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Kannur, Kerala, 670001, India
October 30, 2016

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Associate Professor in Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics.

Diplomate in orthodontics, WIO, Barcilona, Spain.

Chaithanya, Opposite Chinmaya Mission College,

Talap.Kannur-670002, Kerala, India

Ph: +91-497-*******/+91-974*******

Career objectives: To be part of a dynamic team of faculties in a reputed dental institution so that I can contribute the best in me for the organization’s professional excellence.

Professional Profile: I have obtained clinical skills in Specialist Orthodontics with great experience in General dental practice and in treating children with special needs and of different age group. I am an expert hand in Dentofacial Myofunctional Orthopedic Appliance Therapy, Fixed Functional Appliance Therapy and Orthodontic Management of Impacted Tooth.

Personal Profile:

Date of Birth : 10/03/1977

Sex : Male

Father’s Name : C.Balakrishnan

Permanent Address : Chaithanya, Opposite Chinmaya Mission

College, Talap, Kannur-670002, India.

Ph: +91-497-*******/+91-974*******.

Marital Status : Married

Languages Known : English, Malayalam, Hindi & Tamil.

Passport Number : K 9225606

Year of Issue : 2013

Experience : 9 years GP (dentist) 4.5 yrs (Orthodontics Teaching & Clinical


Professional Experience

Orthodontic Experience:

Organisation: Kannur Medical &Dental College, Kannur, Kerala.

Working as Associate.Professor & Consultant in dept of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedician,; from 02 May 2012 to till date.

Organisation: Chaithanya Dental Clinic,Tatta complex,Puthuyatheru,Kannur

From 30th March 2001 to 20th Feb 2004 (As GP dentist).

From 15th April 2012 to till date as Consultant Orthodontist.

Organisation : Vasan Dental Care, Trichur& Kannur, Kerala (Orthdontist)

From11th August2012 to 6th Nov2012.

Organisation: Dr.KuruvillaMemorial Dental Clinic, Kunnamkullam, Kerala, India.

From 15th April 2012 to 16/06/2015 (Consultant Orthodontist)

Working as Consultant Orthodontist in:

Koyili Hospital. Kannur.

Maks satalite medical centre,Talap,,Kannur.

Speciality dental Clinic,cheruvathoor.Kasrgod,Kerala.

Pinaray Hi tech Dental clinic,Pinaray,Kannur,Kerala.

Care Dental,Talap,Kannur,Kerala.

Prasanthi Dental Clinic, Pallur,Mahe, Puducherry.

SS Dental clinic, Ariyannur, Mahe, Puducherry.

Payyoli speciality dental clinic, Payyoli, Kerala.

Pearl Dental Clinic,Ulikkal, Iritty, Kerala.

Sharanya Dental Care, Vankulathuvayal, Kannur Kerala

GP Experience:

Organization: Kailas Dental Aesthetic & Implant Centre, Trivandrum.

Email:; from 28/05/2008 to 27/10/2008.

Organization: Speciality Dental Clinic, Near Pappinissrey Rly.gate

Pappinissery, Kannur, Kerala, India, From 20th April 2004 to 26th May 07

Organization: Employment Service Insurance Corporation (ESIC), Govt. of Kerala as

Assistant Insurance Medical Officer (Dental Surgeon) in ESI Hospital, Thottada, Kannur; from 15th Oct 2007 to 29th Feb 2008.

Organization: Yenepoya Medical & Dental College, Mangalore, Karnataka as Intern dentist

from 16th March 2000 to 29th March 2001.


Membership in Indian Dental association

Membership in Indian Orthodontic Society

Diplomate in Orthodontics, World Institute of Orthodontics (WIO), Barcelona, Spain.

Fellow in World Federation of Orthodontist, USA.

American Association of Orthodontist, International Membership, USA.

Saudi Dental Speciality license

Professional Highlights as Orthodontist:

Examine, diagnose, and treat irregularities and malocclusion of teeth and malrelation of jaws.

Examine patients and interpret and evaluate radiographs and clinical photographs to determine nature and extent of deficiencies caused by irregularly positioned teeth and malrelation of jaws.

