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Biotech/Pharmaceutical - Full time employment

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
October 29, 2016

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****, **** ******, ***#***, SILVER SPRING, MD-20910

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Proficient in Molecular Biology & Upstream techniques, skilled communicator, multitasker & efficient organizer looking to gain experience through a full time position to learn and contribute to the Pharma industry EDUCATION

The Pennsylvania State University (PSU), University Park, PA Anticipated Dec 2016 Masters of Biotechnology CGPA: 3.8

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering (SVCE), Pennalur, India May 2015 Bachelor of Technology, Biotechnology CGPA: 8.3


Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) fellowship at USAMRMC Jun 2016 to Dec 2016 TECHNICAL SKILLS

1) Molecular Biology: rDNA techniques, western blot, Electrophoreses (SDS-PAGE), RT-PCR, Transformation 2) Chromatography: Column, TLC, HPLC (Liquid), SEC, affinity, ion-exchange 3) Microscopy: Inverse, Fluorescent, Confocal microscopy 4) Immuno-techniques: ELISA, IFA, HAI, Micro neutralization assay, Plaque Assay, FACS, NP staining, Animal handling & bleeding, Monoclonal Ab production, mammalian tissue culture, immunoprecipitation 5) Bioprocess: Bioreactor operation (BioFlo310), protein immobilization, Purification, fermentation, filtration 6) Soft Skills: PERL, EMBOSS, Clustal W, UNIX, C language, Minitab, Microsoft Office, SOP & work order writing INTERNSHIPS

1) Naval Medical Research Center, Maryland, US Jun 2016 - Present

Analyzing the relationship between Flu Vaccination and development of immune tolerance through micro neutralization assay and Hemagglutinin Inhibition assay 2) Apex Laboratories, Chennai, India Jun 2014

Performed tablet sampling and HPLC under Quality control & acquired knowledge regarding Stores, Production, packaging & Product development in a pharmaceutical industry 3) Bioklone Pvt. Ltd, Chennai, India Jun 2013

Handled mice, exposed them to one antigen & Isolated antibodies from its blood

Produced polyclonal antibodies and performed ELISA RESEARCH

1) Analyzed the antiviral effects of anthocyanin extracts from purple potatoes through compound pretreatment, NP staining and qPCR, guided by Dr. Suresh Kuchipudi, PSU Jan 2016 2) “Cytotoxicity study of Fludrocortisone: An adipogenesis promoter of Mesenchymal Stem Cells” by Shyamali J & Sruthi RJ, guided by Dr. Nalinkanth. V.Ghone, SVCE Apr 2014 PRESENTATIONS

1) Biotaser - Shyamali J & Sruthi, “Biotrends 2014” by “Biozone Pvt Ltd” (Oral), Chennai Oct 2014 2) Biotaser - Shyamali J & Sruthi, “SVCE Innovations 2014” (Poster), SVCE, Chennai Feb 2014 3) Influence of Nanotopography on stem cell differentiation - Shyamali J, Manasa SM, Vidyalakshmi K, SASTRA University (Poster), Tanjore Aug 2013

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