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Engineering, CNC, Jigs, Fixtrures, G and M code, SolidWorks, CAD, CAM

Lancaster, PA
January 10, 2017

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Highly accomplished engineering professional with an advanced history of CNC programming, engineering design, CNC machine operation/prove out, CNC fixture design, and supervisory roles. I am an Effective communicator with Reputation for exceptional leadership, management and team-building abilities. Currently I am seeking to further my career in an engineering/manufacturing management. I am searching for an environment to utilize my skills while facing new challenges, in a company I can grow with.

Qualifications Overview

Operation Leadership: Proven achievements in managing complex operations. Distributing and allocating resources and workloads among a cross-functional team. An Effective leader and key leader in production; the “go to guy” in everyday production. Adept in multitasking and very quick in decision making, problem solving, conflict reduction between personnel, scheduling, and operations.

Engineering overview: Lead SolidWorks designer for custom 4 and 5 axis CNC fixturing. Designer/programmer for secondary fixturing and operations (presses pin stamping, robotic loading, laser engraving, tumbling, etc.). Independently I am Capable of working solo from concept to prototype. Able to develop realistic cycle time analyses for quoting/price point determination (cost changes through quantities and part modifications for large scale production).

CNC over view: Operating Bridgeport style CNC machines to produce my designs. Handwriting G and M code for Mitsubishi control systems. Programming with CAM (EDGECAM) and MazaCAM(MAZAK Simulation). G and M code on 4 and 5 axis Horizontal and Vertical CNC machines. I am also responsible for updating machine parameters.

Strategic planning and Execution: Maintain Effective balance between conceived ideas and strategic thinking while focusing on the details of execution. Delegating work to other Machinists, CNC programmers, tool and die makers, and Quality Techs.

Organizational process changes: Develop and implement new process changes to machining and manufacturing environments to: increase production, reduce scrap, reduce cycle times, increase safety and awareness, and reducing stress while increasing morale of workers by implementing/retrofitting processes based on individual needs/ergonomics.

Continuing education: Always interested in learning more. Currently taking every opportunity available to gain certifications and further my understating of the machining processes and management. I am currently spending 3-5 hours per week watching online course lectures in my free time.

Professional Experience

MPC Industries

Process engineer / Senior Design Engineer/Supervisor

September 2013 - Present

MPC is a CNC machine shop that produces parts for Harley Davidson, Tesla motors, and some other small "job shop" work. Responsibilities include:

Producing 100-15000 parts per year. Updating existing programs for optimization, and making new programs for new products.

Assisting in production floor management by training employees, optimizing time, maintaining work instructions and overseeing daily operations.

Working hands on with veteran tool makers, machinists, and CNC programmers for new projects, machine setup, maintenance and upgrades.

Designer for custom 4 and 5 axis CNC fixturing utilizing manual and hydraulic clamping systems.

Maintaining Quality control work instructions in compliance with ISO 9001 and analysis assistance with gauge R&R, PPAP studies, First article pieces, and reporting/improving KPI studies.

Designing and upgrading quality control CMM fixtures and gauges.

Programming 4 axis Horizontal and 5 axis Vertical machines. G and M code programming: A.G.E. 3 conversational, Mazatrol, EIA. Updating work offsets (Extended offsets, Dynamic Offsets, Dynamic Comp) G54, G54.1, G54.2 G54.4. Updating machine PLC parameters for our needs/operations.

Machining prove out parts on 4 and 5 axis Mazak CNC machines and palletech/pallet pool system. Updating Mazatrol and EIA programs for our current machines, tooling, and cycle time reduction. Updating existing fixtures with “poke-yoke”: features.

Programming robots, programming laser engravers, watching over the part loaders, giving prints and assistance to machinists, tool makers, maintenance staff, quality control staff, and speaking with outside companies/vendor

Drafting Experience

2006 - Present

Technical drawing and CAD experience starting in High school (CADD99 program). In college prototyping with SolidEdge, and currently using Solidworks 2017 for CNC fixtures, jigs, bushing presses, robotic loading, and machine design.

Elizabethtown College

Electrician Assistant (2 year apprenticeship)

Summer 2011-2012

Assisted head electrician in general maintenance and new equipment installations.

Gained hands-on skills with high voltage installations and maintenance safety procedures.

Helped in electrical component installations and renovations. Reading and altering blue prints.

Osram Sylvania Wellsboro, PA Plant

Production line worker/Intern

2010 Summer Intern/Box line

Mass production light bulb and glass factory.

Participated in plant events to increase production, decrease defects, and general process control.

Box line Hiker, relief attendant, trained additional employees and summer replacements.

Worked rotating bi-weekly shifts. 60 hours a week minimum

Technical Skills

G and M Code

SolidWorks (2005-2017)

SolidEdge (2008-2012)

EdgeCam (2014-2017)

Mitsubishi CNC Control Systems

Microsoft Suite

Hydraulic Fixtruing

CNC Machine troubleshooting/Repair


Elizabethtown College 2008-2012

B.S. in Engineering: concentration in Mechanical Engineering (ABET Accredited), Minor in Modern Physic

Course work:

Calculus I, II, & III

Fluid Mechanics

Computer Science

Physics I, II, & III

Analytical Mechanics

Circuit Analysis


Strengths of Materials

Signals and Systems

Differential equations




Modern Physics

Engineering and Environmental Geophysics

College Prototype Construction:

Cardboard Furniture for College Students: This was an independent project that designed a chair, developed a manufacturing process and completed prototypes.

Windmill design and Wave Generator: Research, CAD design, prototype building, and testing.

E-rod Personal Transportation Unit: Small electric vehicle we designed and built. Research: Cost analysis, CAD design, prototype building, and testing, future design planning.


CNC operator 1: 30+ hour course load

Southwestern Trak CNC operator programmer course


Building and programming a small autonomous robot; professional robot kit with programmable arduino PLC.

Computer building: testing/over clocking, mining crypto currency.

Continuing education: Company approved outside certifications, and online non-credited free courses.


Gary E Dupler Jr.

Electrical Technician: Facilities Management Elizabethtown College

Elizabethtown PA 17022

Phone: 717-***-****


Sara Atwood, PH.D

Assistance Professor of Engineering

Elizabethtown PA 17022

Phone: 717-***-****

Fax: 717-***-****


Jim Stotler

Current MPC employee

Title: Senior Quality Technician

Phone: 717-***-**** (call after 3:30pm)

Allan Himmerlburger

Previous MPC employee

Title: Machinist

Phone: 484-***-**** (call after 1pm)

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