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Process Enginer, microelectronics

Long Beach, California, United States
January 09, 2017

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Bryan V. Drew ( 760) ***-****

*** ******* *****, #***, *********, CA.

(can relocate within Southern California)


Micro-Electronics Assembly & Process Engineer of 20 years. Team leader for hands-on clean-room development of new process introduction (NPI). Designs Wire-bond/Die Attach assembly lines with 3D CAD tooling and statistical analysis (SPC) for continuous improvement of Yields. DFM and Build Instructions (ABI) for prototypes through full production beyond 80GHz. Mentors Technicians and Operators for open feedback and optimal pride in workmanship. Expert, cutting edge, Chip-on-Board, Ball Bond, Wedge Bond, Ball Bump, BGA, stacked, cubic, and staged RF, Microwave, discreet millimeter wave, power modules, MeMs, and hybrid solutions. Regularly develops new, data-driven solutions for challenging programs. Supply Chain through Final Test improvements for best over-all product success (FMEA/DFM). Root Cause Analysis including Acoustical Microscopy, 3D X-Ray, Metallurgical XRF, SEM/Elemental Analysis, and 8D analysis. Lean Sigma, DoE, pFMEA, Kanban solutions. Military & Commercial Space, Mil-Std883, 13485 Medical Devices, ISO 9001/2, IPC 610. ITAR approved DoD Clearance: SECRET Veteran; USAF Merchant Marine; Captain K&S ICON, Hughes 2460, 2470. Palomar CBT,

6000, 8000. Westbond & Delvotek G5

Dage & Royce Pull/Shear Testers, Cross Sections

MRSI M5, Palomar 3500 Pick & Place $ 3570

Sonoscan D-24, SEM, VMR-3020 AOI, XRF,

SEM, MinTAB 3 Factorial DOEs and Excel SPC.

Equipment Set

Experience and Results:

Microelectronics Process Engineer; Plexus Corporation, Boise, ID. 7/2011 to 12/2015 Successfully grew new business and capabilities in microelectronics for this $2.2B global company. Specified and launched $1M CAPEX, under budget. Formed the initial framework for the transition to microelectronic flip-chip vertical-stack flex circuit medical devices on MRSI robotics. Implemented Wafer KGD, and microelectronic specific Purchasing & Handling Specifications, increasing Yields from 40% to 98% in 3 months. As the Global Wire-Bond Engineer, brought Wire-Bond yields to Cpk 1.33 or better on all products for this Global Multinational company. Implemented new Supply Chain QA systems, including equipment & training, Streamlined Time to Production methods, SixSigma Yield analysis (Kanban gains above 70%). Program Management on each Product melding Customer quality systems to our contract manufacturing methods (IQ/OQ/PQ). Secured new Customers based upon demonstrated assembly experience and integrated SPC methodologies. Trained personnel for consistent Run Readiness using engineered cohesive LEAN predictive SPC methods for self- correcting controls on all MRSI, K&S, Palomar, Delvotek, DAGE, and Westbond systems. Optimized flow with our Value Stream Mapping Team. Full documentation of build instructions for scale-ability and consistency for each product in Production using AGILE, JDE, MAX, and GSF ERP/MRP systems. The ROI for the Microelectronics facility was thereby achieved 2 years ahead of of a 5 year schedule and under the $5 million forecast.

Instructor, Department of Defense; Captain. NAF, Camp Pendleton, CA 5/2005 to 5/2011 Veteran in support of our Troops. Extensive time at sea and experience led to a Merchant Marine Captain's position with the Marine Corp. Instructed and mentored new marines in navigation and offshore seamanship.

Sr. Applications Engineer; Palomar Technologies, Carlsbad, CA 3/2001 to 5/2005 Developed new wire-bond and Pick&Place microelectronic assembly processes for TRW, HP, Raytheon, SAE, Delphi, REMEC, across a wide range of product types. Including challenging Page 1 of 3

assemblies such as Implantable defibrillators, optical computers, MeMs sensors, Lab-on-a-Chip, Stacked Die, room-temp wire-bonding of acoustical arrays (SOSUS). Developed the aluminum wedge bonding for the first Solid State Super-Collider detector in conjunction with M.I.T. now in use in Geneva. Designed and prototyped the Ultraviolet Tack in Situ hardware option for the 3500 P&P system for under $30k(time & material). The two Beta Types of this system sold for $120k each and is now a standard product. Lead engineer for $3.5M program with the Israeli Ministry of Defense

(IMOD) including budget, forecast, milestones and schedule creation. Successfully designed and implemented new, vertical-cube assembly processes on time and under budget for this two year program. With two junior process engineers and a PhD, we were able to create DOE processes and provide complete laboratory reports for field use, at a rate four times faster than the standard for the company. Developed Copper Wire Bonding on a self-modified Palomar 8000 wirebonder exclusive for IMOD. These achievements encompassed BGA, MMIC, FlipChip, Optical, Hybrid, Ball / Wedge wire-bonding inclusive of epoxy and eutectic pick&place with full documentation to facilitate reproduction within IMOD.

