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Manager Customer Service

Panjim, Goa, 403001, India
October 29, 2016

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To become part of a company who is looking to lead the way in Gaming and taking its casinos to the next level of leisure entertainment. By utilizing modern methods to maximize casino profitability whilst extending maximum value and satisfaction to customers. The casino industries have progressed in leaps and bounds over the past few years in terms of technologies and game development. I feel the future is bright for the companies willing to embrace and maximize on these exciting new technologies.


1967 – 1971 Burke Comprehensive London E13

Secondary Certificate Standard


Business Management Skills, First aid, Aids Awareness, Gambling Addiction, Card Counting and cheating seminar, Health and Safety, First aid certificate. Shuffle Master Installation and setup of I Tables; Installation of Cammegh sling shot wheels. Duties and responsibilities for Inspector, Pit Boss, Floor manager. How to assess Staff. Staff assessments. HR related disputes, How to chair HR disciplinary hearings and what charges to bring against staff. Format for disciplinary hearings.


I have experience in setting up and establishing casinos globally and promoted and marketed casinos in some of the most competitive regions in the world. I have conducted training for gaming staff from dealers all the way up to management, reception, cash desk and surveillance. Having the position of General Manager has given me the skills to oversee serving of food and the beverage service.


American Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Dice, 5 Card Poker, 3 Card Poker, Texas Hold’em, Sic Bo, Casino War, Andar Bahar, Indian Flush, Teen Putti, Tiger Dragon.


Crown Casino Goa India

2016 – 2016


I was approached by the directors of the Crown casino to help them improve the Business and running of the Casino. The Casino was bought by them in 2015 and as new owners found the business very different from what their other business is. I managed to bring some order into the daily running of the business; the casino was understaffed so often tables would not open. I pushed for more staff and did interviews, once I had the correct candidates, I set about training them.

The Mangers had been in the Casino for eight years and each time it changed ownership the more unstable they felt, I had few meeting with them and found out that most were not happy and was only there for the salary. I discussed this with the directors and said the Managers need some motivation. I asked the directors to offer them a bonus on win if a set target was met. This was implemented and we soon were on target to get the bonus for them. I put together a few promotions on the tables and slot machines and this helped to bring in a few more players, once the casino started to look busy some of the players that frequented before returned, The Casino was soon having a footfall of over 110 before it was only 60 / 70. I made a few more changes to the operation, speed of games, min max on the games. This gave a slightly better clientele and with better players the revenue increased.

2013 – 2014

chances Resort and Casino Goa India

Gaming Operations Director

I set up a new Casino ship for the Goa Indian market this will be the forth Casino project I have set up in India. I took over the project half way through the set up and have brought the ship ready to be operational. As there are no other Management employed I have taken the role of completing the ship myself. This includes the design of Reception, Restaurant, staff rest area, and surveillance room. The project is complete and it is now waiting for its license to operate

2012- 2013

Deltin Royal Goa India

General Manager of operations

I was employed to set up a new casino project in Daman India unfortunately the project has been put on hold due to the non issue of the gaming license and my contracted was ended as the company has no idea when the license will be issued,

2008- 2012

Maharajah Casino, Goa, India.

Gaming Manager

The casino industry has only opened up within the last few years in Goa I was used as the project manager by Creative Gaming solutions I was one of the main persons involved with the design and layout of Crown and the Kenilworth Casinos and installed all the Table game equipment as well as lighting, Camera positions UPS, cash desk and a Management system (Ace). The Casinos equipped used was Cammegh sling shot wheels and Shuffle Masters I Tables one each of Blackjack, 3 Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Poker and the Shuffle Master Punto Banko system I was sent on a training course to Shuffle Master in Australia so that I can install set up and repair the I Tables and shoes and shufflers. The system needed to run the tables and all reports data. I was Gaming Manager for the Crown for a year before all expat contracts were ended as the Company the Maharajah ship project would be put on hold until a license was granted. During my initial start date with Maharajah I was used as project manager on the ship to source equipment locally and overseas. I positioned all tables helped with camera set up cash desk and all the other jobs that setting up a casino entails. When not working on the installation of the Maharajah Casino ship I assisted in several training schools for American Roulette, Blackjack, 3 card Poker Caribbean stud poker Texas Hold’em poker Baccarat and some dice training. Writing procedure manuals, Uniforms selection, table floats, what chip denominations to have, what cards to use.

