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Civil Engineer

Jeddah, Makkah Province, Saudi Arabia
October 31, 2016

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An accomplished & knowledgeable professional aiming for assignments in Project Management/Civil Engineering/Construction Management with an organization of high repute preferably in Construction/Infrastructure/Consulting industry



Project Management

Budgeting & Negotiation

Site & Construction Management

Team Management

Report Management

Liaison & Coordination

Planning and analysis

Quantity Surveying

Quality Assurance

Compliance Management

Business Development

A competent professional with over 17 years of experience in the various Multinational companies including 12 years in Gulf countries in the field of civil engineering predominantly in Infrastructure Project, Road and Highway, Bridges and Airport Project.

Proficient in supervising all activities including providing technical inputs for implementing better business practices

Liaising with clients, senior level executives and other vital contacts

Expertise in developing suppliers including contracts and contract management as well as internal systems and procedures to operate more profitably

Proficient in project management, and cost & resource optimization, Project planning, quantity surveying, tendering, contracting, coordination, projects routine site inspections, bill settlement, checking & approvals

Creating and sustaining a dynamic environment that fosters development opportunities and motivates high performance amongst team members

Competent knowledge of relevant ASTM, ANSI, ASPE, NEPA, BS, AASHTO, IRC, BIS and MORTH&H Specification, LEED awareness.

Proficient in managing Construction Projects from conception to completion with competent cross-functional skills

Developing project baselines; monitoring & controlling projects with respect to cost, resource deployment, time over-runs and quality compliance to ensure satisfactory execution of projects

Participating in project meetings for evaluating project progress and providing technical inputs

An effective communicator with good analytical, leadership, interpersonal, planning and problem solving skills


Looking after end-to-end management of projects as per schedule and ensuring timely completion & delivery of work to management

Investigating and solving customers' problems, which may be complex or long-standing problems

Monitoring progress as per scheduled deadlines for various tasks and taking necessary steps to ensure completion within time, cost and effort parameters

Ensuring that all activities are carried out as per the requirements of organizational policies

Liaising with other construction professionals like architects, engineers, buyers, estimators and surveyors before construction work starts

Overseeing & directing construction projects from conception to completion

Developing the program of work and strategy for making the project happen

Planning ahead to prevent problems on site before they occur including planning delivery and storage of equipment & materials

Inspecting and reviewing projects to monitor compliance with building and safety codes & other regulations

Making safety inspections of the site when work is underway and ensuring regulations relating to health, safety & environment (HSE) are adhered to

Inspecting and reviewing projects to monitor compliance with building and safety codes & other regulations

Scheduling project in logical steps and budget time required to meet deadlines

Preparing contracts and negotiating revisions, changes & additions to contractual agreements with architects, consultants, clients, suppliers and sub-contractors

Interpreting and explaining contracts & technical information to workers and other professionals

Undertaking technical and feasibility studies including site investigations

Preparing engineering calculations required for the design of projects, and supervise the drafting of plans

Managing budgets, approving project drawings & reports, overseeing orders & delivery of equipment; taking care of any changes a client wants to make & resolving problems and ensuring that work is completed on time & within budget


Since Mar'2015: Omrania & Associates Architecture & Engineering Consultants.

Role: Construction Manager

Jul'2009 - Feb'2015: GALFAR Engineering & Contracting SAOG, Muscat, Oman

Role: Construction Manager

Nov'2007 - Jul'2009: Samsung Corporation Engineering & Construction Group

Role: Bridge Engineer/Structure Engineer

Sep'2006 - Nov'2007: Scott Wilson Kirk-Patrick India Pvt. Ltd.

Role: Highway Engineer/Incident Manager

May'2004 - Aug'2006: Saeed Souroor Est., Dammam (K.S.A.)

Role: Highway Engineer

Feb'2002 - Apr'2004: Tomer Construction Co, Delhi

Role: Highway Engineer

Jul'1999 - Dec'2001: Najma Aswaj Contracting Est., East Riyadh (KSA)

Role: Civil Engineer

Aug'1998 - Jun'1999: Elegant Construction Co., Mumbai

Role: Site Engineer


Played a key role in turning-around the under-performing/ loss-making project titled Rehabilitation works in Quriyat as a profitable venture

Acquired additional business worth 2.3 USD Million secured new projects such as Installation of sluice gate for Dam through delivering ahead of deadlines

Displayed excellence in overcoming bad weather, or emergencies challenges during the execution of projects


Since Mar'2015: Omrania & Associates Architecture & Engineering Consultants

Saudi Arabia, Construction Manager

Infrastructure of Ranyah Housing Program

Estimated Cost: Saudi Riyal 177 million

Client: Ministry of Housing

Contractor: Haif Contracting Company

Description: The project aimed to developing the infrastructure facilities for housing program at Ranyah, Western region of Makkah for 500 villas, The project includes for the construction supervision of two (2) lanes asphalt pavement construction @ 29.00kms road length and other service road with aggregate base course, sub-base course, subgrade, embankment materials, drainages, slope protection works, pavement markings and traffic road signs. The Project also include the construction of sewage treatment plant(1000 cum/day), water treatment plant(1300 cum/day), sewage lifting station, underground sewage holding tank(850 cum/day), laying of sewage line (14580 L/M), water line (15785 L/M), storm line (4536 L/M).


