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Software Engineer Sql Server

Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States
January 10, 2017

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NOTE: Please look at the last * pages because on them are (1) my portfolio, (2) code you can see in my GitHub repo, and (3) case studies on past projects.

Programming Languages / Frameworks: ActionScript 3/2, AngularJS 1.x, Angular Material Design, AJAX, ArcGIS Maps, ASP.NET 4.5/4.0/3.0/3.5/2.0/1.1, Bootstrap 3, Bower, C#, ESlint, Flash Media Server 3.5, HPQC, HTML 5, Jasmine, JavaScript, jQuery, Karma, Kendo, Mobile (Android/iOS/Windows Phone), MVC, Node.js, Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, Protractor, QUnit, Razor, Silverlight WPF, SQL Server 2016/14/12/08/05/00, Telerik AppBuilder, T-SQL, TypeScript, Word Press, XHTML, and XML.


Department of Energy (Idaho National Labs), Idaho Falls, ID May 16 – Nov 16

Sr. Software Engineer

Agile SCRUM environment.

Full-stack development of multiple business applications range a wide spectrum of .NET technologies (Class ASP, MVC, WebForms).

Built web applications for Nuclear Scientists at the Idaho National Laboratory.

NSUF Irradiation Tool (NIT): Reverse engineered FORTRAN application into C# MVC 6 Razor application that allows scientist to test various aspects of elements at various reactors over certain variables.

On Demand Reactor Recycle Request Tool: Request reactor recycle and management of nuclear materials at various nuclear reactors and requesting reactor cycle spins on demand.

Languages/Technologies: Dapper ORM, .NET TDD, ASP.NET MVC (C#) 4.5/5/6.0, ASP.NET Web Forms (C#) 1.0/2.0/3.5/4.5.x, Classic ASP, JavaScript, JQuery, Linq-to-SQL/Entities, TFS, T-SQL, SQL Server 2016, SSRS

PPL Corporation, Allentown, PA May 15 – May 16

Sr. Software Engineer

Agile SCRUM environment.

Full-stack development of two business applications, Storm Event Management (STEM) and Power Outage Restoration Event Management (RESTORE).

STEM is web based responsive Dashboard interface for the Storm Center where personnel manage power outages for customers.

RESTORE is two-part application (1) a web based responsive dashboard to manage field crews and a power outage order management system, and (2) a smart device application (Android / iOS) for field crews to repair, access, and manage power outages sent from the dashboard.

Created and managed .Net 4.5 C# multi-tiered architecture on top of an Oracle 11G Database using Oracle Deverat as the ADO.NET provider and Unity IoC container and Angular (following John Papa’s style guide) front end using Material Design instead of Bootstrap.

Created e2e test for all Angular components using protractor and unit test using karma (both JavaScript and TypeScript).

Languages/Technologies: Angular 1.5, Angular Material Design, ArcGIS Maps, ASP.NET MVC (C#) 5.0, ESlint, Jasmine, JavaScript, JQuery, Karma, Node, Oracle 11g, Protractor, TFS, T-SQL, TypeScript, SQL Server 2016, WebApi 2.0

Santander Consumer USA via Tata Consultancy Systems, Dallas, TX Mar 14 –May 15

Onsite .NET Team Lead / Sr. Software Engineer

Agile SCRUM environment.

Led team of three offshore .NET developers in Agile Software Development environment.

Conducted daily Code-Reviews, Design Document revision, User Story Analysis / Creation.

Participated in Database design modifications, and creation of various template-based engines to fulfill particular business requirements.

Led application overhaul change from ASP.NET Webforms to ASP.NET MVC framework using Angular 1.2 and Bootstrap 3.

Handled all aspects of Code Build, Deployments, Unit, Regression, and Unit Testing.

Worked cross-functionally with other team members: other engineers, testers, product owners, designers, Ops, customer support.

Mentor junior engineers, new team members, and apply technical expertise to challenging programming and design problems.

Used disparate pieces of information to drive investigation and problem solving. Especially in situations where there may not be very much information available on the problem, you use creativity and teamwork to drive investigation and devise an appropriate fix.