2006 -2007

Grand Luidor Casino, Cheboksary, Russia.

General Manager

I a I arrived in June 2006, with my management team to set about the implementation of the new operation. We were responsible for all aspects of the operations start up, which included helping with designing the casinos interior from scratch. The ordering of all necessary equipment, the finding and training of all staff. .The casino opened on the 30th of October after which I assumed responsibility for all the complex including bar and restaurant operations Slot hall, and all promotions including weekly entertainers..I am proud of the achievement. As I have seen an empty room convert into a fully functioning casino. I have seen the people I have trained turn into a remarkable efficient and professional team.

2006 - 2006

21 Club Casino Galway, Ireland.


I was employed by share holders to give a detailed report on the operation of a Small Casino run by a Management team after my report some of my ideas and marketing plans were implemented and the Casino was soon making a profit and new customers coming in on a regular basis.

2005 - 2006

Vegas Casino 1 - 2, St Petersburg, Russia.

Casino Manager

After a month in St Petersburg and doing a thorough study into the previous last years figures I implemented a minimum and maximum structure which kept us on track to meet budget requirements each month, I also moved the tables so as to give the players more room to move around and have more flow through traffic, the higher minimum tables were moved further into the Casino to give high rollers more privacy and space it allowed the floor Managers to perform a better job with customer service and more attention to the games.

2004- 2005

River Palace Casino, Kiev Ukraine.

Casino Manager

UK was not the place I had left 20 years ago so I applied and secured the position of Casino Manager in Kiev. The organization skills I learnt in Swaziland helped me to promote the River Palace Casino, soon we were achieving the Casino budgets and this prompted the Directors of the company to promote me and send me to St Petersburg where the Casinos there were not doing to well, we were also opening a second Casino in a residential area which was more slot based.

2002 – 2004

Westcliffe Casino, Westcliffe On Sea, England.

Casino Manager

I returned to the UK from South Africa and was employed as a junior manager so I could Study the UK gaming act and laws ready for me to apply for my UK Casino Managers grey license. This was for me to become the Manager of spielers Casino adjacent to the Westcliffe casino. It was hard work to compete with the established and much larger Casino next door but with live music and other entertainment, good staff and hard work we were soon making a good profit. Spieler was the very first Casino to be an entertainment bar Casino and most UK casinos are now designed the same which attracts and much younger crowd and promotes Texas Hold’em poker rooms.

1998 - 2002

Royal Swazi Sun Hotel & Casino, Ezelwini, Swaziland.

Casino Manager

After 4 years in Swaziland and the South African economy going in the wrong direction and new Casino’s being built closer to the major cities I decided to return to the UK, In Swaziland to attract business a lot of promotions were organized, This included golf & gambling packages, promotions focused on Sport events, Slot tournaments, car and cash draws.

1998 -1998 007 Casino, Durban, South Africa.

Casino Manager

This became one of our biggest rival Casino’s in Durban and I was offered a package I could not refuse to leave Durban Casino, Sadly the Casino’s in Durban became the target of police raids and I decided to join Sun International that at the time was a bit more stable.

1996 – 1998 Durban Casino, Durban, South Africa.

Casino Manager

At the time it was the biggest casino in Durban, it was Managed by the owner until I became Manager for him. All the staff were self trained. The cash desk had no system at all. I introduced procedures, suitable minimum and maximums for the type of players, a bar system and retrained all the staff. After a few months the Casino had a good turn over which increased the win and I was left to my own judgments to run the place while the owner semi retired.

