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Medical Full Time

Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
January 14, 2017

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Mudhar Abdulkarim Jasim Kannuna



A paediatrics specialist. Possess medical and academic skills in dealing with emergency and acute medical paediatrics cases. In addition of having many years’ experience in neonatal intensive care units. During my work years I have gained an enormous amount of experience on how I can put my academic knowledge into practice and dealing with different neonatal problems especially for baby born of high risk deliveries such as(resuscitation, intubation, and live saving support.).Having a professional approach in treating out/in patients .Ideal candidate for Job placement requiring drive, initiative, responsibility, and challenge.

Fleunt in Arabic and English


1.M.B.Ch.B,College of medicine,University of Baghdad,1978.

2.DCH:High Diploma in Child Health, University of Baghdad,1987.


4.OMSB DATA FLOW: Impending result.

Medical Experience:

1. Junior house officer (Internship,Medicine,Surgey,Gynaecology and Obstetrics), Medical City Teaching Hospital.1978-1979.

2. Demonstrator in Anatomy and Pharmacology, college of Medicine, University of Baghdad,1980-1984.

3.Senior house officer in Paediatrics,Saddam City Paediatric Hospital(Currently Al-Saddar Hospital)1984-1985.

4.DCH full time studying in Al-Mansoor Paediatric Teaching Hospital,Baghdad,1986-1987.

5.Paediatrician in rural areas in Iraq(Al-Anbar Province)1988-1990.

6.Senior house officer,1st year Iraqi Board of Paediatrics,Baghdad 1991.

7.Paediatric specialist in Al-Anbar,1992-1993.

8.Paediatric specialist in Al-Qadysia general Hospital(currently Al-Saddar) department of paediatrics and neonatology1993-2006.

9.Pediatrician in Ghor Al-Safi General hospital,Department of Paediatrics and Neonatology .Kirk, Jordan,2006-2009.

10.Pedaiatric specialist in,Jihan Medical Compound,Ranya,Kurdistan, 2010-2012.

11.Pediatric specialist,Al-Khatib Specialist Clinics,Amman,Jordan,2013-2016.

Clinical Experience:

Outpatient and inpatient medical exam,investgations,treatment and follow up and referral to different other medical specialities as needed.

Diagnosis and treatment in Emergency Paediatric department for acute medical pediatric emergencies. Attending high risk deliveries in maternity unit and dealing with different neonatal problems(resuscitation, intubation, and live saving support.

Bedside diagnostic and therapeutic skiils,like blood withdrawal(venous and arterial), cannulation, exchange transfusion, bone marrow aspirate and biopsy,peritoneal tap .CSF tap,pleural aspirate and joint aspirate. Intraosseous fluid infusion.

Care of the neonatal units and incubators. Mechanical ventilation in different modes.


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