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High School Certified

Paducah, Kentucky, United States
October 29, 2016

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Ledbetter, KY 42058



Seeking an underwater welder position in a large scale industrial company that will allow me to utilize my knowledge and skills that I have received through furthering my education in hopes to advance my career in this profession.


Extensive knowledge in dry welding, non-destructive testing, diving physics, decompression, use of diving equipment, rigging, inspections, communication, water jetting, venture dredges and lift bags, explosive techniques, construction techniques and hyperbaric operations.


Livingston Central High School

Hwy 60 West

Smithland KY 42078

08-2011 to 05-2015

Welding for 2 years along with academic requirements.

CDA Technical Institute

91 Trout River Drive

Jacksonville, FL 32208

Certifications as follows:

*Complied with all requirements of CDA Technical Institute in Jacksonville Florida and graduated with all the honor, rights, privileges and obligations pertaining to Topside Welding for Commercial Divers on October 21, 2016

*Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response and Commercial Diving 40 hour training in Hazardous/Contaminated Environments

*Certified Air/Mixed Gas Commercial Diver which includes NDT Specialist SNT-TC-1A-underwater Visual Level I, Underwater Ultrasonic Thickness Level I and II and Underwater Magnetic Particle Level I and II.

*Certified NCCER Fundamentals of Rigging

*Certified for Offshore Survival.

*Certified unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver by the DCBC cert# 20160829 expires 10-2018

*Certified Open Water Diver by NASE worldwide Diver # 57292

*Certified Entry level tender/diver Cert#54809 ID # 20073903 Expires 10-21-2018

*Certified by the Association of Commercial Diving Educators Cert # 14505

*Certified in CPR/FA/AED/O2 Reg # 121261 Expires 6-2018


*I am an exceptional problem solver and decision maker.

*I have handled all the topside aspects of the underwater diving operations.

* I can track divers’ depth, time and air consumption and can keep diving logs.

* I am proficient at maintaining diving equipment such as helmets, masks, air tanks, harnesses and gauges.

* I can cut and weld topside and off shore.

* I am able to communicate with divers while submerged and handle dangerous situations.


Donald Fox

129 Ramage Cemetery Road

Smithland, KY 42081


Geraldine Knight

1444 Wayside Inn Road

Barlow, KY 42078


Alex (Tuna)Tumaniszwilli

Director of Dive Training (DWTC)

9481 NW 115th Ave

Ocala, FL 34482


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