Languages/Technologies: Ajax, ASP.NET (C#) 4.0, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, T-SQL, SVN, SSIS / SSRS, SQL Server 2008 R2 / 2012

RELAVANCE, Atlanta, GA May 10 – Mar 14

Sr. Software Engineer / Sr. Technical Trainer (.NET US Team Lead)

Agile SCRUM environment.

Conducted planning of products, worked directly with C-Level Executives to develop business requirements, and developing project schedules.

Worked directly with Clients to (1) gain understanding of business problem, (2) discuss findings with team and develop solution(s) plan, (3) generate timeline, costs, resource needs, and project plan, (4) develop and deliver proposed solution to Client, (5) assign work tasks to Jr. Developers, (6) ensure Unit and Quality Assurance internal testing, (7) Coordinate User Acceptance Testing activities, (8) deliver and integrate solution, and (9) participate in product evolution and maintenance as needed.

Developed and Architected underlying Information System(s) structure for Jr. Developers to build applications.

Developed many Proof-Of-Concept applications and Prototypes (can provide many examples).

Developed (C#) .NET Plugins for Microsoft Excel 2010. This plugin, once downloaded, would allow Business Analysts to easily map data into the Database Engine in one click from any spreadsheet data. The data was then mapped, in full relation (4th Normal Form) and available to other business applications which sat on top of the underlying data.

Developed business application suite which consisted of 3 applications: (1) a dashboard, (2) a Query tool, and (3) an executive mobile dashboard.

Built on .NET 3.5 platform using Web Forms written in C#.

Used jQuery DataTable’s to allow smooth sorting and searching and various ways to manipulate data-views.

Developed WPF Application for Business Analysts to conduct robust “slicing & dicing” of underlying data. (data-mining tool)

Developed E-Commerce out-of-the-box platform solution to support primary and reseller lines of business, using MVC 2.0.

Developed Adobe Air application to allow data-mining of Public Accessible Genome Databases for researchers to be able to “slice & dice” data without need for custom queries.

Languages/Technologies: ActionScript 3.0, Adobe Flex, Android, Ajax, Associative DBMS, ASP.NET (C#) 4.0/3.5/2.0, CSS, Java, JavaScript, JQuery, Silverlight WPF, Multi-threaded Programming, XML and much more…

EZPRINTS, Atlanta, GA (Contract) Feb 10 – Mar 10

Sr. Software Engineer

Developed Flex Widget Target ™ store locator for integration within Facebook application the company was engineering.

Languages/Technologies: ActionScript 3.0/2.0, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, Mootools Framework, HTML, XML, and XSLT

CONCURRENT COMPUTER CORP, Atlanta, GA (Contract) Jul 09 – Oct 09

Sr. Software Engineer

Participated in new product prototyping for Video-On-Demand (VOD) solution for major VOD provider in the cable industry for demonstration at International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in


Provided technical guidance during product planning and development.

Built functional Flash and .NET demos for prototyping and presentations including dynamically

driven Media Players and Multi-Dimensional User Interface solutions.

Worked with product team (business analyst) and strategic business partners to clearly define

technical requirements, advise of possible issues and/or constraints, and develop project timelines.

Served as backup FMS Administrator and built custom video player to stream multiple bit rate content from FMS 3.5.

Used .Net C# code to interface with Java Web services.

Used Flash Video Encoder and Sorensen Squeeze to assist in video multiple bit-rate encoding.

Built multi-platform solution to allow cable providers to be able to offer multiple streaming

options for their customers to have a similar user experience via desktops, laptops, smart phones,

and set tops (tv’s). Co-Implemented and co-managed Flash Media Server 3.5 and IIS 6.0 Website(s). Set up SVN solution using Subversion, Tortoise, and Ankh to allow source control from VS 2008.

Languages/Technologies: ActionScript 3.0/2.0, AJAX, Ankh, ASP.NET 2.0, CSS, Flash Video Encoder, FMS 3.5, IIS 6, JavaScript, jQuery, Sorensen Squeeze, Subversion, Tortoise

AT&T, Atlanta, GA (Contract) Jan 09 – Jan 10

Sr. Action Script Developer / Flash / Flex Development Team Lead

Participated in new product prototyping.