Training Supervisor: Palomar Technologies, Carlsbad, CA 10/1999 to 3/2001 Created the new department to address the needs of our customers and internal engineers to keep current with the latest developments in our field. Successfully implemented the Cash Flow analysis and performed initial and periodic presentations to the Executive level. Teamed facilities, equipment, and personnel into a functioning and profitable department within 30 days of approval. Technical Trainer for automatic wire bonding and Pick&Place robotic equipment. Responsible for training our customer’s and internal engineers on all aspects of field service engineering on our electromechanical/pneumatic robotic systems. In-House expert for SEM ans CSAM microscopes. Initiated ‘Training the Trainer’ continuing education to bring global training techniques to our narrow field of Microelectronics. Formalized the managerial and documentation of this department to pass it on to new employees, while pursuing the cutting edge IMOD program. Field Service Engineer: (FSE) Palomar Technologies, Carlsbad, CA 3/1997 to 10/1999 Global support of all customers on all products and processes known to Palomar. Became the first Sr. Field Engineer; expert in all products. Provided reliable solutions consistently, when all other layers of engineers had been exhausted. Extensive wide range of skills from component level troubleshooting, field circuit redesigns, process analysis, Materials Supply Chain control points, and solutions in high pressure, sole solution, conditions. Trained other FSEs on the job and in laboratory settings. Trained customers in the optimization of their processes & equipment. Integrated experts from other companies when solving whole-assembly line Root Cause Analysis challenges.

-Employment Gap- 5/1996 to 3/1997

Achieved the long-term goal of sailing single-handed to Mexico and back. Applications Engineer; Standard Logic Products 5/1995 to 3/1997 Sole electrical engineer in this small company. Direct support of our customer’s custom designed VME computer interfaces. Redesigned our interface from 32, to 64 and then 128bit address & data lines with full speed VME compliance for impedance and timing specifications. This allowed our products to be used in a far greater range of applications, increasing sales by 23% in just 6 months. Designed, built, and programmed the automated test beds for the new products. Reduced customer returns from 9% to under 1%. Expanded the customer base from primarily military/universities to high reliability commercial markets. With the new ATE systems in place, our core competency of custom wire-wrapping boards could be accepted in volumes ten times greater than before. This growth of 23% net sales and 10x capacity was achieved through initiative and design, without new hires. Page 2 of 3

Prototype Packaging Engineer; Solid Sate Devices 4/1993 to 5/1995 Custom designed MIL19500 spec high performance packaging for Space, Military, and high reliability commercial markets. Integrated multiple discreet die into thermally optimized, hermetically sealed, electrically isolated packages to maximize the wattage per square inch goals. This allowed several DoD programs to upgrade performance where limited power circuits had stalled the program prior to these new prototypes. Characterized the prototypes for performance specifications to create the data sheets for each to exceed MIL 19500. Documented, released, and trained Production & Marketing personnel for each new product. Worked directly with Marketing and Engineering VPs for feasibility analysis and direct customer relations. Increased reliability and production yields with innovative interconnection techniques and systemic analysis of production procedures. Solid statistical data analysis was applied to prove superior specifications for these prototypes and their subsequent products. This led to superior data sheets and hence, to market dominance for such devices. Production Engineer: A.W. and Associates (a Toyota subsidiary) 4/1991 to 4/1993 Provided Engineering Technician skills to our cutting edge video encryption design team while creating the Design for Manufacturability aspects of each product into each prototype. Liaison for Software and Firmware to minimize coding risks. This allowed for fast Time to Market with minimal changes for Production. Provided Component Engineering skills to support our Buyer and MRP system. Selected and managed all contractors to provide inventory, kitting, assembly, and test services to Toyota quality standards. Tied all these roles into Production Manager to build fast Time to Market products, with full documentation, Marketing data sheets, and our best cutting edge techniques within the Toyota Total Quality Management (TQM) guidelines. Implemented our in-house test and burn-in facilities to include hiring, supervision, and training of 2 technicians and 2 quality assurance employees. Grew the department along with the company to a level of Time to Market of just two weeks (for a new revision level) with a production potential of over $16.8million per month for a company of 30 people. Toyota was pleased.

Field Service Engineer; ECR Systems, Sacramento Ca 1/1987 to 2/1991 Electronic Technician IV; SECRET; Avantek, Folsom Ca. 5/1986 to 1/1989 Veteran, U.S. Air Force. SECRET 11/1982 to 5/1986

Avionics; SR-71 Blackbird with the Strategic Air Command and Lockheed Martin. Honorable Discharge with SECRET security clearance. Advanced Packaging in Microelectronics with George Harmon; University of Arizona Solid Works 3D Design and Modeling of Tooling & Fixtures Page 3 of 3

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