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Engineering Electrical

New York, New York, United States
October 30, 2016

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Sana Ghaus



*** ***, **** ****** ******: (347) 636 - 5367

New York, NY, 11214 e-mail:

Profile Computer Languages: C, C++, MATLAB, Assembly Software: PSIM, LTSPICE, ADEPT, Simulink, SimPower, Proteus, MikroC, Modelica,Creo Ele- ments,AutoCad, Cadence, Elasticsearch, Kibana, HIVE, Logstash, Marvel, VHDL,Altium, Labview Hardware: DSP, dsPIC33F, STM32F4 Discovery, GPS receiver, GPS antenna, digital compass, Xbees, Microcontroller PIC18f452, Accelerometers, ATMega16/128, Spectrum Analysers, Oscillo- scopes, Power Supplies, Multi-Meters

Operating Sytems: Microsoft O ce, LINUX

Education MS Electrical Engineering Dec 2016

New York University, USA

BS Electrical Engineering June 2015

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)

Experience New York University, USA

Graduate Research Assistant Jan 2015 - Present

Boeing Project: Design and veri cation of 50KW Power Supply for emulated aircraft load

Run test cases for frequency, power factor, impedance and current variations

Implementation of control technique for PWM generation of inverter/recti er using DSP Altice USA, USA

Engineering Intern, Big Data June 2016 - Aug 2016

Performed analysis and e cient query algorithms in Elasticsearch to meet business requirements

Worked with integration and indexing of data between HIVE and Logstash with Elasticsearch

Converted IP addresses to Geo IP coordinates and created Tile Maps in Kibana to locate areas with high risk of faults

National Engineering Services Pakistan

Engineering Intern July 2014

Power Generation Department: Carried out research with the team of engineers to nd the best topology of inverters and converters for project

DESCON Engineering

Engineering Intern June 2014

Cathodic protection department : Directed the clients to respective category of Cathodic Pro- tection solutions available with company

Lahore University of Management Sciences

Teaching Assistant

Devices and Electronics: TA duties include supervision of semester projects, labs, preparation and grading quizzes - Fall 2014

Physics Lab: TA duties include the supervision of lab experiment: Measurement of rotational dynamics, moment of Inertia, torque and rotational friction using LabVIEW programme for motion sensor - Fall 2013

Lahore University of Management Sciences

Research Intern Summer 2013

Implemented Solar Panel Monitoring Programme for LUMS library

Monitored the voltage and current of a particular solar cell using ADC and MATLAB interface Projects Design of E cient Solar Powered Electric Vehicle with regenerative braking. Battery charging and VFD algorithm.

Designed an e cient bi-directional converter that allows the power

ow for either boost or buck mode-using dsPIC.

Bluetooth Controller:A 2-Way Communication between Laptop and STM32F4xx microcontroller

(STM32F4Discovery Board) using Bluetooth.

Two-Stage Op-Amp: Cadence design to meet speci c noise, power, stability and area constraints.

256-SRAM: Designed SRAM array and layout along with the peripherals for power, area and delay optimization using Cadence software.

Honors and


Graduate Center Merit-Based Scholarship at New York University

Winner Shark Tank Project - Altice USA Summer Internship 2016

Assistant Director, LUMS Model United Nations, 2013

High Achievers Award - Advanced Level Exams, 2011

3rd Position (District Level) - Kangroo Mathematics Competition 2011

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