Provided technical guidance during product planning and development.

Managed development and test environment: installation, configuration, backup/recover & performance tuning.

Worked with product team (business analyst) and our many strategic business partners to clearly define technical requirements, advise of possible issues and/or constraints, and develop project timelines to meet the business requirements.

Reviewed and analyzing resumes and conducting interviews for potential new hires.

Worked with FMS Team and built custom Flash Video Player to stream multi-bit-rate streams in .FLV and H.264 encoding types from AT&T’s Akamai CDN Server(s). Video player was initially built in Flash and upgraded to Flex (both using ActionScript 3.0) and had to determine user’s best available bandwidth and send appropriate encoded video stream to the player.

Languages/Technologies: ActionScript 3.0/2.0, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and XML

AT&T, Atlanta, GA (Contract) Jan 08 – Jan 09

Web Developer

Worked hands-on in the development of web applications.

Built functional Flash demos for prototyping and presentations including dynamically driven Media Players.

Enhanced UI of proprietary backend applications and corporate websites.

Maintained channel content with proprietary content management system using CSS, HTML, JavaScript, XML/XSL, and create graphics in Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash per requirement.

Participated in Usability Studies where we monitor, question, and analyze the behavioral patterns of our customers from varying demographical representations.

Routinely developed solid data-driven web sites built on AT&T’s Sonic CMS system.

Languages/Technologies: ActionScript 3.0/2.0, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, Mootools Framework, DHTML, XML, and XSLT

TTA, Austin, TX (Contract) Dec 2007 – Apr 2008

Technical Instructor

Course: Mastering AJAX for ASP.NET

Audience: Sr. Developers from Dell

Length: 3 Day Boot Camp

Introduced students to AJAX, and its primary technologies: JavaScript, XML and CSS. Delivered lectures and lead lab reviews on the following detailed aspects of the aforementioned technologies: XHTML, Embedding Scripts and Styles, DOM (Document Object Model) and the hierarchical representation thereof, Element objects and event handlers, XMLHTTPRequest and Microsoft.XMLHTTP Extensions, addressing Memory Leaks, event bubbling, communicating with the server, ASP.NET AJAX, AJAX Control Toolkit, and accessing Web Services using AJAX calls.

Technologies: SQLServer 2005, ASP.NET, AJAX for ASP.NET, Obout, JQuery, SWFObject, JavaScript, XML, and XSLT

PIFUSION, Stone Mountain, GA (Contract) June 07 – Dec 07

Jr .Net Developer

Was responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of Windows and Web applications.

Coded, tested, debugged, troubleshot, and deployed Web applications per project specifications.

Participated in the design architecture review of development projects and play a lead role in the release of applications.

Drove development projects through complete development lifecycle and developing new applications and system enhancements.

Maintained existing applications by troubleshooting bugs, implementing fixes, developing enhancements; providing technical support through direct end-user interaction; extensive report and query writing.

Constructed algorithms for query processing and optimization.

Created Content Management Systems, and E-Commerce Web Applications.

Windows 2003 Server Administration (3 DB servers, 4 Web servers, and 2 Email servers).

Languages/Technologies: Oracle, PL/SQL, TSQL, HTML, XML, JavaScript, Oracle 9i, AJAX, ADO.NET, ASP.NET (C#), SQL Server 2005, Visio, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, and Windows Server 2003

CCT SOLUTIONS, Atlanta, GA (Contract) May 07 – June 07

IT Software Trainer

Was responsible for conducting formal Pharmaceutical software training classes in-house and on-site at client’s location(s).

Trained on Sales Force Automation (SFA) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool named Mobile Intelligence, the field implemented component of the CRM initiative.

Upgraded coursework materials as needed.

Trained on the firm's standard software set for all Field Sales Representatives and District Managers.

Set-up and breakdown of laptops (IBM’s Lenovo X60 Tablet Notebook).

Prepared training materials and set up physical locations.

IBM, Atlanta, GA (Contract) Jul 06 – Mar 07

System / Business Analyst

Worked with SMEs and IT architects to better understand the business requirements.