Conducted review of the contractors shop drawing with the design intent and return with appropriate comments/approval within the specified contractual period.

Reviewed design of pavement structures (concrete, asphalt, ABC, sub-base, sub-grade).

Supervised the execution of all infrastructural activities such as road works, sewage water network, potable water network, storm water network, irrigation water network and construction of lifting and pumping stations, sewage treatment Plant, water treatment plant, washout & air release valve chambers installation

Reviewed and approved the method statements, inspection test plan, pre-qualification documents, material submittals & samples in accordance with project specifications & codes

Ensured project quality plan & witnessed site acceptance tests & factory acceptance tests for material

Assisted the contractor wherever required for onsite construction and fulfillment of the projects specifications and contract requirements

Monitored the contractor’s construction schedule, procedures during the progress of site works, responding to RFI’s; issued site observation report, non-conformance report whenever required and take necessary action

Attended site progress & technical meetings with contractor and client

Ensured all health and safety standards are followed on the site and took corrective measures to keep the work progress uninterrupted

Approved contractors as-built drawings; prepared the final project snag list of defects for contractors action

Jul'2009 - Feb'2015: GALFAR Engineering & Contracting SAOG, Muscat, Oman

Oman, Construction Manager (Pavement)

Dualization of Nizwa – Thumrait Road (Izz – Adam Section) 46 Km Long Road.

Estimated Cost : RO 50.87 million ($129 million)

Client : Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC)

Consultant : BOTEK Bosphotus Technical Consulting Corporation.

Description: This project aimed to Construction of 45 Km asphalted road including (~ 32 Km dualization of existing carriageway and 13 Km new construction) the width dimension includes 2 lanes in each side of (3,75)meters wide and a middle traffic island of (24) meters wide and an external shoulders of (3) meters and an internal shoulder of (1.5) meters, pavement structures, two(2)Interchange, five (5) wadi bridges, ten (10) box culverts, twenty five (25) RCPC, linking roads plus the services roads, which composed aggregate base course, sub-base course, subgrade, embankment materials slope protection works, new jersey barriers(single & double face), pavement markings and traffic road signs with attaching concrete/iron barriers to the traffic island from both sides for traffic safety



Entrusted with the responsibility of managing overall construction progress, productivity, labour utilization, quality, safety, coordination and execution

Provided direction and guidance to the construction team in respect of, health, safety and environment, quality, methods and procedures, productivity, cost & schedule

Ensure that all resources such as manpower, machinery, equipment and material are effectively utilized. Providing suitable work instructions to carry out their assigned tasks effectively.

Enacted proper construction techniques as well as worked with the Project Planner/ Engineer to develop detailed schedules and then executed the construction operations to meet the detailed schedules and overall project plan

Reviewed engineering and architectural drawings and specifications frequently as well as consulted with design professionals to ensure that progress is made in harmony with plans and specs

Daily, weekly and monthly reporting to the Project Manager.

Attending the internal review meetings organized by the Project Manager to appraise the progress and various problem areas, if any, in the Project’s execution program

Liaised with the senior personnel from the engineer, government departments and utility companies in order to expedite the construction work

Ras Al-Hadd Airport Development Project Package No.2

Estimated Cost: 133 million USD

Client: Ministry of Transport & Communication Civil Aviation Affairs

Consultant: Gulf Engineering Consultancy

Aviation Consultant: PRYDE SCHORPP Mc COMB INC

Description: Ras- Al Hadd Airport Development Project, Package 2, Airfield Development. Work includes 7 million cum of earth Work, 250,000 cum of aggregate base course, 130,000 mt of asphalt works and about 125,000 cum of concrete works necessary for completion of 4 km long runway, taxiway, apron, service road etc. related to the airfield development. Scope of work also includes supply and installation of Airfield Electrical & Lighting works, fiber optic communication works, NAVAIDS, MET and communications equipments, field electric centre(FEC) equipment and aircraft hydrant fueling system etc. 4 km-long runway, taxiway and apron, service road, as well as the provision of fuel hydrant facilities and navigation aids, among other facilities. 4 km long runway out of that 450mts PQC(Pavement quality concrete) on both side turn pad. Construction of Culverts, Open Channel, Patrol road, Construction of Airfield Lighting Circuit Hand hole/Manhole(in Runway/taxiway Shoulders),Communication Hand hole, Electrical Manhole. Scope of work also includes supply and installation of Airfield Electrical & Lighting works, fiber optic communication works, NAVAIDS, MET and communications equipments, field electric center (FEC) equipment and aircraft hydrant fueling system etc.


Construction of P.Q.C (pavement quality concrete) for both side turn pad and apron.

Construction of Runway and Taxiway and laying ABC (Aggregate base course) and Bituminous Base Course, and construction of petrol roads.

