Web App catalogues user’s memories of fine foods and beverages:

● Designed and built server and routes using Node, Express, Mongoose

● Architected and implemented backend authentication using Express-jwt with API calls to Postmark

● Applied Mocha and Chai tests for server, database and authentication Palindrome (Emordnilap) - F ull Stack Software Engineer, Product Owner 2016 Web App checks if user entries are palindromes, and posts largest entries to the home page:

● Implemented Angular to test user entries on the front end for fast results and feedback on the client

● Constructed Node server with Express to save valid user entries to Mongo Database and to serve up saved entries

● User entries are checked via API call to Wordnik to ensure the words are real Decider - S oftware Engineer, Product Owner 2016

Mobile Web App for making fast group decisions by voting anonymously on mobile devices:

● Implemented front end Angular architecture for integration into full stack (Node, Express, Mongo)

● Designed responsive styles with CSS that created a streamlined and intuitive user experience

● Awarded “Most Usable App” at 50 person hackathon BinaryClock - F ull Stack Software Engineer, Product Owner 2016 Web App has time via API, stopwatch, timer, pomodoro timer all in binary:

● Utilized Angular Material Design, with Node/Express server Work Experience

Telegraph Academy - 2 016

Software Engineer 2016

● Implemented MongoDB on Student Git platform

● Conducted technical interviews and phone screenings Damco/Maersk Distribution Services Inc Fortune 150 Company - 2 006-2016 Operations Manager 2014 - 2016

● Managed the transportation and handling of 4000 containers and generated $1M in profit

● Launched new Warehouse Management software ahead of schedule and without miss-shipments or errors

● Implemented logistical services which transported, handled and stored an average of $6M of inventory at any given time

● Directly managed 8 owner-operator truckers, 5 warehouse associates, and 2 office staff while exceeding profit projections Operations Supervisor 2012 - 2014

● Outperformed industry standards for Zero Lost Time Accidents Senior Customer Service Representative 2009 - 2012

● Consolidated core services into existing facility and increased profit margins by integrating the previous service provider

● Developed Excel Macros to automate reporting to customers and finance Education

Telegraph Academy - Advanced Software Engineering Immersive 2016 Hampshire College, Amherst, MA - BA in Philosophy 1999 Personal

Love North Indian Classical Music and studied s arode and t abla for five years at the Ali Akbar College of Music.

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