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High School Service

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
January 13, 2017

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[Myldred Lourens Bervely Gay]

[561-***-****] [] [1728 Abberton way, High Point 2H, 27260]


[My name is Myldred, I'm in college. My goal in college is to get my Nursing Associate Degree and also advertising and graphic design degree. While I'm in school I'm going to need a job to support myself and my education. I'm applying for the position because that is what I'm willing to do to support myself. Every opportunity I get I Ameliorate to working hard. I have no problem doing multiple chores. Back in high school I never missed a day of school, never got in trouble. My appearance to wherever I go is very simple always quite I just get things done. Model, I've done a few community service helping out is my thing, giving me this position would just complete half of my goals and I will be happy to advantage and work out and accomplish what needs to be done. ]


[Babysitting], [Jina], [High Point, NC]

[2014 2016]

[Family Restaurants], [Jina], [High Point, NC]

[Car Washer]


[Outdoor Jobs]

[2015 2015]





[Lucy Ragsdale], [Jamestown, NC]

[2016 2016]


[NC] High School Diploma



[Knows how to approach people]


[Exceptional Listener]


[Cooperative/work well with others]

[Positive Attitude]

[Time Management Abilities]


[Ability to Accept and Learn From Criticism]

Community Service

[Student], [West Palm, FL]

[2015 2015]

During my freshman year in high school, I was

In need of community service enable for me to

Graduate. I decided to help out a few teachers for needs and benefits. What id did was wash chemicals stuff for my science teacher, I also took a few of my time and help out a few community church staff. My job was to welcome others and serve them needs.Helping out others has always been part of I am.

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