Preparation of Bar-bending schedule, Construction of Airfield Man/Hand hole for Electrical and Communication cable.

Construction of Box Culvert, Pipe culvert, Construction of Open Channel with R.C.C. slab.

Coordinate with planning and procurement to schedule materials delivery on time.

Other Projects

Dualization of Amerat- Bausher Road

Rehabilitation works in Quriyat (Roads, Bridges), Oman

Nov'2007 - Jul'2009: Samsung Corporation Engineering & Construction Group

DUBAI(U.A.E), Bridge Engineer/Structure Engineer

Design and Construction of Main and Crescent Bridges at Palm Jabal Ali (U.A.E)

Estimated Cost: 122.5 million USD


Consultant: Parsons De Leuw Chater (O) LTD

Description: The Projects Design and construction of Main & Crescent Bridges Project (M1- 1.2km & M3- 1.4km) at Palm Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The type of superstructure of main Bridges are PSM ( Pre-cast Segmental Method) and The Crescent Bridges are Cast-in-Situ stressed Reinforcement Cement Concrete (RCC) Box Girder .The length of M1 is 1.2 Km with 24 spans and M3 is 1.45 Km with 29 spans. In M1 & M3 there are two deck (deck-A & deck-B) of carriage way of 23.5 m each with Elastomeric Bearings, slope protection works, pavement markings and traffic road signs.


Managing construction and supervision of construction of pre-cast segment, erection of pre-cast segments, pre-stressing & installation of segment.

Installation of tendons and pre-stressing the same followed by sequence, grouting of tendons.

Supervising the installation of Elastomeric bearings, Lower and Upper part grouting of bearings.

Daily scheduling of work and controlling the work force for completion of necessary task in the site to achieve the weekly and monthly targets and completion of works within schedule time as ordered by project manager.

To carry-out the work with optimum resources provided by manager with in the time schedule.

Liaising with consultant and sub-contractor personnel to ensure quality and timely completion of the works. Checking and taking approval of shop drawings, checking and verification of setting out of structures.

Other Projects

Upgrading AL-Salam Street and Abu Dhabi City Ring Road, Al Salam Street Tunnel Project

Sep'2006 - Nov'2007: Scott Wilson Kirk-Patrick India Pvt. Ltd.

India, Sr. Highway Engineer/Incident Manager

Short Term improvement NH-1, PANIPATH – JALANDHER Section (km96.00 to 387.00) 300 Km Long Road.

Estimated Cost: $ 56 million

Client: National Highway Authority of India (N.H.A.I)

Contractor: Hi-Tech Construction co.

Description: The project is short term improvement of PANIPATH – JALANGHER Section NH-1 (km96.00 to 387.00) total length of 300 km. In this there are Major Bridges, Minor Bridges, Underpass, Flyover, Service road, RC Box Culverts, RC Pipe Culverts,

Responsible:- For organizing construction, and Checking including improvement and rehabilitation of bridges, culverts, flyover, approach road, RCC deck slab alignment, level, grade, Monitoring bituminous mix, Concrete mix to site for placement/ laying as per stipulation in contract, Supervise field and laboratory testing of material, earth work, base, sub-base courses, Prime Coat, Tack Coat & bituminous work with pavers, rolling equipment to achieve line and grade of the complete pavement .

May'2004 - Aug'2006: Saeed Souroor Est., Dammam (K.S.A.)

Saudi Arabia, Sr. Highway Engineer

Construction and Up-gradation of Jubail-Dammam 146 Km Highway into 4 Lane Express-way.

Estimated Cost : 125 million USD

Client : Ministry of Transports ( MOT )

Main Project Features: Four (4) lanes asphalt pavement construction @ 146.00Kms. length of pavement structures, earthworks, nine(9) interchanges, twelve (12) wadi bridges, (72) box culverts, forty five (45) RCPC, embankment layers, sub-base courses, aggregate base courses, retaining walls, masonry walls, drainage canals, slope protection works, grouted rip-rap, gabions, pavement markings and traffic road signs, and other incidental works.

Responsible for organizing construction, Checking alignment, level, grade, Monitoring movement of vehicles hauling bituminous mix, Concrete mix to site for placement/ laying as per stipulation in contract, earth work, base, sub-base courses, Prime Coat, Tack Coat & bituminous work with pavers, rolling equipment to achieve line and grade of the complete pavement work. Work done as per AASHTO specifications, Preparation of periodical Progress reports.

Other Projects

Construction of East-west Link Highway RIYADH-JUBELA Length 123Kms



M.B.A. (Project Management) from Sikkim Manipal University in 2014

B.E. (Civil Engineering) from Karnataka University, Karnataka in 1998



MS Office

MS project




Date of Birth: 04 January 1974

Address: G-2, AlishanTower, Rd. No.-1, Azadnagar, Mango, Jamshedpur-832110, Jharkhand, INDIA

Language Known: English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic

Passport No.: Z1880043 (Valid till 05 January 2019)

Driving License: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman

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