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Engineer Medical

Doha, Doha, Qatar
October 29, 2016

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Curriculum Vitae

CV Page *

Name: Ahmed Bayoumi Ahmed Amin


Biomedical Service Engineer

Contact Information

Mobile: +974********

E-mail Address:

Current Country:

Doha – Qatar

Personal Information:

- Social Status:





Sudanese & Egyptian

Place and Date of Birth:


Sudan – 12/9/1986






Arabic (Mother Tongue), English (V. good)

Qatari Driving License:


Validity till 31-12-2017

Sudanese Passport No.:



Egyptian Passport No.:



Qatar ID. No.:


Career Objectives:

- Seeking a challenging position in a healthcare corporations or hospital multinational where my Educational background and skills can be applied and further developed in the field of a Biomedical Engineering.

Key Roles & Responsibilities:

1- Maintenance and troubleshooting of biomedical equipments clinically as well as technically. 2- Coordination with service personnel of various medical equipment companies. 3- Programming electronics, building and evaluate prototypes, troubleshooting problems and rethinking the design until it works correctly.

Curriculum Vitae

CV Page 2

4- Liaising with technician and manufacturer to ensure the feasibility of a product in terms of design & economic viability.

5- Liaising closely with other medical professional, such as doctors and therapists as well as with end users (Patients and their careers).

6- Arranging clinical trials of medical product.

7- Maintain the documentation for biomedical equipments. 8- Discussing and solving problems with manufacturing, quality, purchasing and marketing department.

Education Background:

- University: October 6 University - Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences

(Bachelor's Graduate at Medical Equipment Technology - Egypt / 2005-2009), Grade: Very good

- Secondary Stage:

COMBONI College (Port-Sudan – Sudan / 2002 – 2005)

- Intermediate Stage:

COMBONI College (Khartoum – Sudan / 1999– 2002)

- Primary stage:

COMBONI College (Port-Sudan – Sudan / 1991 – 1999) Professional Experience:

- State of Qatar:

Solutions for Healthcare & Medical Services Co. W.L.L. Work in this Lab. / Units: (Biochemistry Lab., Microbiology, Nutrition, Histopathology, PCR, Surgery Unit, and Artificial Insemination unit, Sterilization Unit, Oxygen Hyperbaric Chamber and Treadmill) Mission / Title: Biomedical Service Engineer (September 2013 to present)

- State of Qatar:

Solutions for Services and Healthcare Co. W.L.L.

Work in this Lab. / Units: (Biochemistry Lab., Microbiology, Nutrition, Histopathology, PCR, Surgery Unit, and Artificial Insemination unit, Sterilization Unit, Oxygen Hyperbaric Chamber and Treadmill) Mission / Title: Biomedical Service Engineer (From 10/9/2011 to 09/09/2013)

- Republic of Sudan/Red Sea State:

Ministry of Health - Port-Sudan Centre for Dialysis Mission / Title: Biomedical Service Engineer (From15/12/2009 up to 31/8/2011)

- Republic of Sudan/Red Sea State:

Ministry of Health - Osman Dighna Prince Hospital

Work in this Lab. / Unit: (Biochemistry Lab., ICU unit, X-ray Unit) Mission / Title: Directorate of Biomedical Engineering (From 1/9/2009 up to 1/12/2009) Curriculum Vitae

CV Page 3

Medical Machines & Equipment Experience:

- I have wide experience in wide medical machines & equipment, as follows;

- Dialysis Machines (Gambro - B-braun)

- Sterilization Machines (REXMED - Getinge 533HC / 633 LS - Plasma Sterilzer Stericool, etc)

- Washer Machine (46 series Getinge)

- Water Purification System (Millipore systems)

- Hematology Analyzer (Sysmex - Siemens - Exigo)

- Laboratories Equipment (Microscopes, Centrifuges, Spectrophotometer, Tube Mixer, Balances, PH Meter, etc)

- Digital Ultrasonic System.

- Surgical Light Systems.

- Anesthesia Machines.

- Blood Pressure Monitor.

- Treadmills.

- Artificial Insemination & Embryo Transfer Equipment (Minitub Co.)

- Hyperbaric Chamber (Oxygen Therapy)

Training Course & Seminars:

- State of Qatar:

Global Quality Institute for Training & Development – ISO 9001: 2008 Awareness Seminar On 23th May, 2012 “ Qatar “

- Republic of Sudan/Ministry of Health:

(Trained on Dialysis Machine and Water System – GAMBRO, B-BRAUN) National Centre for Kidney Diseases & Surgery

(From 25/2/2010 - 25/5/2010)

- Republic of Sudan:

Association (Trained on Dialysis Machine – GAMBRO) (From 25/2/2010 - 25/5/2010) Voluntarily Medical Centre - Sudanese Kidney Transplanted

- Egypt - Alexandria:

Biomedical Equipment Training Centre – Medical Research Institute Ministry of Higher Education/University of Alexandria -

(Trained on X-ray Basic Course) (From 8/7/2009 - 8/8/2009)

- Egypt - Cairo:

(Trained on Microcontroller) (From 9/2/2009 - 19/2/2009)

- EUgypt - Cairo:U Biomedical & Scientific Training Center (BSTC)

(Trained on Diagnostic Ultrasound) (From 17/11/2008 - 18/12/2008)

- EUgypt - Cairo:U Biomedical & Scientific Training Center (BSTC)

(Trained on Soldering & Desoldering Techniques) (From 1/4/2008 - 22/4/2008)

- EUgypt - Cairo:U Biomedical & Scientific Training Center (BSTC)

(Trained on Electronics Semiconductor Devices) (From 11/3/2008 - 31/3/2008)

- EUgypt - Cairo:U Biomedical & Scientific Training Center (BSTC)

(Trained on Electrical & Electronic Measurements Techniques)

(From 18/2/2008 - 10/3/2008)

Curriculum Vitae

CV Page 4

Biomedical & Scientific Training Center (BSTC)

Target Job:

- Target Job Title: Maintenance Manager.

- Target Industry: Healthcare Corporations / Hospital Multinational.

- Current Monthly Salary: 2.750 $

- Target Monthly Salary: 5.000 $


- Medicines & Engineering.

- Analytical thinking with effective problem solving skills.

- Assembly & Disassembly Medical, Electronics and Electrical Equipment.

- Continuous Learning.

- Reading.

- Searching on the internet.

- Swimming & Football.

- Picnics & Travelling.

Core Competencies:

-Procurement & Operations Management.

-Biomedical Equipment Management.

-Inventory Management

-Leadership, Planning & Control.

Personal Skills:

- Maintenance of medical equipment on component level.

- Very good knowledge of Microsoft programs (Excel, Word, Power-Point, Out-look)

- Communication skills.

- Technical support at computer devices.

- Native Arabic language.

- Very good command of both written & spoken English.

- Sedulity & Diligence at the work.

- Quick-Witted the fulfillment.

- Ability to work under pressure.

- Work as a team work.

- Problem solver.

- Dynamic, flexible, initiative and leadership.

- Strong organizational abilities and ready to accept challenge. Curriculum Vitae

CV Page 5

Project Done:

- Designed of ECG as a project for graduation and after the debate got to the rate of 96%. Goals:

- Acquisition the technical skills from the work.

- Self-fulfilling and more successful.

- Acquisition the experience from the work life.


Any references, documents and certificates you may need will be ready upon your request. I appreciate very much your interest in reading my CV which I hope my Qualifications would meet your requirements

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