1995 -1996 Alexander Bloc Casino Moscow Russia.

Casino Manager

I was only in Moscow for 6 months as Casino Austria closed down the Casino. It was a ship based casino with High roller players very volatile as action was big and heavy but not much of it.

1993 – 1995

The Ambassador Casino. Casinos Austria Prague.

Asst Casino Manager When the new Severing Palace Casino opened witch was the flagship for Casino Austria in Prague. I moved there as Casino Manager. in 1994 I was promoted to General Manager of the Pardubice Casino and then transferred to Russia in 1995

1992 – 1993 Queens Casino, Warsaw, Poland,

Pit Boss

I started as Inspector and was promoted to Pit Boss after 6 weeks. Responsible for everyday pit operations and staff management. Responsible for all levels of training, customer services and conflict resolution seminars. Contributed to reaching and maintaining revenues well in excess of projected targets.

1991 – 1992

Atlantic Associates Miami Florida USA. (Cruise Ships)

Dealing Craps, American Style AR Double Zero, BJ (American style) Caribbean Stud Poker on Cruise Ships.

1989 – 1991 Venda Sun Venda South Africa

Asst. Casino Manager Started As Pit Boss Promoted to Senior Pit Boss. Responsible for everyday pit operations and staff management. Contributed to reaching and maintaining revenues in excess of projected targets. Responsible for all levels of training & customer services and conflict resolution seminars.

1982 – 1988 Wild Coast Sun Casino Transkei South Africa

Pit Boss

Started as Inspector after my transfer from Lesotho and was Promoted to Pit Boss in 1983. Wild coast sun was the second biggest casino in South Africa affiliated to its better known Sun City. It had over 2000 slots and 50 Tables with a VIP area. It was very busy and hard work but also one of my best life memories. Sun International had a very good Management plan, seminars on Casino Cheats and card Counting, Customer service, and lots of onsite staff training many General Managers throughout the world started as dealers or inspectors with the Company.

1980 – 1982 Holiday Inns Casino, Lesotho South Africa


12 table operation local dealers with ex-pat inspectors and management we were there to teach the local staff how to run a Casino in a professional manner. My job as an Inspector for AR, BJ, PB, with weekend junkets was to get involved with training and customer service. I transferred with the same company to Wild Coast Sun 1982

1978 - 1980 Park Lane Casino, London, W1.


Started as Dealer promoted to Inspector after six months. During this time Ladbrokes lost its license for all but one casino The Park Towers Casino although I was given a position in this Casino I asked for redundancy and I left England for South Africa.

1976 – 1978 Tiberius Casino, Ramsgate Kent,

Trainee Dealer

This was where my Casino career began after a 6 week training school I was soon Dealing AR, BJ on low maximum heavy chip action Tables after 8 months I was trained to deal Punto Banko.


Holder of a UK Grey license. Most of my gaming experience is from outside of the UK. Mainly South Africa. During my career I have helped set up 4 new Casinos I have good computer skills and a good knowledge of cash desk systems.

I trained on how to fix faults on slot machines.

I have employed staff for all position with-in a casino complex, including the set up of several training schools.

I have good promotion and marketing skills and have organized mail outs, Blackjack and Roulette competitions, lotteries, theme evenings with live entertainment, golf tournaments and other enthusiast sporting events,

I am self motivated and can work alone but also enjoy working as a team member. My employment has been in all sized casinos, from one hundred tables with large slot areas to just five tables with fifty slot machines, I enjoyed my time on cruise ships but prefer multi game land based casinos.

Some of my position has been setting up casino’s that have been just four walls. I literally had to do everything, Cash desk setup, Ordering all equipment, formulate Table floats, design uniforms for all staff, CCTV positions, Slot positions, Table position, employ all staff for training schools, cash desk, reception, bar area, restaurant and slots departments,, Train all staff, do Auditions for a show program. Arrange car for the lottery. It was all very challenging and hard work but the final out come was well worth the effort.

Yours sincerely

Chris Holmyard

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