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Welding Service

Arlington, Texas, United States
January 12, 2017

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Marcipio Palmer

To obtain full time employment with benefits package in the industry of

welding industries.

**** **** ******* *** *** 1029

Arlington, TX 76013



Marcipio C. Palmer, Independent Welding Service, P ine Bluff, AR Professional W elder


Self-employed welder utilizing various welding techniques and skills as an independent welding in the arena of home construction and repair, auto construction and train construction and repair. The Palmer’s Welding Service, S tar City, AR W elder FEBRUARY 2013 - PRESENT

Repairs fences using Mig welding skills to perform the duties that are required. Also repairs trailers by fixing certain welds that are need in repair by cutting out the old beads and replacing them with new and stronger beads to keep the parts in place. Also repairing holes or loses welds on a metal grill by grinding old welding beads out and replacing them with two or more beads to cover any hole that was in play with a secure welding hold.

Express Employment, P ine Bluff, AR T emporary Positions


The Strong Company

Welder/Mechanic/Head Maintenance

Used mechanic skills to fix or change gear boxes and Conyers also service forklifts by basic maintenance changing the oil and greasing the lifts. For maintenance keeping the plant running by using Mig & Stick skills and using the same skills to perform other repairs in the plant also. Cutting certain areas out the shop to install a fan to reduce the flumes that plant produces building a cage free styling for the safety cautions. Transit Tech Railroad Company


Where to repair the trains carts by fixing any hole the occurred in the carts by using Mig & Stick skills to cut the structure out of the gas carts to get to the core to check for any leaks that had may occurred and tacking the structure back into place and precede to weld them back. SKILLS

• MIG welding

• Ability to read a tape measurer

• TIG welding

• Grinding

• Structural welding

• Basic Welding I &II, and Advanced

Pipe Welding

• Flux core welding

• Tacking

• Stick welding

• Blueprint reading

• Pipe welding

• T hree-years of general welding


• 750 hours of welding training & career



Chester Hill Supervisor,

Strong Company-Pine Bluff


Lamont Wiley P lant Manager

Strong Company-Pine Bluff


Patsy Recruiter, Express

Employment-Pine Bluff, AR





Tulsa Welding School, T ulsa, OK P rofessional Certified Welder

JUNE 2012 - FEBRUARY 2013

The Welding program provides students with training in oxy-acetylene cutting, AC/DC shielded metal arc welding, gouging, semi-automatic gas metal arc welding, flux core welding and tungsten inert gas welding. Star City High School, S tar City, AR D iploma

AUGUST 2009 - MAY 2012

Taking college prep courses to prepare for the college atmosphere.

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