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Manager Project

Glendale, Arizona, United States
January 09, 2017

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Working in the Information Technical field for over 25 years, started in operations and worked my way up to Chief Information Office in the United States Government and with Arizona Central Credit Union in Phoenix, Arizona. Have led as many as 19 professionals, and have worked as a teammate, while keeping my technical skill up to date.

Technical Skills

Project Management software, Microsoft Office suite, XP FiServ Operating System (2016-1), great knowledge of Microsoft Access – all versions, worked a lot with SQL Server, SQL 2003, 2008R2, 2010, and 2013, as well as SSRS reporting and SSIS scheduling and batch processes, detailed knowledge of Crystal Reports, VISIO, clear understanding of Agile and SCRUM concepts and practices, Risk Management, DXP Data Warehousing software, Database Administrator.

Professional Work Experience

Arizona Central Credit Union (ACCU) Aug 2008 to Aug 2016

Worked as the Arizona Central Credit Union (ACCU) as the Information Technology Operations Manager overseeing daily operations, program development, Business Intelligence; and Web Development.

Directly supervised 8 other professionals.

Web developers, Report Writers, Critical Systems, Optical Imaging professionals.

Complete oversight of all information services and related processes from daily reports to developing new databases to improve client activities.

Managed a 3rd party Intellectual Dimensions DXP data warehousing software application containing over 4 years of daily credit union data.

Ensured all EOD crossovers were successful. Moved all reporting from DB2RW datafiles to DXP reducing run-times and increasing end user online response times.

Designed and implemented two major Web Applications:

ACCU Expense reporting automatically generates both corporate and individual credit union expenses. The application automatically routes the expense to the correct manager for validation and approval, then sends it to accounting with General ledger data resolution and audit updating.

Partner Alliance/Business member tracking system. This web app allows credit union employees using an ACCU tablet/laptop to immediately enter business customer data into a CRM application and post notes/information as well as immediately assign a SEG code for group identification.

Designed/developed/tested and implemented all Microsoft Access database applications. These database applications were SQL (2005 thru 2013) back-end (data) and MS Access as the front-end (displays).

Designed, developed, and implemented 600+ Crystal Reports as requested by end users. Worked as the team lead to upgrade Crystal Reports to SSRS programming, improving runtimes by almost 70%.

Managed the report scheduling programs and converted all BOE schedules to a more flexible and cost effective scheduling program (Jeff-Net). This new program allows for batch scheduling of Crystal Report jobs, reducing manual processing.

Acted as the system administrator for the SQL 2005-2013 and various DB2 RISC databases.

Implemented 17 databases online (all designed by me) for credit union use including:

ACH daily transactions that are uploaded daily into the central banking system to process money transfers reducing EFT processes from a two hour a day process to 10 minutes daily.

The Central Points database manages the award points given each month to credit union members - this application replaced a commercial product the credit union pays $1,500 a year to use.

The Information Technologies database manages the over 970+ reports we use to keep all branches, management and senior leadership informed. This application has greatly improved our ability to build new products because we can query the products database to see if other similar applications already exist and template off those existing products to quickly and efficiently build new applications. New application builds was reduced from 4-7 days to less than a day generally.

Took over the roles as the Database Administrator and Business Analyst when those positions were eliminated by the Chief Information Officer.

US Federal Civil Service Jan 1998 to Aug 2008

HQ Air Combat Command (ACC) Training Support Squadron (TRSS) Chief Information Officer.

Oversaw all informational technology needs spanning the headquarters (corporate) and 12 geographically independent detachments (forward locations) throughout the United States. Duties include, but are not limited to: systems planning, architectural design, funding/budget, purchase, coordinating installations, and developing a sustainable plan to maintain all assets for a period of 5 years after purchase.

This area of experience covers three main programs, administrative systems design, computer-based training labs or learning centers, and special projects that went outside the normal span of control and effected organizations in as many as 77 independent locations throughout the US and overseas locations.

Designed, developed, implemented and currently maintain 5 Microsoft Access

databases that range in topics from personnel actions, computer inventory and accountability, to training development continuity and implantation standards.

Designed, developed, and implemented the TRSS training website as the

webmaster and maintain the largest web site in ACC. This web page is an informational hub that links all forward locations too corporate centers and allowed for quick accurate information exchange and eliminates duplicate processing.

Held a TOP SECRET security clearance last updated in 2004.

Wrote new policy and guidance documents to cover special projects and events not already documented. If existing guidance is vague, I rewrite draft to conform to users' needs and usage, then route to application agencies and the data elements are merged to incorporate all viewpoints. All guidance documents are monitored and updated annually, or as needed in the event of a major change to its application.

All software design applications are flow-charted after design freeze and prior to code development to ensure maximum manpower efficiency. Flowcharts are reviewed and updated as needed if unforeseen problems arise during development or alpha/beta testing.

Performed problem solving for field release software applications for existing practices as well as new applications coming on line.

Directed the testing/debug and acceptance of training programs delivered to the

corporate center as well as all field locations.

Worked with non-government contractors who developed the software to ensure all specifications are met in accordance with existing contracts and conduct quality assurance testing prior to the release on any software application. Separate testing was conducted on web enabled products (remote connectivity) to ensure connectivity and data-streaming meets current requirements.

Operated a hot line help center available during work hours to address immediate needs or training program problems. These calls are addressed immediately and tasked to the appropriate contractor/developer for resolution.

All hot line calls are identified and tasked inside of 2 hours of receipt. Many of these calls are resolved on the spot.

Met with all forward location Commanders twice a year to plan future application needs and hardware growth.

These meetings act as a staff assistance visit and range from computer needs/assessments to budget requirements and expanded manpower to meet future location needs. Additionally, we conduct a weekly division meeting with corporate HQ to discuss project status, current problem areas across the organization, and any proposed improvements.


Credits toward collage:

Bachelor in Business Administration 94 credits.

Community College of Chicago, Correspondence with USAF - 15 units

San Bernardino Valley College, San Bernardino, CA - 48 units

Phoenix College, Phoenix, AZ - 15 units

Pierce College, Woodland Hills, CA - 17 units

Microsoft SharePoint training, December 2009

Arizona Central Credit Union:

Led several major projects as the IT OPS Manager, saving the credit unions thousands of dollars in 3rd party software applications that we could bring in-house. One example was the processing of daily and recurring ACH transactions. Took a completely manual process that took the EFT department several hours to manually process and changed it into an Access database application with supporting crystal reports that takes less than 5 minutes to automatically process. Another example is in the Financial Resolutions area, where once a debt was written off the existing credit union software (FiServ XP) no longer tracked the loan. Developed a database and processes that allow Financial Resolutions to continue to track, monitor, and retrieve any possible loss loans amounts. Designed and implemented an online web site application that manages, monitors, and tracks corporate credit card expenses, mileage reimbursements and one time purchases. This process notifies individuals needing to satisfy obligations, creates an approval tree, and places the funds in the correct general ledger account. The application alone saved the credit union more than $50k a year.




Work Phone

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CIO, Arizona Central Credit Union




COO, Arizona Central Credit Union




Solutions Center Manager, Arizona Central Credit Union


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