Was responsible for ensuring that the system design is aligned with the business requirements through appropriate documentation and requirements mapping.

Discerned inherent design patterns in various workflows and extend them to align with business processes.

Analyzed, refined and responded to requirements by working with subject matter experts (SME), IT technical architects and application developers to analyze the requirements and participate in the design of the systems necessary to meet the business requirements.

Languages/Technologies: Lotus Notes, IBM’s Workflow Tool, Rational Rose, and Enterprise Architect


Masters in Business Administration with concentration in Information System Security

Keller Graduate School of Management, Atlanta, GA

Graduated, June 2008

GPA: 3.49

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems Degree

DeVry University, Atlanta, GA

Graduated, June 2006

GPA: 3.87

Stack Overflow PROFILE

URL: Dates: 2008 – 2016




Intro and Product Background (2:39)

Database Development (12:56)

Iteration 1: Product Demo – Responsive Web: Angular 1.5, Bootstrap CSS 3, HTML 5 (43:47)

Iteration 2: Product Demo – Mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone): Telerik AppBuilder Icenium, Kendo UI, jQuery (31:16)

WebApi 2 Code Overview: MVC 5, Entity Framework 6 (5:12)

Angular 1.5 Code Overview: Angular 1.5, Bootstrap CSS 3 (18:16)

Kendo UI Code Overview (49:14)

Unit Testing Code Overview: (C# Unit Tests, Jasmine, Karma, Protractor) (22:43)


Year Built / URL

Git Repo


Simple HTML/JS app based on AngularJS v1.5 which, when you open the site, asks for a permission to read your current location, and then uses the public API to fetch the weather for that location and displays it.

If the user denies to share the location, show a little input form for entering postcode or country, and display the weather based on that location. It has Karma unit tests.


Angular 1.5, Bootstrap3, jQuery, HTML5

Year Built


Year Built / URL

Git Repo


My company’s website. (See readme.txt in root please)


MVC 4, C#, Razor View Engine, Responsive CSS, Bootstrap3, jQuery, HTML5

Year Built


URL (Plunker)


Angular ui-grid custom eager loading fetch pattern (similar to Facebook’s post feed) which gets data on-demand.


Angular 1.5, HTML5, jQuery, ui-grid

Year Built


Git Repo


Personal Wellness Mobile app targeting Android, iOS and Window’s Mobile devices. Built using Telerik’s AppBuilder Web Client and Visual Studio.


Telerik’s AppBuilder Icenium, Cordova, WebApi 2.0 (C# REST Backend API

Year Built


Git Repo


Personal Wellness Single Page Application (SPA). Built using Angular 1.5.


Angular 1.5, Bootstrap 3, HTML 5 which communicates with WebApi 2.0 in below project.

Year Built


Git Repo


Backed REST Web Service for mobile and Angular Notepad app in above project.


Web Api 2, C#, MVC 5.0, .NET 4.5

Year Built



Product Name

Cardio Plus


Entered contest to build best Health application to win $50,000. I did not win but it was a great experience, and definitely noteworthy.

Video Url




Video: Had time limit of 5 minutes, so please excuse brevity.


.NET, Camtasia Studio, MyBalsamiq, SQL Server, Twilio

What I Did

Product Name

Research IT


Developed Adobe Air application to allow data-mining of Public Accessible Genome Databases for researchers to be able to “slice & dice” data without need for custom queries.

Video Url


Internal product demo test.


Adobe Flex, Action Script 3.0, C# .NET Web Services, Camtasia Studio, JavaScript, Relavance AIMS (a non SQL database)

What I Did

Built both Flex UI and .NET backend and Middleware to join the two.

Product Name

Find Out


Developed WPF Application for Business Analysts to conduct robust “slicing & dicing” of underlying data. (data-mining tool)

Video Url


Informal demo, please excuse poor audio quality. I hope this still helps demonstrate my programmatic capabilities.


.NET 4.5, C# WPF, Camtasia Studio, Relavance AIMS (a non SQL database)

What I Did

Create underlying data store, create user interface.

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