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Mechanical Engineer

Dallas, Texas, United States
November 14, 2018

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Samip Budhathoki

**** ****** *** **

Bedford, TX 76021 US

Mobile: 214-***-****


Availability: Immediately

Job Type: Permanent

Work Schedule: Full-Time

Work Experience:

US Army Reserves

11280 white settlement

Fort Worth, TX 76108 United States

01/2016 - Present

Hours per week: 4

Tactical Power Generation Specialist (91D)

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Enlisted in United States Army Reserves as a tactical power generation specialist (91D1) and attended Advanced Individual Training (AIT) for 10 weeks. Honored with recognition as the first place academic ranking in AIT out of a class of 22.

o Knowledge of the principals involved in diesel engine power generation operation, distribution, and load balancing on Tactical Quiet Generators and Advanced Medium Mobile Power Source generators.

o Understand and analyze electrical schematics. Identify crank, start, run, voltage production, power distribution, and battery charging circuits on 3 KW, 5 KW, 10KW, and 60 KW TQGs.

o Troubleshoot circuitry on TQGs for damaged wirings and identify faulty components such as diodes, resistance, and relays using a multimeter.

o Inspect rectifier diodes and coils on exciter, rotor, and main gen for damages. Check voltage regulators for serviceability.

o Read, analyze, and troubleshoot fault and warning codes on DSC screen using technical manuals on AMMPS generators.

o Perform preventive maintenance checks and services on generators to identify damages, missing and worn parts, or any other malfunctions and carry out field level maintenance.

o Responsible for maintaining safe and hazard free facility. Ensure proper disposal of hazmat.

Supervisor: Sgt Ceesay 682-***-****)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes


University of Texas at Arlington Arlington, TX United States

Bachelor's Degree

GPA: 3.591 of a maximum 4.0

Major: Mechanical Engineer Honors: Cum Laude

Relevant Coursework, Licenses and Certifications:


MatLab 3D CAD (SolidWorks) ANSYS

C Programing Language Simulink GD&T

Mechanical Vibrations 2D CAD (Draft Sight)

Stress, Strain, Fatigue, Modal and Thermal Analysis

Manufacturing Processes and Additive Manufacturing Concepts

Microsoft Office Product (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook)


Variable Displacement Engine

Analyzed and calculated the fuel economy of a Variable Displacement Engine to determine how the new technologies affect gas mileage. Organized and chaired meetings with the client and the faculty advisor to discuss various prospects and develop a testing system that would meet the goals of the study.

o Contributed ongoing dialogue with the inventor, Dr. Knezek, and faculty advisors to communicate ongoing progress.

o Analyzed various BSFC plotting maps to create a new math model to represent the maps.

o Worked on budgeting, organization, creation of Gantt chart and power point presentation, and detailed project report.

o Used MatLab to perform mathematical simulation at different gear ratios and calculate respective BSFC value.

o Concluded that the Variable Displacement Engine would improve gas mileage in a Honda Accord by about 10-miles-per-gallon.

Gear Box

Designed a gear box based upon given loading conditions and specifications as part of the machine design project

o Calculated gear ratios for required output loading conditions.

o Utilized SolidWorks to create a solid model of the entire assembly.

o Perform stress analysis on the solid model.

Jet Engine Bracket

Utilized Additive Manufacturing techniques in the design of a jet engine bracket adhering to highly specialized specification from General Electric.

o Performed mass optimization using the Inspire optimization tool.

o Used SolidWorks to design a solid model of the engine bracket. The design benefited significantly from the use of additive manufacturing

o Performed stress analysis on the solid model using Ansys and 3D printed the model.

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