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Manager Restaurant

RS, 93537, Brazil
October 29, 2016

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Gaetano Galmozzi


Italian, **, male, married.

Street Guia Lopes, 4437, Room 403, Jd. Maua

*****-***, **** ********, **

(51) 3398-9876, (51) 9690-3474



Born in Milan, Italy. August 25, 1950 and graduated in Italy. I am married to a Brazilian who was born in Novo Hamburgo. I graduated in letters and did postgraduate studies in Italian grammar for foreigners in Perugia (Italy).

I arrived in São Paulo,Brazil, in 1990 with the task of implementing the Italian courses at USP.(São Paulo University)

Once you know months finally completes the task decided to stay in Brazil. Therefore, I created my own business.

A CATERING. I could join some professional and started working and it worked. We did a great job; we organized many parties, weddings and events in general. I trained many people who were interested to learn the art of gastronomy, also worked out given my teaching ability, the art of teaching. Usually I and I want or would like to have or do. Came after 64 years without major problems, is quite healthy, has never been in the hospital, I do not smoke and I like to enjoy good food and enjoy a good wine. Around me has always had great people to be professional like family. I was well advised and took the chance.

Now, my self-esteem is at the highest level and wanted to take this time to give the maximum of myself working in a great company who can enjoy the capabilities and skills of a great professional.

Professional Experiences

Restaurant Manager - Chief executive kitchen

Palace Hotel - Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ

January 2015 - October 2015

The oldest hotel in town, went to a good reform in every way, including the gastronomic part. I was hired to develop a new menus implementation project "A la Carte" and corporate executives, recast and buffet menus for social events. Having completed my duties, I am placing myself in the market.

Chief gastronomic consultant

Cantina Famiglia Facin - Porto Alegre, RS

May 2014 - November 2014

Italian restaurant adopting the service system A la Carte. Alignment of all sauces, Ragus and meats to harmonize the dishes. The response was immediate while the dishes received an Italian benefit. Creating new dishes with subsequent launch with great acceptance. Assistance in the sectors of pasta and bread. Alignment of all the filled pasta and creating new fillings. Implementation of standardization system through fixed techniques. Training of teams of chefs and chef. Grocery achieved standard.

Chef and restaurant manager

Resort SPA - Fernandes Pinheiro, PR

May 2013 - November 2013

Chef and restaurant manager. Development of menus for events and training of personnel in charge.

Personal Chef

Dal Pozzo family - Sapucaia do Sul, RS

August 2010 - September 2012

Menus development respecting the dietary and nutritional needs of the family. Organization of corporate events and family.

Restaurant manager and event Chef

UNION Hotel - Novo Hamburgo, RS

June 2006 - October 2006

Chef, consultant, event supervisor and training of personnel in charge.

Head and gastronomy director

Il Risottiere di Milano (CATERING) - São Paulo, SP

June 1991 - August 2005

given my specialization in risottos, I managed to gather a team and hold events to their homes. Remarkable experience and and definitely a dream come true. Daily training of all staff, development and updating of logistics processes.

Restaurant manager and event Chef

Grand Hotel di Como lake - Como (Italy)

February 1985 - February 1988

Administration everywhere logistics and routine of the kitchen and restaurant. Menu development (A la carte) and event menu.

Sous Chief of kitchen

Paola's Restaurant - Manhattan - New York

August 1982 - August 1984

It was the first job. An Italian restaurant. I entered as a dishwasher and cookware. Given mine graduation in gastronomy had enough trouble adjusting. After a few months, I came to make an effective part of the team and so managed to approach the boss. It was a very tough learning but thank you day and night my chef for everything I learned.


Graduation - Food and Cooking

Gastronomy school Le Cordon Bleu in Florence, Italy.

January 1978 - November 1980

Yield coefficient: 100%

Graduation - Letters

Catholic University of Milan

June 1969 - September 1975

Yield coefficient: 85%



Communication: fluent Reading: fluent Writing: fluent


Communication: Intermediate Reading: Intermediate Writing: Intermediate


Communication: Intermediate Reading: Intermediate Writing: Intermediate


Communication: Fluent Reading: Fluent Writing: Fluent


Communication: Fluent Reading: Fluent Writing: Fluent

Skills and Tools


Google Chrome


Office pack


Hospitality and Brazilian cuisine (SENAI)

São Paulo, SP

March 2007


Chef Le Cordon Bleu Florence (italy)

November 1980 - Does not expire


Comments about breakfast

March 2009

Everything you need to serve some breakfast with refinement and taste. Theory and practice to prepare and develop a colonial coffee, Menus from Monday to Monday complement the study.


