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Subject Matter Expert - Control Systems for Power Plants

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
110000 USD
January 09, 2017

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Anshuman Bhalla CPEng FSEng

Subject Matter Expert – Ovation DCS for Power Plants

Mob: +61-413****** Email:

Address: ** ****** ******, ********* **** Queensland, Australia


17 Years of experience in design, engineering & commissioning of DCS & Safety systems for power plants worldwide

Hands on programming & commissioning experience on Emerson’s OVATION DCS, GE Mark VI & Mark VIe turbine controls systems

Proficient in DCS hardware engineering, software programming, database engineering and creating system architecture drawings and configuration drawings

Domain knowledge of Power plants having worked in Nuclear power plants, Combined cycle, Gas fired, Thermal & Hydroelectric power stations

Experience in operation and maintenance of control systems for power plants

Extensive experience in engineering, commissioning and asset maintenance of turbines, boilers & BOP (balance of plant) in power generation industry

TUV certified Functional Safety Expert for ESD (Emergency Shutdown Systems) and Safety Systems

Executed control systems for GE Gas turbines (LM2500, LM6000, Aero derivative, Frame 5 & 6), Siemens SST steam turbines, Westinghouse Turbines and MHI heavy duty turbines

Commissioning experience including FAT, SAT, site walk-downs, loop testing, functional testing, start-ups, dry and wet commissioning & resolving punch list items in power plants worldwide

Engineered and Commissioned around 20 power plants (Thermal, Combined cycle and Nuclear power stations) globally. Worked during preliminary design, detailed design, software development, pre-commissioning, start-ups, post-commissioning, performance guarantees and As-built documentation stages of power plant projects.

Detailed design experience include creating FDS (functional design specifications), functional requirements, control philosophy, IO list, database engineering, graphics design, schematic drawings, termination drawings & control logic block diagrams

Gained substantial knowledge in cyber security principles and practices in control system domain. Expertise in creating safe and secure communication networks

Author of various instrumentation and controls standards. Published papers on “Design and construction of Control systems” and “Design of Control systems architecture”


Hands on programming experience in Control Builder, Graphic Builder, IO Builder and Developer studio modules of Ovation DCS

Experience in Ovation AMS Suite device manager package, Ovation process historian and Ovation report building package

Advanced programming capabilities in configuring, troubleshooting and commissioning of Windows based as well as Solaris based Ovation DCS

Ovation programming capabilities include preparing control sheets in SAMA logics, database configuration and controller configuration in developer studio and graphic design in Graphic builder

Configured and commissioned OCR161 and OCR400 Ovation controllers

Created SAMA logics for open loop and closed loop PID controls. Proficient in creating “control sheets” in Ovation control builder

I am also an expert programmer in ladder logic, FBD (Function block diagrams) and instruction list programming languages in addition to SAMA logic

Experience in Ovation APC toolkit implementation. Programmed & commissioned Fuzzy logics, Ratio controls and feed forward controls through APC toolkit.

Worked as a permanent employee with Emerson process management from 2004 to 2007 and gained experience in Ovation DCS

Achieved recognition as an “Ovation DCS Expert” in Emerson and Westinghouse Nuclear based upon my advanced programming capabilities in Ovation platform


a)Experience in Nuclear power plant engineering. Carried out the design of control systems for PWR (pressurized water reactors) for conventional island for Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear reactors

b)Experience in handling design & engineering packages of control systems for BOP, Boilers, gas turbines, steam turbines and EBOP (Electrical Balance of Plant) systems

c)Experience in both reaction and impulse steam turbines as well as HP (High Pressure) and LP (Low Pressure) steam turbines. Experience in working with Skoda turbines, Siemens SST 150, SST 500 & SST 600 turbines and Westinghouse’s steam turbines

d)Carried out the design, engineering & commissioning of Feedwater systems, turbo generators, BMS (Burner Management System), MSS (Main Steam System), lube oil system, condenser system, super heater and re-heater system for power plants

e)Extensive experience in combined cycle power plants: Carried out the design of HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) controls, Gas turbines & steam turbines controls and sequential start-up and shut-down of combined cycle power plants

f)Expertise in EBOP design comprising of step-up transformers, HV circuit breakers and disconnectors, numerical relays, MCC, current and voltage transformers, power meters and SAS (Substation Automation Systems)

g)Executed various hydroelectric power plants projects in Australia comprising of Francis turbines & Pelton turbines

h)Carried out the programming & commissioning of the following control systems for gas turbines and steam turbines: Governor Control System, Turbine Acceleration Control, Turbine Surge Control System, Lube Oil System, Vibration Monitoring & Protection System, Turbine Safety System, Turbines Condition Monitoring System, Turbine Exhaust Temperature Control, Turbine MW (Mega Watts) Control


DCS: Emerson OVATION, Westinghouse WDPF, GE Mark VI & Mark VIe turbine control system

SCADA: GE-Fanuc Cimplicity (Both Proficy and Machine edition)

PLC: Siemens SIMATIC S7 (300, 400, 1200 & 1500 series), GE-Fanuc 90-30, 90-70

SAFETY SYSTEMS (SIS): TUV SIL-3 certified GE-Fanuc TMR (Triple modular redundant) system


NETWORKING PROFICIENCY – Ethernet, Fiber optics (single mode and multimode), RS232 & RS485, Radio, 3G, ADSL 2+ and Satellite VSAT

PROTOCOLS PROFICIENCY – Foundation Fieldbus, Modbus serial as well TCP/IP, Profibus, Profinet, DNP 3.0, IEC 61850 and OPC protocol


Bachelor of Engineering - Instrumentation & Controls

Gujarat University, India Year of Completion- 1999

1.CPEng – Chartered engineer with Institution of Engineers Australia (Membership Number: 4044510). The accreditation of chartered engineer Australia is equivalent to PE (Professional engineer) in USA as per Washington accord.

