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Software Engineer Service

Oceanside, California, United States
January 13, 2017

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Jeffrey Potter

Oceanside, CA, ***** +1-619-***-****


Full stack web and mobile (hybrid and native) application development professional with experience in back end RESTful web service development mainly in Java and/or PHP core languages. Front end mobile experience in hybrid and native application development with full support for Android and iOS native applications. Highly skilled in specification gathering, troubleshooting, working with quality assurance and test driven development.


BS Computer Science; Minor: Spanish Michigan Technological University 1996 GPA: 3.0/4.0

Continuing Education coursework The Ohio State University

Dale Carnegie Course

Career Progression

AppBahn LLC, Seal Beach, CA, USA

Dec 2011-Present

Senior Software Engineer

Conceptualized, designed and implemented iOS applications for iPhone and Android (using the Ionic and Apache Cordova Framework) for various Android and iOS releases and devices from concept to deployment to the Apple AppStore and Google Play. Server-side development involved development of RESTful web services and the MVC design pattern. Our clients come to us with various problems pertaining to their server-side applications or their mobile clients and we solve those problems or implement their ideas as they come to us. Provided contracting services and managed a team of developers situated globally and ensured that software development projects were delivered on time and under budget.

Conceptualized mobile applications using Ionic, AngularJS, JQuery, HTML and CSS.

Utilized LAMP stack development on the server side and CodeIgniter as an MVC solution for services calls the mobile clients would be access.

Utilized the JDK (Java Developer Kit), the Android SDK and Eclipse for Android development.

Utilized Objective-C, the Cocoa Touch API and XCode with for all iOS development.

Implemented applications that persist to database tables and invoke AJAX requests to query web services on an AWS instance.

Utilized SQLLite and MySQL connectors for database access and application connectivity. Have two applications published in the Apple AppStore and Google Play as well as several utility type applications.

Implemented several utility applications for clients that are not published.

Server side consisted of an MVC server side application that the client connected to utilizing Java Spring MVC and Hibernate/JPA for database access and the whole thing was deployed to Apache Tomcat.

Also developed and supported classes and methods exposed in a SOAP web service interface for a client.

Source repositories were all utilizing Git.

Media Arts Lab

Los Angeles, CA, USA

September 2014 – November 2014

Senior Software Engineer

Conceptualized, designed and implemented a confluence plug-in application to allow the client to customize their Confluence site in a better dynamic way and provide a configuration interface to do so.

Utilized the JDK (Java Developer Kit), the Atlassian SDK and Eclipse for main development.

Access to the Confluence internal objects and the Space directory and team labels involved the creation of objects injected into the plug-in code form the Spring MVC dependency injection framework. This provided all the internal access to the Confluence server.

Created configuration interface as a servlet class receiving HTTP GET, POST and DELETE methods from the client.

On the client side utilized HTML, CSS, JavaScript JQuery and JQuery UI to create all the necessary client side effects to allow the user to configure their navigation bar in Confluence.

Made Ajax calls back to the server to save and retrieve parameters relevant to the plug-in.

Exposed a Confluence REST service to return Space directory information and various other relevant parameters to the client in the form of JSON objects.

Source code was maintained in a Git repository.

Disney/ABC Television Group, Burbank, CA, USA

Dec. 2012-July 2013

Software Developer

Worked as a software developer on the ABC Watch project code name Prometheus. An application designed to enable the user to stream content that is aired on the ABC, ABC Family or ESPN to their mobile device. Application is a web server application written in PHP and Code Igniter and partly in Java utilizing Apache Camel.

Added additional parsing capabilities to be able to import Harris v12 (LST) files to generate events that will ultimately be used by the ad targetting system or the Freewheel system.

Added additional capabilities to parse out traffic files to generate television programming information again also to be used by the ad targetting system or the Freewheel system.

Made modifications to enhance the ad replacement functionality again so ad targeting could do its job properly.

Participated in the Agile software development life cycle utilizing Scrum.

Southern California Edison, La Palma, CA, USA July 2011-November 2012

Senior Software Engineer

Software development in Java for a configuration management application for the Edison SmartConnect division. Designed and implemented from scratch a Java application to allow the user (field technicians) the ability to either schedule one of three types of jobs or run them immediately on network devices called cell relays through a Java socket. Type types of jobs are configuration retrievals, updating parameters, and/or upgrading firmware on the devices. The system is to replace the existing manual process and allow for connecting to 8500+ cell relays in an automated environment. Designed and implemented the entire server side application from scratch in addition to creating the entire process for packaging and deploying the application in an automated environment.

Implemented Java Swing classes in the client application utilizing the model-view-controller design pattern for separating out the domain logic from the view and the controller.

Created Singleton objects for ensuring the objects that are repeatedly used are only loaded once.

Combined singleton objects with the DAO pattern to prevent some configuration parameters from being loaded multiple times.

Designed the server application around a (SOA) Service Oriented Architecture by making then callable and pluggable services, the purpose being so that functionality could be easily added as the requirements changed.

Implemented elements of Agile software development such as SCRUM and test driven development to ensure that as any new functionality is added previous functionality is not broken. Unit tests were written utilizing the JUnit framework.

