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Service Java Developer

Alpharetta, Georgia, United States
January 11, 2017

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Zheng Lee

Johns Creek, GA *****

Phone: 404-***-****


Career Summary

15+ years of experience in delivering enterprise solutions in e-Commerce/Web-based application.

Expertise in full life cycle (SDLC) development utilizing OOA/OOD, Java/J2EE technology stacks

Strong working experience in SQL skills

Excellent analytical and problem solving skills

A positive attitude to learn new and latest technologies

Technical Skills

Java/J2EE Technologies: Servlets, JSP,Apache Struts, Junit, Hibernate 3.x, Log4J Java Beans, EJB 2.0/3.0, JDBC, RMI, JMS, JNDI.

Web Technologies: XML, XSL, XSLT, SAX, DOM, CSS, Java Script, HTML, AJAX, Web services (SOAP, RESTful ).

Application Servers: IBM WebSphere 4.x/5.x/6.x/8.5, WebLogic 3.x/5.x/11g, Tomcat 7, JBoss 6

Programming Languages: Java, SQL, PL/SQL, UML, Visual C++, Unix Shell Script

Database Technologies: Oracle 12, IBM DB2, SQL Server 2008, 2012, SAP Business Object Data Service, ETL, Teradata


Sept. 2015 – Current, Verizon, Inc., Alpharetta, GA

One Message

Description: One Message is a J2EE web application using J2EE/MQ technologies to create templates, messages/contents and format of emails or message to send to Verizon customers. This web application is mainly used by the Verizon store representatives and marketing business unit to create text messages/emails to send to customers. This system will be called by all systems in Verizon if any departments has the need to send customers text or email message. The One Message System can store all message data, sending status, and incoming system and outgoing customer information. The administration right for users can be configured dynamically and batch files can be triggered through this system for big volume outgoing messages. The software development process is scrum(Agile) process, and each cycle is about two weeks. One of my tasks was to write a web service call to customer smart phones to push messages which was less than four days from develop to production.

Role: Senior Java Developer


Responsible for supporting and enhancing One Message system using RAD 8.5 as IDE, WebSphere Application Server 8.5 as app. server, Oracle as back end database server and MQ 8 as message queue provider.

Converted existed SOAP service call to Restful Web service call/JSON for the equipment prices component for marketing group.

Wrote a Restful web service client application to push text message to customer smart phones, passing data as JSON objects.

Wrote Restful web service server for my Verizon team to call back for status of message delivery.

Using HP Fortify software to scan source code and fix raising security issues.

Responsible for migrating One Message project to RAD 8.5 from JBoss app.

Environment: Java6, Oracle, RAD8.5, SQL Developer 4.0, eclipse kepler, Putty, HP Fortify, Spring Framework, WebSphere 8.5 Application Server, JBoss, WebSphere MQ 8, EJB, MDB, SOAP, WSDL, RESTful Web Services/XML/JSON, XSLT, JAXB, JSP, SVN, Agile, WinSCP, Putty

March 2014– Marh 2015, Quintiles, Inc./Veredus, Inc., Atlanta, GA


Description: QSync is a messaging middle ware workflow engine which utilizes java message queues to integrate with Oracle Argus Safety application. Oracle Argus Safety application allows health organization to manage safety dataset.

Role: Senior Java Developer


Responsible for development of QSync application and perform case data modification, workflow management and medical recoding.

Designed and developed monitoring tool for Oracle Argus safety server and troubleshooting.

Provided production support to dsNav application which is a MedDRA medical coding system.

Creating case clinical testing data to Oracle Argus safety server using oracle PL/SQL.

Involved in documentation, review, analysis and fixed post production issues.

Environment: WebLogic 11g, eclipse kepler, JDK 1.5,, JDBC, Oracle DB, PL/SQL, XML, Web Service, Oracle SQL developer, SQuirreL SQL, Oracle Argus Safety application, dsNave MedDRA application.

Dec. 2000 – March 2014, Macys, Inc., Johns Creek, GA

b-connected CRM

Description: b-connected CRM was a J2EE web application which was used by Bloomingdale's store representatives to gather customers personal information, credit card information and merchandise purchase information in order to promote sale. The b-connected CRM system allowed each sale associate to manage his/her own customers (book), daily to-do tasks from his/her upper managers and sale information by date. Sale associates would run the b-connected system daily to open dashboard, and began daily work by their to do tasks. Sale associates commission would be driven by sale price. Daily new added or updated customer data from outside vendor would be loaded to b-connected system weekly by batch processes, and ETL process will load data to data warehouse for report generation. This application was written using java/J2EE, EJB, Spring Framework, Hibernate, jQuery and JSP.

Role: Lead Java Developer


Involved and implemented b-connected re-branding using Spring Framework, Hibernate and JQuery

Key person for critical production support of b-connected CRM.

Redesigned and provided supervisor for junior developers to improve customer data loaded batch processes.

Provided technical design and solution for data loading from mainframe system to b-connected using MQ queue

Designed and developed the loyalty reward web service component for b-connected system.

