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Data Project Engineer

San Francisco, California, United States
January 12, 2017

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Bago Amirbekian

E-Mail: Phone: 925-***-**** San Francisco, CA


Data research scientist with a decade of experience in modeling and analyzing bio-medical data. Strong fundamentals in software design, implementation and testing. Experienced in writing performance-oriented software for distributed computing environments. Experience

PhD Student, UC Berkeley UCSF Joint Group in Bioengineering Sept 2009 – Dec 2016

• Created software tools for modeling diffusion MRI data of the brain and identifying the network of connections between brain regions. Deployed these tools in a distributed computing environment

(using PBS) to analyze large population MRI imaging data sets.

• Cofounded an open source project (Dipy - to integrate these tools with the work of other researchers and developers and make them available in a well-documented and highly usable open source library of advanced brain imaging tools.

• Took a lead role in the design of Dipy’s organization and outward facing API.

• Modeled the association between brain network derived biomarkers and health outcomes using ML techniques. I identified a link between obesity and microstructural brain tissue properties.

• Created data driven methods for measuring statistical properties and reproducibility of biomarkers and metrics derived from imaging data.

Lead Developer, Oculapps Feb 2015 – Aug 2016

• Created a wearable (android smart glasses) display system for medical and surgical applications. Staff Research Associate, UCSF Department of Radiology May 2008 – Sept 2009

• Maintained and improved a software pipeline for preparing neuroimaging data to be used during brain tumor resection surgery. Implemented algorithms for identifying eloquent brain pathways adjacent to tumors for use in surgical navigation.

• Processed pre-surgical data and created pathway maps for use during surgery. Project Engineer, Zeiss Meditec Oct 2007 – May 2008

• Demonstrated that the thickness of the retinal nerve fiber layer in a human eye can be statistically modeled using the distribution and size of veins in the eye. I am a co-inventor on a patent for this work.

• Performed pre-release testing of automated segmentation algorithms. Undergraduate Research Assistant, UCLA Physics Department Nov 2005 – Aug 2007

• Implemented computational “phase retrieval” methods for non-crystalline x-ray diffraction imaging. Skills

• Expert in python scientific computing stack including: Numpy, Scipy, Cython, Pandas, and ScikitsLearn.

• Experienced in high performance, distributed computing using PBS.

• Experienced in multiple programing languages including Python, Java, Matlab and IDL.

• Proficient with Linux/Unix environment and version control tools including git and svn. Education

PhD in Bioegineering, UC Berkeley & UCSF Group in Bioengineering Dec 2016 BS in Biophysics & minor in Math, UCLA, Los Angeles CA Sept 2007

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