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Manager Engineer

Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
January 10, 2017

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Jaehyek Choi

Current Address: ***-**** ** ***., ******-dong, YoungTong-gu,Kyunggi-do Suwon 442-706, Korea

E-mail Address:

Phone (mobile): (+82)-10-8244-6652

I worked as embedded engineer and firmware engineer

with graphic HW design team in "Samsung Semiconductor", and

with System On Chip Design Team for PDA in "Synertek Korea"

And worked as embedded engineer and SW project leader

with Mobile feature phone team in Motorola Korea and

with Smart Android Phone team in LG Electronics.

Additionally I work as Quality Manager certificated with Six Sigma Master Black Belt( Certificate Number : 14-156-M156 ), and in charge of Product Assurance and reliability for Android Smart phone in LG.

Also I have been validating the life cycle of semiconductor such as “eMMC” and the sanity of No bit-flip of a device such as LPDDR using statistical quality analysis, especially with MTBF and Weibull Distribution.

Experience Summary

Embedded Software Developing :

Camera, USB, LCD, Serial I/O, irDA stack, I2C, SPI,

Bluetooth Profile, JPEG, MPEG4, Flash Device (NOR, NAND, eMMC )

Linux Device Driver( eMMC, DDR ), IDA pro, Windbg, SoftICE

Statistics and SW Quality & Reliability, Machine Learning:

Statistics : Six Sigma Master Black Belt, ANOVA, DOE,Linear/Multiple Regression

Analysis : multivariate analysis, FMEA, SPC, clustering Analysis

Monte-Carlo Simulation,, Factor analysis, Decision Tree Analysis

Reliability : MTBF, Weibull Distribution Application, Estimation of Device Life.

Process: GE 10 Step Reliability for Design, DMAIC/DIDOV

Tools : Minitab, Apache Spark

Deep Learning : LeRu, CNN, RNN, LSTM with TensorFlow

Project Leader/Manager:

Function Leader : Bluetooth

Project Leader: Mobile Phone( Racetac, PCC, Verizon Wireless )

Manager : Validation of Quality, and Improvement of Field Defect

Programming Language and Developing Environment:

C/C++, Java, Python, MSSQL, MongogDB, QT, Assembly(MASM) On Windows, Linux, RTOS,


Work Experience

Mar 2004–present LG Electronics Seoul, Korea

Position Title : Software Project Leader/Manager

Role1 : As Project Leader, manager the Risk of schedule and requirement.

Project Leader : North American area (Verizon Wireless Phone, VX9800, VX9900).

- Adjust between the Client Requirement and the level of LG Implementation

- Coordinate functions to members

- Meet the delivery schedule.

- Meet the Requirement of manufactory.

- Meet the Client Requirement

- Meet the Quality Requirement

- Risk Management of schedule and functions of product.

Role2: Validation of Quality, Improvement of Linux Kernel Driver and Field Defect

For Android Smart Phone.

Improvement: LPDDR Kernel Device Driver for Android Phone

Improvement: eMMC Kernel Device Driver for Android Phone

- Wear Leveling, Bad Block Management, Garbage Collection,

- Power Off Recovery, Mapping Algorithm

Android UI Test Automation using ATS which is similar to Android UI Automator and using Object detection with OpenCV Lib.

Validation of Quality : test of Mass production

Six Sigma process management (as a Master Black Belt )

- ANOVA, Linear/Multiple Regression Analysis, multivariate analysis

- multivariate analysis, FMEA, Gauge R&R, 5-Why, SPC

Improvement of Quality Process.

Documentation of Quality Process.

OEM Audit : Arima ( from Taiwan )

Improvement of Field Defect

- Visit the Service Center

- Gather the data of Service Data.

- Analyzing the data using Statistical tools ( minitab )

- Reproduce the defect

- Make the solution of defect

- Apply the solution to the product

- monitoring the trend of FFR ( Field Fail Rate )

June 2002–Dec 2003 Motorola Korea, Seoul

Position Title : Embedded Software Engineer & Function Leader

Role : Writing Device Driver for Mobile Phone and Function Leader of

Bluetooth Profile Which was based on REX ( Qualcomm Real time OS )

Wrote Device Driver : LCD, NOR Flash Memory, Power management

Project involved : RaceTac, T720,

Tele-Communication with Bluetooth Head Quarter Team.

Function Leader : Bluetooth stack(Headset, Hands-free, DUN )

- function re-arrange to member

- manager the D-day schedule.

- Compatibility Test of Bluetooth.

April 2000–June 2002 Synertek Korea inc. (startup company) Seoul, Korea

Position Title : Embedded Software Engineer

Role : Writing device driver for PDA-supporting Chip Design.

Wrote device driver : USB image, USB Storage, Camera H/W Design.

Porting Protocol : IrDa Stack, TCP/UDP/IP

Analysis for algorithm : JPEG, MPEG4.

Guide a H/W design Structure : JPEG, MPEG4

Feb 1990–Mar 2000, SAMSUNG, Semi-conductor Business Division GiHeuong, Korea

Position Title : Embedded Software Engineer

Role : Writing Display device driver with Graphic Semi-conductor Chip Design Team

Analyze a 2D graphic algorithm in Windows

Guide a H/W design Structure for Graphic Chip

Wrote the 2D, 3D Display Device Driver for the Windows supporting Hardware Graphic chipset KS82C604, KS82C605, KS82C615, and wrote the WDM driver with DirectX

Wrote the Video Bios for graphic Chip

Support all of windows products.

Computer Language & Library

C(over 10 year), C++(5years), C#(3years), MS Visual C++ & MFC (7years), eclipse(2year)

ARM assembler(4years), X86 MASM Assembler( 7years), Java(3year)

OpenGL programming(1year),WDM, DirectX ( DirectShow, 3years )

Visual Basic / Visual Basic For Application

Python with numpy, scipy

MySQL, MongoDB, Docker


OS(+ embedded ), CPU

REX(Qualcomm Realteam OS, 5year), RTXC ( Realtime OS, 2years), pSOS( Samsung, 1year )

Linux(5year), Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP

Android Platform

Intel 8086, 80386, pentium


Tools and Equipment

ClearCase ( Software version management tool), git

WinDbg, SoftICE, TRACE32 + JTAG

Logic Analyzer( HP )

IDA pro, Windbg, SoftICE


Six Sigma Master Black Belt


Area of interest

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

: Back propagation, convolution neural network.

SVM ( support vector machine )

Open platform : caffe, tensorflow

OpenCV ( Computer Vision )

: Object Segmentation and Detection, Object Classification using SVM


Bachelor degree Major in Electronic, Pusan National University

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