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Power Plant Electrical

January 12, 2017

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Qualified Electrical and Electronics Engineer with solid background in Power systems controls and Instrumentation.

Team player in the corporate world by being flexible, efficient and effective at the same time demonstrates problem solving skills to analyze project related document as needed to interpret and respond to management/contractors questions ;to advance in technological experience and career prospect help in achieving company’s mission and vision.


Holds Bachelor of Science in Electrical & electronic engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University College of agriculture and Technology [JKUCAT]-Second class Lower division.

Holds Diploma in Controls & Instrumentation from Mombasa polytechnic university college

A solid 14 year experience in power plants construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance–HFO/GAS and other electrical/substations & utility installations. Both Onshore & Offshore construction and operations


A.Kivu watt Methane Power Plant and Gas extraction project-Republic of Rwanda-[Current]

Senior operation shift Engineer –Jan 2013-To date-Contour Global Ltd

Floating Barge for methane Gas extraction facility platform construction and commissioning

Construction, commissioning,Operation and maintenance of power plant - Wartsila 34SG engines

Operation and maintenance of MWN/MAN engines driven compressor for gas extraction

Develop standard operating procedures [SOP] for HFO/GAS power plant-onshore and Barge extraction facility-offshore.

Operationalization and implementation of Power plant set KPI

Construction of 11KV/110KV substation and transmission lines Karongi[Rwanda]

B.Operation shift supervisor [2009-2012]- Wartsila EA Ltd

1.Mombasa oil Refinery 15MW HFO power plant project-Republic of Kenya-Mombasa [3Months]

Operation shift supervisor-Aug 2010-Dec 2010-wartsila East Africa Ltd

Construction& commissioning of refinery power plant based in Mombasa-Wartsila 32 Engines

Train refinery power plant operation staffs and set SOP of the plant

2.Kipevu III 120MW HFO power plant project-Republic of Kenya-Mombasa-[6Months]

Operation shift supervisor-Feb 2010-July 2010-wartsila East Africa Ltd

Construction& commissioning of power plant based in Mombasa-Wartsila 46 engines

Train power plant operation staffs and set SOP of the plant

3.Kipevu II 75MW HFO power plant project-Republic of Kenya-Mombasa

Senior electrical Technician-May 2001-July 2010-Wartsila east Africa Ltd

Maintenance [Wartsila 38 engines]

Inspection, Monitoring and, evaluating the general condition of the Plant Including all the Diesel Generating Sets, Auxiliary equipment and Sub-Station.

Updating management on the findings and recommending necessary action.

Operating Auxiliary Equipment (Boilers, Fuel Separators, Fuel and Oil Pumps).

Attending to breakdowns in the Plant.

Work scheduling, resource allocation and coordination in order to achieve set targets and if possible identify areas of improvement.

Electrical Maintenance duties including troubleshooting and repairs on all electrical equipment (Diesel Generators, Transformers, PLCs, Oil Separators, sensors, etc) and their Controllers.

Calibration of Temperature Sensors, Pressure Transducers, Speed Monitoring devices and Pressure Switches.

Calibration of Generator, Bus-bar and Transformer Protection Relays.

Making Safe and secure all equipment due for Maintenance by Lockout and Tag-Out procedures and implementing Permit-to-Work systems.

Operating the Plant economically (Fuel Consumption should correspond to Power dispatched.

When so required regulating the Power characteristics of the Plant output.

Reporting/accounting on the work done and any spare parts needed and/ or used.

Provide continuous hands on training to personnel under my responsibility

4.Senior electrical Technician-May 2001-July 2010- Wartsila east Africa Ltd

Operations [Wartsila 38 engines]

Maintain operation data log sheet, prepare reports, and engine running schedule as per Operations Manager’s instructions

Performing equipment preventive maintenance scheduling

Perform\maintain plant target availability, performance tests: SFOC, SLOC, daily/weekly/monthly/yearly consumption calculations & reports

Plant capacity calculation and Maintain plant heat rate

Uphold contract management process e.g. Power dispatch management, fuel and lube oil management and operation management.

Testing and loading diesel generators to the national grid.

LOTO procedures execution and compliance.

Monitoring of 132kv transmission line. KPLC SCADA system

Closely monitor the quality, stock and levels of Fuel Gas, Lubricating Oil, Water, and other supplies

Act immediately and responsibly in case of Fire, Gas Emergency Alarm and/or accident

ISO 9001:ISO 14001 internal system auditor

5.Kipevu II -11KV/132KV substation construction/commissioning –Republic of Kenya-Mombasa[Site supervisor]- Jan 2001-April 2001-ABB Ltd

HV-substation installation of electrical/instruments and control switchgears, testing/calibration and commissioning. These include AC/DC drives, control relays, distant Relay to monitor 132kv transmission line, power transformers, protection relays, and SF6 gas circuit breakers for high voltage switching.

Short line/medium line and long transmission line construction Kipevu to Rabai controls centre

Work scheduling, resource allocation and coordination in order to achieve set targets and if possible identify areas of improvement.


Electrical &Electronic Control systems -:UNIC C3,Siemens PLC, and Brown BoveryACC100, Electrical, electro-pneumatic, and mechanical control systems, valves, including regulating valves, safety valves, controlling valves, cut off valves, and emergency valves, SF6 gas breakers

Computerized control systems-: MaMaPro2 & Maximo-Work planning programs, Siemens SCADA SYSTEMS

Instruments: Pressure meters, flow meters, CEMS (continuous emission monitoring systems), PH indicators, vibration switches, temperature switches (PT, thermo rope, etc.), gas analyzers (O2, NOX, CO2, CO), level indicators, and vibration instruments (Ludeca)

Sound knowledge of electrical equipment like generators, excitation systems, high voltage and low voltage switch gear, voltage regulators, instrumentation systems, protection systems and motors.

Power plants: Diesel engines (co-generation plants),Gas power plants, Barge/gas extraction facility

Mechanical /marine equipment and systems:

Fuel injection systems: Fuel injection combustors (HFO)&Gas, fuel injection (Bosh pumps system), heavy fuel (HFO), diesel oil injection pumps, diesel rotating burners (boilers), crude and diesel oil, steam and air atomization, gas engines and WTE kiln rotating combustors and furnaces

Boilers: High pressure water tubes low-pressure commercial boilers and burners, steam plant systems and steam-powered mechanical equipment, absorbers, co-generation, recovery boilers, and super-heaters

Waste management: Sewage recovery systems, incinerators, sewage water treatment, centrifuges.

Water treatment plants and systems, including boiler feeding water, sewage water disposal, industrial processing water, and engine cooling water

A trained Internal Quality Management Systems (QMS) Auditor .Experience of working to ISO 9001-2008 standards.


Basic offshore safety induction training

Wartsila gas engine W34SG and power plant automation, operation(Turku-Finland)

PLC Siemens S7 programming- Simatic Ac110; AF100 PLC &in touch configuration and operation.(ABB);

Leadership, management and supervisory training-TSL Solutions-New manager program

Standard course in Occupational First Aid; Occupation health and safety (GOK-Ministry of labor and human resources development

Speed controllers (723) &power protection relays configuration, Wartsila engine 38 speed governor &fuel pumps course.(Wartsila Philippines); W38 speed governor & diesel engines fuel pumps course.(Wartsila)

Diesel power plants operation and maintenance (Wartsila Nederland), power plant electrification and commissioning.

Team building (KHI),Firefighting skill course

Fire Fighting Techniques & Equipment: Evacuation, search and rescue training

A certified ISO 9001-2008 Auditor.

A Standard course in Evacuation in Dark Places Procedure and Techniques



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