Provide consultation services

Direct orthodontic service

Formulate and implement procedures for operation of orthodontic services

Determine equipment, material and personal required for performance of treatment and construction of corrective appliances/Myofunctional appliance/ fixed functional appliances like churo jumber.

Co-ordinate orthodontic service with other dental and medical services

Prepare diagnostic and treatment records

Instruct dental assistants and technical assistants in orthodontic procedures and techniques.

Undergone training in MFS philosophy under Dr. John Duran, Director & Head of World Institute Of Orthodontics, Barcelona, Spain; conducted by IDRR.

Professional Highlights as GP Dentist

Provide and manage direct patient care, including physical examinations, evaluations, assessments, diagnoses and treatment for a specified patient population. Practicing endodontic treatments, mainly root canal aesthetic treatments.

Practicing oral prophylactic treatments mainly sub gingival, supra gingival scaling and minor periodontal flap surgeries.

Practicing maxillofacial prosthetic treatments mainly fixed partial dentures, complete dentures and removable partial dentures.

Practicing minor oral surgical procedures, impactions and extractions.

Practicing child dental management.

Prescribe pharmaceuticals, other medications, and treatment regimens as appropriate to assessed medical conditions.

Refer patients to specialists and to relevant patient care components as appropriate. Manage the daily operations of a specific dental program, patient care unit, or research function, as appropriate to the objectives of the program

Direct and coordinate the patient care activities of dental technical and support staff as required.

Follow established departmental policies, procedures, and objectives, continuous quality improvement objectives, and safety, environmental, and infection control standards.

Participate in specified health promotion, education and prevention programs.

Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned

Reviewed medical histories and recorded dental treatment in medical charts to ensure that treatment plans did not compromise patient health.

Maintained dental charts and histories of clients treated.

Compiled and analyzed data collected from dental surveys, dental care programs, patient-related records, and patient records to evaluate quality of service received by patients.

Ensured appropriate disposal of toxic wastes.

Participated in in-service training and other continuing education programs.


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Influence of erbium, chromium doped: Yttriumscandium gallium garnet laser

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Epithelial – Mesenchymal Interactions in Tooth Development and the Significant Role of Growth Factors and Genes with Emphasis on Mesenchyme – A Review jaya sekharan vannadil puthiyaveetil1, kasim kota2, roopesh chakkarayan3, jithesh chakkarayan4, abdul kabeer padinhare thodiyil Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2016 Sep, Vol-10(9): ZE05-ZE09

Educational Profile:

Undergone comprehensive training Program in the technique of Lingual Orthodontics under Dr.Didier Fillion on August 2015 thus earning the Distinction as “Specialized Lingual Orthodontic Practitioner”

Diplomate in Orthodontics: World institute of Orthodontics, Barcelona, Spain conducted by IDRR in 2013-2014.

Post Graduation: Master in Dental Surgery(MDS)in Orthodontics &Dentofacial Orthopedics from Rajah Muthiah Dental College & Hospital, Annamalai University, Chidambaram. 2009 - 2012.

Graduation: Bachelor in Dental Surgery (BDS) from Yenepoya Medical & Dental College, Mangalore. (Mangalore University).

Senior Secondary: Pre- degree from Sree Narayana College,Kannur, (Calicut University)

Secondary School: 10th Board of Public Examination, St.Joseph’s Boy’s High School, Tellicherry (SSLC) Kerala.

Computer Knowledge

Knowledge in working with application packages like MS –Office and Operating system like Win’98/2000,Internet browsing.


1. Prof. Dr. K. Rajasigamani. MDS

Vice-Principal &HOD

Dept:of Orthodontics&Dentofacial Orthopedics,

RMDCH.Annamalai University.Chidambaram.

Phone: 009***********

2 . Prof.Dr.Hashim Ali. MDS 3 .Dr.Roopesh.C. MDS (Con&Endo)

Head of the Department Asst:Prof& Consultant Endodontist

Kannur Dental College Chaithanya DentalClinic&Endodontic

Anjarakkandy,Kannur,Kerala Center,Thata Complex,Puthiyatheru, Kannur,Kerala,.Ph:009***********



I hereby declare that the information purveyed is true.


29/10/2016 Dr.Jithesh.C

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