Solely responsible for the migration of b-connected CRM application from IBM hosted to Macys in-house hosted in Johns Creek location, saving company millions of dollars.

Responsible for ETL process for Bloomingdale customer data loading to data warehousing

Responsible for generating BI reporting using SAP Business Object Data Service tool


Description: FedAd was a J2EE web application which was used by marketing team to create advertising/coupon catalogs. This application was written in java using java/J2EE and EJB stacks. The application has web layer, business layer which used Session EJB, Entity EJB

Role: Senior Java Developer


Involved the full life cycle development of the Job Financial component in FedAd project.

Gathered requirement from business users, completed system architecture and high-level architecture design for the financial component and integration to the FedAd System

Responsible for design and implementation of financial, merchant, and internal invoice modules, writing use cases, designing class diagrams using Rational Rose, coding and testing using JUnit under IBM rational Software Development Platform.

Responsible for integrating and implementation using JSP, Serlvet, J2EE, EJB, Web

Service & third party tool @Task for FedAd Workflow module

Description: was the online shopping site for the company, and customer-self-service was the site for customers to manage their own macys account online.

Role: Senior Java Developer


Developed the presentation layer for Reward Web Sites using MVC based STRUTS, J2EE, Servlet and JSP

Responsible for infrastructure design for Reward Web Sites including the database design and server configuration architecture design

Responsible for design, implementation and support of the Credit self service web sites for macys and bloomingdales:,

Responsible for requirements analysis, detail design and implementation of Account Messaging System to populate dynamic messages to the Customer Self Service Web Sites:;

Provided support to Site Builder & Launching team and operational team to solve various

WebSphere & application related problems and middleware problems for CSS and web sites.

Environment: Websphere 6.x, 5.x and 4.x, IBM Rational Software Development Platform 6.x, Rational Rose Professional Edition, Apache Web Server, Tomcat, J2EE (JSP, Servlets, EJB, JMS, JTA), Jakarta Struts, UML, JDBC, DB2, ETL Process, SAP Business Object Data Service, UDB, XML, Web Service.

April 2000 – Oct. 2000, AmQUEST, Inc., Atlanta, GA engine

Description: was a startup company at CA. The initial plan was to create a search engine to performance searching user profile functionality to generate user specific domain name web site.

Role: Consultant


Designed, developed, implemented and deployed EJB components to retrieve, update and store user profile information from Oracle database.

Designed and developed DNS update component which will allow accessibility of users profiles’ by using the User’s Name as prefix to the Domain(i.e. using Servlet and JSP.

Environment: BEA Weblogic 4.5/5.1, Apache Server, JDK 1.1, Jbuilder, Java, Servlet, JDBC, EJB, RMI, Oracle 8i, Windows NT Server&Workstation.

March 1999 – March 2000, London Bridge Group, Norcross, GA

Lending Assistant

Description: Lending assistant project was an online web site to allow users to manage their loan

Role: Software Engineer


Design and develop Lending Assistant Enterprise (LA) project using J2EE concept and Rational Rose tool.

Design and implement the Lending Assistant Enterprise(LA) project which provides this 3-tier application to integrate with legacy system.

Responsible for installing and setting up Weblogic Server 3.1,3.8, and 4.5 on Windows NT platform.

Designed, implemented, and deployed EJB components with Weblogic Server, implemented Servlet to connect to EJB component and render the results as HTML, back-end data is DB2 AS400 legacy system. IBM host-on-demand is the toolkit we used to make the connection to back end data.

Environment: BEA Weblogic 3.5, Apache Server, JDK 1.1, Servlet, JDBC, EJB, RMI, JBuilder, SQL, DB2, Windows NT workstation, IBM Host-on-demand

Dec. 1996 – March 1999, Primerica Financial Service, Inc., Duluth GA


Description: callatlanta was the client-server application for insurance sale agents to use to manage customer data and associate sale data.

Role: Programming Analyst II


Responsible for converting a Client/Server application called CallAtlanta to web-based application which agents can login to the system and view their profile online.

Developed the presentation layer using Java Applet, HTML, and JavaScript.

Designed and developed Contact Management System using PowerBuilder 5.0, OLE, Visual Basic 5.0, SQL Server 6.5.

Environment: JDK 1.0, JDBC, JavaScript, HTML, Visual Age, Visual Cafe, PowerJ, ODBC, SQL Server, PowerBuilder, SQL, Visual Basic 5.0, Java

May 1995-Dec.1996, Construction Market Data, Inc. Norcross, GA.


Description: TSALINK was the client-server application to publish all construction data for architect firms. This system managed over 100 architect firms' building construction information.

Role: Programming Analyst


Designed and developed TSALINK project using Visual C++,

Designed and implemented project tracking module using Visual C++ 4.1 and ODBC SDK.

Developed the security system using CGI program in C

Modified Customer Service Legacy system feature using C and Embedded SQL

Environment: Visual C++, CGI, C, SQL, Visual Basic 5.0, Microsoft Access, Windows


M.S. in Computer Science

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