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medical laboratory technologist

January 10, 2017

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Profession Biomedical laboratory Technologist

Year of birth 1987

Place of birth Kumi (Uganda)

Tribe Iteso tribe

Religious affiliation Catholic

Nationality Ugandan

Current status Locum Laboratory technologist

TASO Mbale, Uganda

Marital status Single

Contact Contact phone numbers:

+256(0)779760383, +256(0)792588555,



To find a challenging position to meet my competence skills, education and experience and above all, to further expand my professional horizons.


●Bachelor of biomedical laboratory technology, Makerere University

●Certificate in computer applications

●Uganda advanced certificate of education, Makerere high school_2008

●Uganda certificate of education, Jinja college_2004

●Primary leaving examinations, Namatala Primary school-Mbale


●Knowledge on hematological, microbiological, parasitological, biochemical laboratory and molecular biology techniques.

●Knowledge on laboratory machines, operation, troubleshooting and quality control.

●Knowledge on general laboratory practice, proficiency testing, laboratory safety procedures and intervention in case of any accidents.

●Skill in performing complex laboratory tests using standard and complex laboratory machines.

●Skill in calibrating, validation of tests, maintaining and setting performance standards for laboratory machines.

●Skill in recognizing abnormal values of test results.

●Highly computer skilled with efficiency in using computer knowledge for drawing laboratory performance trends, data base and drawing conclusion of monthly performances.

●Skill in interpersonal and oral communication skills.

●Basic counseling skills.

●Ability to organize and prioritize work.

●Ability to work efficiently with minimum supervision.

●Ability to function as a team member.

●Ability to carry out medical research and surveys.

●Knowledge on making tabula formats, fact sheets and reports in research results, designing questionnaires and keep track of research participants and other follow ups

●Adherence and performance of laboratory health safety practices.

●Development of laboratory documents (logs,forms,SOPs),storage/archiving documents.


To date: Laboratory technologist at TASO MBALE.


1.Phlebotomy,HIV testing, routine testing for malaria(both RDT and microscopy),syphilis,toxoplasma,serum crag,hcg,urinalysis and stool analysis.

2. Performing routine complete blood count (CBC) with the aid of a HUMAN COUNT machine for all patients who attend the facility on clinic days.

3. Collection and preparation of sputum samples, slides, staining and examination of the slides for AFBS by ZN to aid in the diagnosis of Tuberculosis. Also I prepare some sputum samples for Genexpert which is done at the Mbale regional TB Laboratory.

4. Collection of CD4 blood samples into CD4 stabilizing tubes while ensuring that all samples are processed within specified turnaround time. The analysis is performed at Mbale regional main laboratory.

5. Daily collection and preparation of HIV viral load samples for all TASO clients. This involves centrifugation of whole blood samples and preparation of plasma aliquots, which I store in a freezer, awaiting shipment .The analysis, is done at the Central Public Health Laboratory (CPHL), Kampala. Also collection of HIV PCR samples for children of HIV infected parents, by use of DBS (dried blood spot) from whole blood. Analysis also takes place at the CPHL laboratory Kampala.

6. Packing and shipment of samples to TASO Jinja Hub which acts as a collection point for eastern Uganda. The samples are there after taken to the central public health laboratory Kampala for analysis.

6. Home/village/community visits for counseling and collection of samples in Mbale, Manafwa, Palissa, Bukedea, Bulambuli districts and other areas under which TASO Mbale operates.. Building village teams to boost social behavior and kill any form of stigma, sensitization and education on different aspects of life, encouraging togetherness as a way to ease service delivery to our clients.

March 2012 to 2015: Laboratory technologist at Lancet laboratories Nakasero, Uganda.


1.Performing hematological tests with the aid of the ACT5/HEAMOLYZER5/HUMAN/BC5380 MINDRAY hematology analyzers for full blood count, and also performing reticulocyte count, blood grouping and typing, reading and interpreting of peripheral films for different cell morphologies and malaria parasite isolation with aid of microscopy and malaria RDTs etc.

2. Performing chemistry tests with the aid of COMBUS INTEGRA 400/VITROS 250/MINDRAY BS 120 analyzers, CX9 BECKMAN chemistry analyzer and also with the COMBUS (C111) chemistry analyzer. With maintenance, calibration, validation and quality control and assurance at my fingertips

3. Performing immunoassays with the aid of the BEKMAN COULTER 2/E411 analyzer.

4. Performing microbiological investigations that include stool and urinalysis, occult blood, fecal h.pylori, gram and ZN staining etc.

5. Performing CD4 counts with the aid of the FACS COUNT machine.

July 2011 to November 2011:

Volunteer as a laboratory technologist at the infectious diseases institute (IDI)-Mulago


Performing HIV serology, urine microscopy and chemistry, hemoglobin estimation using a heamocule, random blood sugar estimation using a glucometer, microscopic examination of thick and thin blood smears for malaria parasites and use of TPHA plus RPR tests for syphilis diagnosis. Other duties included phlebotomy, reagent preparations, record keeping and quality control and assurance.


2006: Member of the Aids challenge youth club

2008: Certificate in computer skills

2016: Attended training in GCLP and ISO 15189, Masaka.


Fluent English

Fluent Luganda

Fluent Ateso

Good Kiswahili

Good lugisu/lumasaba


●Reading scientific journals and Christian religious material.

●Watching scientific documentaries.

●Adventuring into unknown science.




●Self motivated




Ekong Richard (2012), Prevalence of malaria among HIV seropositive patients attending treatment at the infectious disease institute (IDI).Dissertation BBLT Makerere University, (unpublished


1. Dr. Miya Yunus

Medical coordinator



2. Kwizera Richard

Senior Laboratory technologist

Infectious Diseases Institute


3. Mr.Asule Emmanuel

Senior Laboratory technologist

Infectious Disease Institute, stat lab.


4. Dr Lukande Robert


Lancet Laboratories Uganda


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