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Research associate

Raleigh, North Carolina, 27616, United States
October 28, 2016

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Jakub ‘Kuba’ Bartkowiak (717) 578 – 6849 3128 Suncrest Village Ln Raleigh NC


To obtain a long-term position as a laboratory technician, or its equivalent, particularly in order to apply my skills in biotechnology and extensive experience in lab management, environmental health, and pharmacology research. I hope to resume my work in these fields and further my abilities in molecular and experimental biology, likewise participating in writing research publications, development of experimental protocols and collation/organization of vital scientific data, and the training and management of new employees and interns


Virginia Commonwealth University - Medical College of Virginia Richmond, VA

VCU School of Medicine, 2013 – 2015

University of Miami Coral Gables, FL

Bachelor of Science, May 2011

summa cum laude, with general honors

Major in Neurobiology, Minors in Mathematics and Organic Chemistry

Skills & Abilities

Number of experiences presenting research data to groups (ranging from 10-150+ individuals) and enjoy public speaking

6+ years of applying basic laboratory techniques such as use of standard and electronic pipets, dilution or preparation of solutions, use of -80C freezers, centrifuges, chromatography columns (in several contexts), among various others

Use of most standard microbiology and molecular biology lab techniques and associated equipment, including isolation of bacteria and maintenance of culture isolates in standard, selective or anaerobic, and liquid media

Extensive experience (4+ years) with standard and quantitative [real-time] PCR, including equipment maintenance and calibration, construction of standard curves and related internal controls, in addition to gel electrophoresis, preparation of samples and reagents (e.g. DNA and RNA sample extraction and handling from bacteria and tissue), primer and probe design, ELISA, and general experimental assay design and data analysis

Strong familiarity in properly documenting both experimental results and designing SOPs, as well as contributing to publications

Behavioral testing and scoring/coding of anxiety-related and other stereotyped behaviors in rats & mice

Long-term experience with testing of novel nicotinic compounds and mapping of olfactory receptor systems through expression in Xenopus oocytes [co-expressing the CFTR anion channel] and assay via Twin-electrode voltage clamping

Work with monoamine and dopamine transporter function in oocytes in addition to investigation of the anatomical differences in sensitivity, tolerance, and muscle tension in mouse intestinal tracts in response to long-acting opioids

Use and fundamental understanding of the mathematical underpinnings of statistical software packages such as Minitab, including programming in R and use of such software as PRISM in preparation of publications

Fully proficient with all Microsoft Office Suite software, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Strong knowledge of Windows (3.1 through 10)- and DOS-based systems, including original installation and setup, advanced software/hardware trouble-shooting, and development of scripting tools for the automation of Windows- and Excel-based computer tasks

Research & Work Experience Please Note: References Available on Request

Virginia Commonwealth University – School of Medicine & Graduate School Richmond, VA

Graduate intern & Teaching assistant, 7/2013-12/2015

Completed extensive clinical medicine-associated and graduate-level coursework, developing an understanding of the use and challenges involved in development of contemporary medical devices, the entirety of human anatomy and clinical treatment of disease, molecular biology-based diagnostics, and pharmaceutical development and testing

Strong understanding of pharmacological treatment of microbial, oncological, and autoimmune disease

Completed several rotations in neuroscience, pharmacology, and biophysics-oriented laboratories, evolving my technical skills in a variety of molecular techniques and various types of assays in rodent models – which in addition to the above include western blots, plasmid preparation, transfection, and even working with potentially hazardous chemicals

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine – Miami, FL

Department of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

Research Associate I, 7/2011- 6/2012

Analyzed electrophysiology data for the characterization and classification of olfactory receptors, greatly improving my practical understanding of statistical analysis, as well as the use of common commercial statistical software packages and subsequent graphical representation using PRISM and related applications

Collaborated extensively with fellow lab members on long-term odorant screening effort, greatly improving upon my communication and organizational skills for efficient coordination of team research efforts and compilation of experimental data – particularly in regard to development of SOPs and data preservation

Developed extensive familiarity with a variety of molecular biology techniques for the [PCR-based] isolation, amplification, sequencing, and subsequent functional expression of cloned mouse olfactory receptors in Xenopus Oocytes via production of engineered mRNAs from previously isolated bacterial plasmids

Programmed and maintained the robotic OpusXpress electrophysiology (TEVC) workstation for high-throughput screening of olfactory [GPCR] receptors plus other poorly characterized ion-channel receptors

