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Engineering Project

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
October 28, 2016

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Shivanandu Palwai



To opt a full time position in networking and telecom industry which adds real time experience to my skill set.


University of Missouri – Kansas City December 2015

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Vardhaman college of engineering June 2014

Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering

GPA: 3.5/4.0


Thinklabs, Inc. April 2013 – Aug 2013

Trainee in embedded systems


Studied in detail about AVR microcontroller (ATMEGA64), ARM processor, RTOS, GSM module.

Attended daily sessions, practical training classes on ATMEGA64, RTOS.

Worked on projects as a team.

Freelance Academic tutor Sep 2013 – April 2014


Taught Math and Science to 11 and 12th grade students.

Helped solving academic issues and with their projects.

Volunteer at S Square Club Sep 2012 – June2014


Taught communication skills to SSC grade students after school hours.

Conducted group discussions, games which would increase their memory and creativity.



ATMEGA 64, ARM, GSM module


MATLAB, SAM, Putty, FEKO, SynaptiCAD, PV Watts Calculator.

Programming languages

Verilog HDL, Embedded C, Java, C#

MS Office

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook

Operating Systems

Windows, Linux, Mac


Determination of Bit error rate of a signal due to multipath propagation Nov 2015

Project Description:

The main aim of the project is to show how the bit error rate calculations are effected by ground reflections in wireless communications.

Considered different areas near university where the signal propagates through multiple paths due to the obstacles like buildings, vehicles etc., and calculated the S/N ratio.

By using different modulation schemes finding the probability of Error and also different parameters like height of antenna of transmitter or receiver. Bit error Rate is the primary criteria on which wireless communication performance depends on.

Technology/Software: RF signal processing, Matlab, FEKO

Determination of path loss and SNR in far-field and near-field Aug 2015

Project Description:

Two symmetrically driven, equal length dipole antennas located in free-space, excited

by currents and are placed in Near-field and far-field.

Near-field and Far-field results of the symmetrically driven dipoles are validated

with the mutual and self-impedances, and using friis transmission equation.

These results are then utilized in calculations of path loss to model their respective BERs for two different formulations used; all simulations

Analysis is done using MATLAB and compared its results with the FEKO software validations.

Technology/Software : RF signal processing, Matlab, FEKO

Design of Commercial Solar PV system June 2015

Project Description:

Designed a Commercial Solar PV system of DC size of 1MW in an open ground at a certain location by using PV watt calculator.

Made all the required calculations to get a DC size of 1MW. Used SAM software which gives us the extra information required and to demonstrate graphically.

Theoretically estimated the cost for designing a PV system considering installation cost, land rate, solar arrays and module costs.

Considered all the losses like wiring losses, array losses, system losses and weather changes while calculating the power of PV system and its cost estimation.

The main purpose of the project is to show how we can provide electricity for commercial purposes using solar energy.

Technology/Software: Solar energy, SAM

Face Recognition Technology based Locker Security System Dec 2013 - March 2014

Project Description:

Lockers require a high security system which is a challenging task from the past few years. So to resolve this problem FACE RECOGNITION SYSTEM is used.

Provided the at most security since it is taking the Face Recognition and GSM module.

Now first the person reaches to a locker or door where first his face will be captured with webcam, then a predefined algorithm will work out and if the pre loaded picture features don’t match with the web cam then immediately buzzer will be buzzed and using GSM module a message will be sent to authorized person that some person is trying to access.

If the image is matched then the locker gets opened and a message “authentication successful” is sent to the authorized user.

Technology/Software: Embedded systems, Matlab, ARM, GSM module.

Hungry Man Game using ATMEGA64 July 2013

Project Description:

Created a flash game named HUNGRY MAN using AVR MICRO CONTROLLER (ATMEGA64).

This game is designed in such a way that a character moves around passing through many obstacles and finds food for him. He has to collect the food overcoming all the obstacles.

In the hunt of the food if he tries to move through the obstacles, the life of man comes to an end.

Buzzer, Led’s, Joystick are used in this game. As soon as the man collects the food Led’s on the processor starts glowing and the Buzzer starts ringing.

The movement of the man is controlled using joystick (ADC).UART is used to connect the

system with the micro controller.

Technology/software: Embedded systems/ATMEGA64, RTOS, putty.


Awarded the prestigious ‘Deans International Scholar Award’ in UMKC (2014).

Awarded ‘Merit in RoboGeek’ conducted in Vardhaman college of engineering.


Solar PV systems, Advanced solar PV systems, Solar Cell Engineering, Digital Signal Processing, Advanced RF and Microwave engineering,, Verilog HDL, Principles of Digital Communication, Advanced Radar.

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