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Engineer Design

Pune, Maharashtra, India
January 12, 2017

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Nilesh Dattatraya Karale

Electronics Hardware Design Professional


DOB – 11 August 1987

Krishna-Ganga Terrace,

Manaji nagar, Narhe, Pune – 411041

Maharashtra, India


• A competent graduate, result oriented ‘Electronics Engineer’ with hands on 6 years industry experience of power, analog, digital and embedded electronics hardware design, researching & developing new Product


• Successfully worked on engineering projects, controlling them in terms of time, cost and quality. Thereby ensuring that project tasks are correctly interpreted, planned and delivered to the customer specification.

• Seeking a challenging and rewarding job position in a growth-oriented engineering organization, which offers diverse job responsibilities to utilize both my technical and managerial abilities.

• UK onsite experience to test and evaluate the designed product.

• Eaton Six Sigma green belt certified.


• Innovative and good problem solving skills.

• Experience in design and development of research projects.

• Project planning and management.

• Diverse experience in analog, digital, power electronics hardware design and testing.

• Diligent, target centric and result oriented.

• Ability to work within deadlines and under pressure as part of a team.

• Excellent communication and presentation skills & an ability to manage multiple tasks.

• Work experience with US and UK counterparts.

• Experience in product design using Six Sigma tools. AREAS OF EXPERTISE

• Analog, Digital and Power electronics circuit design.

• DC-DC converters such as Buck, Boost, Fly-back circuit design.

• LED driver design, HID lamp driver design, Fluorescent lamp driver design, BLDC driver design etc.

• Simulation of circuits in Pspice, LTSpice and TINA TI software.

• Schematic design in Orcad.

• Component stress analysis, power dissipation calculation and temperature analysis of selected component.

• Thermal Calculations and heat sink design.

• Component selection and BOM preparation.

• ADC/DAC and Microcontroller circuit design.

• Modbus and UART communication.

• EMI/EMC circuit design and test as per standards. COMPUTER LITERACY

• CAD Tools - Orcad.

• Simulation Tools - Pspice, LT Spice and TINA TI.

• Data analysis tool - Microsoft word, Outlook, Excel and @Risk.

• Minitab, Lab view software.


Dec 2013–Present

Eaton Technologies Pvt. Ltd – Pune, India.

Associate Engineer

Job Description:

Prepare product specification sheet, Literature study, Concept selection, Simulation in Pspice/LT Spice/TINA TI etc., Schematic design in Orcad, Analysis on electronics component, Analog/power electronics circuit design support to different verticals in Eaton.

• Warm Dimmer Design


Designed for US market. Two different CCT mixing, user will get output CCT in between 1800 degK to 4000 degK, controlled using microcontroller. Used in decorative lighting, down lighting etc.

• LifeSense® for spiral hose


Oleophilic material placed inside the hose, any leakage to the hose will change electrical properties of oleophilic material and hence detect leakage. Used in life monitoring of ’12 spiral hose.

• iFuse®


Patented technology to sense current flowing through fuse using fuse characteristics. Nov2012 – Dec13

Godrej and Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd – Pune, India.

Assistant Manager

Job Description:

Design and development of microcontroller based BLDC motor drives, electronics circuit simulation in Pspice, prototype testing, component selection etc.

• Refrigerator Compressor BLDC drives.


This electronics drive uses Microcontroller (IRMCF171) to control 3 phase inverter, over voltage and over current protection control. It is used to drive 3 phase BLDC motor.

Operates at mains voltage from 100Vac to 270Vac. Total power capacity of drive is 200Watt. LNK 306 based Buck converter is used for power supply section. It is used in 5 star rated Godrej refrigerators.

• DC powered BLDC drives.


This is battery operated electronics drive. It is Operated on 24V DC battery and used to drive 400W three phase BLDC motor. Microchip controller is used to control the drive functions.

It is used in DC powered Bicycles and Tricycles.

Dec2010 – Nov12 Intelux Electronics Pvt. Ltd – Pune, India. Design and Development engineer

Job Description:

Identify customer requirements, prepare product specification sheet, selection of driver IC's as well as required components, make circuit diagrams, assemble and test designed prototype for functionality, safety and EMI/EMC etc.

• Electronics Ballast for HID lamp.


This Electronics Control Gear is based on IR (International Rectifier) IC, which controls BUCK, full bridge, ignition, lamp faults, power control etc. This ECG is also an APFC controller whose THD is less than 10% and Energy efficiency index is A2. This ECG complies to all IEC standards those are required for HID driver. This ballast drives single lamp of Metal halide lamp, HPSV (High pressure sodium vapor) lamp, Mercury vapor lamp etc.

The main application is in street lights, Shop lighting, Spot lighting etc.

• LED Driver


This driver series based on fly-back topology, NCP1252 control IC is used for fly-back application. Operated on AC supply from 110V to 265V input. To improve the power factor, MC34262 is used. With this IC power factor is achieved up-to 0.99. Osram’s dragon plus and Oslon family LED’s are used for application.

• Electronics Ballast for Fluorescent Lamp.


Electronics ballast comes under IC controls and Self oscillating type. Self-oscillating model is torroid based, which is used to drive single 36W/T8 fluorescent lamp. IC based ballast is design by using Infineon made chip, which controls APFC circuit, Inverter circuit, Lamp faults etc. This ballast is used to drive 3 T5 lamps of 14W or 24W in series connection. This IC based ballast is also used to drive 4 T5 lamps of 14W or 24W in series connection. This ballast is APFC (Active power factor correction) controlled.

Key applications are Street light, Industries, Shopping malls; 36W self-oscillated used in home application.



2007 – 2010

Bachelor of engineering in Electronics & Telecommunication University of Pune

First class with distinction.


2004 –2007

Diploma in Electronics & Communication.

University of Mumbai

First class with distinction.



English (Proficient), Marathi (Proficient), Hindi (Proficient). IT/Software

Orcad (Expert), PSpice (Expert), LTSpice/TINA TI (Expert), Labview (Intermediate). Achievements

Hall of fame for year 2015 for Spiral hose LifeSense®. Best design engineer award for year 2011 in Intelux Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Filed disclosures on leak detection using oil soluble polymer, Magnetostriction, fiber optic sensing etc.


Volunteers for Wellness council for year 2015-16. Led many activities across the EIEC Pune.

Employee survey facilitator for year 2015-16 in Eaton. Hobbies

Trekking, reading books and swimming.

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