Neuroscience Research Fellow, 5/2008 – 4/2011 [concurrent position]

Helped oversee lab’s long-term nicotinic receptor-ligand screening project

Assisted in iterative development of lead compounds, helping direct modifications to the base compound (epibatidine) structure to achieve better receptor-subtype selectivity or efficacy

NOAA Atlantic and Oceanographic Meteorological Laboratory –

Applied Environmental Microbiology Lab (Key Biscayne) Miami, FL

Primary Research Assistant, 11/2007 - 6/2011

Managed training and assisting incoming (2-5) students and summer interns in a variety of basic lab techniques, lab safety, and proper handling of microbial samples

Collected, processed, and analyzed water, soil, and tissue samples, via both traditional plating methods for bacterial cultures as well as with molecular techniques including DNA chromatography columns & qPCR

Maintained and organized microbiology lab and related equipment, gaining valuable experience in lab management – particularly in regard to aseptic technique in handling of potential pathogens and prevention of [equipment or operator] cross-contamination

Led several projects for the development and validation of novel qPCR assays targeting host-specific strains of fecal indicator bacteria (including dog, gull, and human associated strains)

Actively participated in ongoing research efforts, often on an individual basis, including the maintenance of culture/DNA databases, preparation of DNA extracts for downstream analysis from bacterial or tissue samples, and water bacterial load analysis by qPCR or other techniques for the Florida Department of Health – greatly developing my time-management skills and instilling a strong sense of personal responsibility in needed tasks

Designed and conducted original experiments in non-traditional research environments (e.g. Coast Guard research vessel) as well as for ongoing cross-lab validation efforts in emerging techniques and data analysis


Bartkowiak, J., Wanless, D., Goodwin, K., Sinigalliano, C. Analysis of DNA extraction efficiency for quantitative PCR using commercial binding-matrix purification. Poster session presented at: 109th General Meeting of the American Society of Microbiology; 2009 May 17-21; Philadelphia, PA

Ondachi, P. W., Castro, A. H., Bartkowiak, J. M., Luetje, C. W., Damaj, M. I., Mascarella, S. W., Carroll, F. I. Synthesis, nicotinic acetylcholine receptor binding, and antinociceptive properties of 2’-fluoro-3'-(substituted pyridinyl)-7-deschloroepibatidine analogues. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2014), doi:10.1021/jm401602p

Schriewer, A., Goodwin, K.D., Sinigalliano, C.D., Cox, A.M., Wanless, D., Bartkowiak, J., Ebentier, D.L., Hanley, K.T., Ervin, J., Deering, L.A., Shanks, O.C., Peed, L.A., Meijer, W.G., Griffith, J.F., SantoDomingo, J., Jay, J.A., Holden, P.A., Wuertz, S. Performance evaluation of canine-associated Bacteroidalesassays in a multi-laboratory comparison study, Water Research(2013), doi:10.1016/j.watres.2013.03.062

Sinigalliano C.D., Fleisher J.M., Gidley M.L., Solo-Gabriele H.M., Shibata T., Plano L.R.W., Elmir S.M., Wanless, D., Bartkowiak, J., Boiteau, R., Withum, K., Abdelzaher, A.M., He, G., Ortega, C., Zhu, G., Wright, M.E., Kish, J., Hollenbeck, J., Scott, T., Backer, L.C., Fleming L.E. Traditional and molecular analyses for fecal indicator bacteria in non-point source subtropical recreational marine waters, Water Research(2010), doi: 10.1016/j.watres.2010.04.026

Sinigalliano, C.D., Ervin, J., Van De Werfhorst, L.C., Badgley, B., Ballesté, E., Bartkowiak, J., Boehm, A.B., Byappanahalli, M., Goodwin, K.D., Gourmelon, M., Griffith, J., Holden, P.A., Jay, J., Layton, B., Lee, C., Lee, J., Meijer, W.G., Noble, R., Raith, M., Ryu, H., Sadowsky, M.J., Schriewer, A., Wang, D., Wanless, D., Whitman, R., Wuertz, S., Santo Domingo, J.W., Multi-Laboratory Evaluations of the Performance of Catellicoccus marimammalium PCR Assays Developed to Target Gull Fecal Sources, Water Research(2013), doi:10.1016/j.watres.2013.02.059

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