Anywhere in the world, a good service is paramount, as is the main channel communication between an organization and its customer, by the way, is the main generator and profits. Still very hear about complaints in the care of several companies, and that number continues to grow, unfortunately. It is increasingly common for customers to receive a poor service, faced with professionals unprepared for this market, thus resulting withdrawal shopping and even in processes for the company.

The customer wants attention; want to be treated with respect and, above all, certain service looking for solutions to your life, not problems. So make him feel special makes you more prone to make purchases and enter into agreements and proposals. In addition, when it comes to make him feel special, to not only pay attention and be gentle, but be willing to understand what he needs truth and be willing to get the best deal.

When we talk about excellence in service, the first word that comes to mind is "sympathy". While it is important, it is necessary to go further and enable the attendant to exit the basics. It is important that the seller see the public as not only people who will make purchases and bring money into the company, but as individuals who need effective solutions to their problems. In addition, that point is valid for all types of attendant is the one who sells houses and cars to those who offer services and simpler products such as clothing and accessories. Every customer is special, and if he is devoting time and money to the company, are requiring officials to ensure that he has an exceptional service! Good service excellence and professionalism shown by the team and is automatically a reflection of a well-prepared company that cares about its customers.

People management

managing people effectively knows define staffing needs, know how to attract, hire, retain, motivate, evaluate performance, develop, reward, and recognize commitment (different performance) and even knowing resign. It is to recognize that people are the propellant moving companies.

To have professionals motivated, productive and loyal, it must have an organizational culture that values people.

Managers are those who are subordinated one or more persons; your responsibility is to achieve strategic and operational objectives set for them, and you can only do it with motivated people. Manager must like people and have a gift with them.

It is easy to assume that everyone is able to work well in groups, but most people have their own style and preferences. For some people, the start time of a meeting scheduled for 9 am is 9: 03h. In others interpret as 8: 55h, for example. To avoid these common frustrations, you need to create rules of conduct for how your team will work. Rules help clarify decisions taken collectively, keep everyone informed and conduct meetings. To begin with, we can create a standard work with basic rules of respect, trust, decision-making, etc. Discuss the rules with the team to reach a consensus on what should be adopted. Review the rules periodically to keep them relevant and able to control harmful behaviors when they arise. Also, ask your team to rules "unwritten" need to be common knowledge. Thus, combining a list of rules to be followed by everyone.

Management is a process that exists to get results, make the tasks to be performed by making the best use of the skills of individuals and financial and material resources available.

The general managers are not makers of slow and methodical decision but performers need to react quickly to problems as they arise and think independently.

The management activities are divided by contradictions, by conflicting pressures and the need to confront and resolve conflicts. Managers explaining what they do, in informal relationships and communications and “participating” spend much time.

Additional Information


Create goods and services using techniques and traditions of classic and contemporary culinary arts. Elaborate menus, fact sheets and letters of drinks in line with the proposal of the service, seeking new solutions and ideas. Promote sales of products and services by analyzing market forecasts, setting prices and partnerships, putting together promotional packages and promoting events. Manage personal defining teams, selecting professionals, suggesting admission, dismissal, promotion and training of employees, services and vacation scales. Manage shopping, selecting suppliers, negotiating conditions, evaluating products and services and coordinating the receipt of logistics, storage and use of products. Manage financial resources following budget and cash flow, evaluating financial reports, suggesting targets and allocation of resources by area.

Advise the Board in defining the financial and marketing company policy.

Management of leftovers through fact sheets and daily control of production.


Knowledge of kitchen equipment, organizational structure, and training of staff, the safety standards, the cleaning, the amounts of food, conservation, contamination of food, the most common diseases and contamination of ANVISA standards.


Specializes in international cuisine, northern Italian and Mediterranean is on a "Buffet" and "A la Carte". Specialized in drawing up menus system is "A la carte" as the system "Buffet" specializing in preparation risottos. Specializing in preparation coffee menu of colonial morning. Specializes in organizing events, drawing up menus, always seeking the best cost / benefit as well as reuse and conservation of leftovers.

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