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Assistant Analysis

United States
January 11, 2017

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Ph.D. in Molecular and Evolutionary Biology

Location: Ohio Email: Phone: (330) ***-**** SUMMARY OF









Ph.D. in Molecular and Evolutionary Biology 2016 Department of Earth Sciences - University of Pisa, Italy Dissertation: Molecular characterization of ancient DNA from pig fossils, an investigative tool about human lifestyle during the Neolithic Revolution

M.S. in Molecular Biology - magna cum laude 2012 Department of Biology - University of Naples, Italy Dissertation: Study of the interaction of morphogenetic proteins in the coat of B. subtilis

B.S. in General and Applied Biology 2010

Department of Biology - University of Naples, Italy RESEARCH ASSISTANT - ARCHAEOGENETICS, Univ. of Pisa, Italy

Collaboration with the Archaeozoology Lab of the Superintendence of Archaeological Heritage of Pompeii-Herculaneum-Stabia

FELLOWSHIP - ZOOLOGY and EVOLUTION, Univ. of Naples, Italy

Analysis of genetic drift and natural selection in island lizard.

Wildlife Management (Wild Boar, Hare and Rock Partridge) in the National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni, Italy. Relations with financiers and public institutions. Hunting plan, landscape fragmentation and interspecific interaction, population size and connectivity.

Identification of the DNA damage induced by pollution in rivers and lakes.

Molecular biology: DNA extraction from animal (muscle, blood, stool, hair, teeth) and vegetal tissue, fossils, bacteria. RNA extraction, PCR, Real Time PCR, cDNA synthesis, nuclear/mitochondrial DNA sequencing, microsatellites analysis.

Biochemistry: protein extraction from bacteria (alkaline extraction, SDS, sonication, Watabe's protocol), Bradford's assay, SDS-PAGE, Western blot, Dot blot, ELISA, affinity chromatography.

Cellular Biology: Comet assay (Daphnia magna, Rana esculenta), preparation and transformation of competent cells of E. coli, plasmid purification, induction of heterologous genes in E. coli, bacterial growth and induction of sporulation, resistance essays of B. subtilis.

Wildlife: georeferencing, benthos sampling, morphological, animal tracks, scat analysis, night census, trapping techniques (video-trapping, Sherman traps, electric stunner).

Computer: Advanced knowledge of Microsoft applications - Word, Excel, PowerPoint (PPT). Sequence data analysis (Mega, Bioedit, Geneious, NCBI BLAST), phylogenetic analysis (DNAsp, MrBayes, Network).

Language: Italian, English Academic IELTS Certification C1.2. Strong comprehension of Spanish. Basic French and Latin.

TEACHING ASSISTANT, Dept. of Biology, Univ. of Naples, Italy

Undergraduate Student Trainer. Assignments and exams.

Seminars about Domestication, Natural Selection and Ancient DNA studies.

Teaching Assistant in Evolutionary Biology and Zoology.

Assistant Scientist with 3 years of research experience. Strong background in Molecular Biology. Good publication record.

Excellent planning skills, detail-oriented and ability to work on multiple projects. Effective at working independently and in a team environment.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Problem-solver, ability to find innovative solutions, fast learner. Physically able to sustain strenuous activities.

Excellent animal handling and husbandry skills, animal models. PUBLICATIONS



Lorenzo Rook, Ph.D.

Full Professor, Dept. of Earth Sciences, Univ. of Florence, Italy Address: via G. La Pira 4, 50121, Firenze, Italy

Phone: +39-055-*******; E-mail:

Pasquale Raia, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Dept. of Earth Sciences, Univ. of Naples “Federico II”, Italy Address: Largo San Marcellino 10, 80138, Napoli, Italy Phone: +39-081-*** **** E-mail:

Meirav Meiri, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Researcher, Institute of Archaeology, Tel-Aviv Univ., Israel Address: P.O. Box 39040, Tel-Aviv 69978, Israel

Phone: +972 * ******* E-mail:

Passaro F., Lega C., Serio C., Castiglione S., Melchionna M., Alessio S., Annicchiarico G., Mondanaro A., Veronica A., Carotenuto F., Saggese F., Raia P.

(2016). Phenotypic evolution all out of the blue. Parallel head shape evolution in melanic insular lizards. Naturwissenschafte (review)

Lega C., Fulgione D., Genovese A., Rook L., Masseti M., Meiri M., Marra AC., Carotenuto F., Raia P. (2016). Like a pig out of water: Seaborne spread of domestic pigs in Southern Italy and Sardinia during the Bronze and Iron Ages. Heredity Nature 00, 1-6. doi:10.1038/hdy.2016.74

Lega C., Raia P., Rook L., Fulgione D. (2016). Size matters: a comparative analysis of pig domestication. The Holocene 26(2), 327-332

Fulgione D., Lega C., Trapanese M., Buglione M. (2015). Genetic factors implied in melanin-based coloration of the Italian wall lizard. Journal of Zoology doi: 10.1111/jzo.12242


Museum of Veterinary Anatomy, Univ. of Naples "Federico II", Italy - 2015: Archaezoology and Ancient DNA: multidisciplinary approach for the study of pig domestication.

Association Tunisienne des Sciences Biologiques. Tunisia -2014: Molecular analysis of Sus scrofa ancient DNA as an inference tool about past human lifestyle.

MGCCC, Mississipi, USA, 2014: Evolution of domesticated species to investigate the human past.


Association Tunisienne des Sciences Biologiques. Hammamet, Tunisia, 2014.

Unione Zoologica Italiana UZI. Modena, Italy, 2013.

Adapting to global change in the Mediterranean hotspot. Sevilla, Spain, 2013.

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