Created OSGi bundles from scratch for installing the server application, client application and installing the database objects to Oracle server during the server side installation. Utilized Apache Felix.

Created Ant scripts for building the application and automating the process of pulling a clean development view from the Clear Case repository, building and packaging the application.

Gained familiarity with the Apache Commons Net, Daemon and Logger libraries. And implemented code encrypting passwords in DES type encryption and storing this information in the Oracle database.

Written several PL/SQL store procedures for retrieval of information pertaining to jobs and utilizing them in both the server and the client applications.

Tieto Poland Sp. z o.o., Szczecin, Poland May 2010 - December 2010

Software Engineer

Software development in Java for NAT – a web enabled configuration management application for network elements. Implemented for chief client Nokia Siemens Networks for the initial release. Designed and implemented a web server application from scratch for their network application so the user can more easily see a graphical interpretation of network elements.

Implemented classes within a (SOA) service oriented framework to add features to existing callable services.

Created a web server application deployed to JBoss to control the whole application.

Utilized Eclipse, XHTML, CSS, JSF, Facelets and Richfaces for all the web pages.

Added EJB objects to store session data about network elements from the database.

Familiar with and actively used the SCRUM methodology and agile software development.

Employ Test Driven Development utilizing JUnit.

User interface and server side testing with the Robot framework.

Created several installation scripts written in Python, MS Windows and UNIX script.

Utilized maven to create EJB and Web server (JBoss, WebSphere) projects and in doing builds.

Utilized Apache ServiceMix to implement a SOAP service.

Implemented a feature that extracted information from the database and added that information to a JMS queue to be later processed by the application.

Sterling Commerce, Columbus, OH, USA

September 1996 – May 2010

Software Engineer II

2006 - 2010

Software development in Java for Gentran Integration Suite (GIS) - an enterprise level software product designed to automate a company’s business processes and conform to industry standard. Implemented software features for major and minor releases. Analyzed and debugged software to provide software solutions for high profile customers.

Performed builds on Windows and UNIX/Linux and updated scripts on these platforms. Have extensive knowledge of cross platform development and capable of working in either environment.

Added user interface features in GIS by creating and maintaining several JSP pages and backing bean classes on the server side.

Reduced support call volume by adding functionality in C/C++ for the map editor for converting input maps from OLE structured storage format to XML. Accomplished this by validating against an XSD file allowing customer to more easily debug serialization errors.

Created a new XSLT translator in Java for GIS involving integration of the SAX parser by creating a new service to be called in the customer's business processes. New process allowed the customer to do straight XML translations through a standard translator resulting in enhanced performance.

Familiar with and confortable working with Xpath commands to find XML data in XML files.

Maintained an automated build environment for the map editor for GIS. Automated a business process for getting a map editor built on Windows and checked into CVS on a nightly basis so GIS builds would include changes as they occur. This involved the creation and modification of several UNIX, Windows, Python, Perl and Ant scripts and the creation and maintenance of the InstallShield and Package for the Web projects.

Led multiple software engineering projects including writing functional specifications and design documents. Presented information in project management meetings. Enhanced communication skills by effectively negotiating support requests and engineering tasks with our level II support teams, quality control, and project management teams. Mentored and delegated tasks for beginning engineers.

Utilized Web Services protocol SOAP in the Map Editor to write a remote test class to execute the translator a Java application that runs on the server.

Created result set queries in Java for JDBC connections to MySQL, Oracle (PL/SQL), Sybase, and MSSQL database servers.

Database experience has been on all versions of Oracle, Sybase, MySQL and MSSQL.

Developed and supported the Gentran Server Unix 6.0.2 and 6.1 product and prepared the build and regression test framework environment for the 6.2 release.

Tools Used: Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio.

Software Engineer II


Software development for Gentran Server Windows (GSW), a multiple user client/server application, the Windows equivalent of GIS. Served as the sole developer supporting Gentran Director Windows (GDW), an equivalent single user product for smaller businesses. Led the development of multiple service pack releases, and provided solutions for high profile customers.

Developed C/C++ software to implement concurrent processing and multi-threading to prevent database deadlock issues on Oracle as well as database connection code for all versions of Oracle.

Created a common translator in C/C++ that converts MFC based code to RogueWave allowing it to run on UNIX.

Software Engineer I

1996 – 1997

Designed and developed C/C++ features for new releases of GSW and GDW including a new partner wizard to allow for ease of creating trading partner relationships. Simplified this process for the customer by implementing in C/C++ a single simple wizard instead of the multiple dialog boxes in the partner editor, thus saving the customer time. The key feature added database support for Oracle and converting all the database access points to be more generic to work across the board. Also, added a new end-to-end tracking system allowing the user to seamlessly track data throughout the system.

Personal Accomplishments

Traveled to 50 countries on every single continent (except Antarctica), some of which include adventure type travel in South America, southern Africa, Australia, south-east Asia and Europe.

Obtained private pilot’s license in 2003.

Actively train in martial arts and have obtained a level of blue belt in Tae Geuk style Tae Kwon Do.

Knowledge of and interest in classical music. The classics such as Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach, Mercadante, Handel, Haydn and Brahms to name a few.

Fluent in Spanish, currently learning German, Polish and Russian.

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