2.FSEng – TUV certified Functional Safety Engineer (ID Number: 9083/14)

3.Hazardous area certified Electrical engineer


SEQWATER, Brisbane, Australia

Senior Instrumentation & Control Systems Engineer Nov 2013 – Present

Seqwater is an owner and operator of Water treatment plants, captive power plants & Hydro Electric Power plants, in South East Queensland, Australia. It is a Government organization and owns largest utility assets in Australia.

a)As a subject matter expert – Control systems, I am the technical authority for operation and maintenance of control systems in Seqwater.

b)Conducting design reviews during CAPEX projects. Reviewing and approving contractors’ drawings like P&IDs, system architecture drawings, IO list, alarm list, Instrument data sheets, electrical schematic drawings, termination drawings and Control logic block diagrams

c)Preparing SoW (scope of work) & BOM (Bill of Material) for control system packages for CAPEX & OPEX projects

d)Conducting RCA (root cause analysis) and ICAM (incident cause analysis method) investigations for control system failures in power plants

e)Providing appropriate responses to contractor’s RFIs (Request for Information) and generating FCN’s (Field Change Notices) to facilitate any on-site control system modifications

f)Conducting site walk-downs to generate punch list points for instrumentation & control systems during the installation and commissioning stages

g)Supervising and mentoring a team of five control system engineers

h)Organizing and leading FAT, SAT, HAZOP, CHAZOP, SIL studies & LOPA during the project execution

i)Programming for Siemens’ S7 PLC system for Mt. Crosby Water Treatment Plant

j)Prepared “Life cycle cost estimation” and corresponding “Bill of Materials” during the planning phase of control systems CAPEX projects

Accomplishments in Seqwater:

1.Author of various I&C standards in Seqwater namely “Control System Design and Construction Standard”, “Control System Testing Standard” & “Siemens Programming Standard”

2.Successfully increased the reliability of DCS system in the range of 99.99% by using FTA (Fault tree Analysis) tool and by eliminating single point of failures in the control system

3.Recipient of Seqwater value award “We work together” for 2014. The award was given in acknowledgment of design specifications written for various CAPEX projects executed at Mt. Crosby Water treatment plant

TENIX, Adelaide, South Australia

Senior Control Systems Engineer July 2012 – Oct 2013

Tenix is an Australian EPCM company executing projects in Power and Water sector. They also operate and maintain captive power plants in Australia.

a)Provided engineering leadership during the preliminary design, detailed design, software development and commissioning phase of power plants projects

b)Reviewed and approved design, construction and operational standards for control systems for gas turbines, steam turbines, boilers, HRSG, BMS and BOP

c)Created scope of work for instrumentation and control packages for thermal power plants and combined cycle power plants.

d)Created control system architectures for DCS, PLC & SCADA systems for greenfield and brownfield power plants projects

e)Worked with the Procurement team for the purchase of Electrical and Control system components like MCC (Motor Control Centers), DCS, PLC, SCADA systems, control valves & transmitters

f)Prepared electrical schematic drawings, IO modules termination drawings, GA and IGA drawings and layout drawings of control panels

g)Conducted power plant start-ups and supervised SAT and performance guarantee testing during the commissioning phase of the projects.

Accomplishments in Tenix:

1.I became the first electrical engineer in Tenix Australia to be certified as Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) from “Institution of Engineers Australia”.

2.Successfully implemented cyber security policies for control systems in power plants which are operated and maintained by Tenix in Australia.

WESTINGHOUSE Nuclear, Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, USA

Lead Engineer – Control Systems Feb 2010 – July 2012

Westinghouse Nuclear is the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and major technology provider for Nuclear reactors in USA and worldwide.

a)As a Lead Control systems Engineer, I was responsible for various phases of the project which included Requirements Management, Design Specifications, System Engineering, Software Development, Testing, Document Control, Configuration Management & FAT

b)Carried out detailed engineering & programming of OVATION DCS for Haiyang Nuclear power plant and Sanmen Nuclear power plant projects

c)Migrated Control Logic from MHI MELTEC code into Ovation SAMA logic for BOP & turbine packages

Accomplishments in Westinghouse:

1.Built a team of 17 control engineers from scratch for Haiyang (China) Nuclear Power plant project during the engineering phase

2.Successfully completed first phase of engineering for Haiyang Nuclear Power plant within time and budget

3.Received award of Delivery Excellence from Westinghouse for two successive years 2010 and 2011

Major Project executed in Westinghouse

Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant


Haiyang Corporation China

Major responsibilities

Executed complete engineering life cycle of DCS control system as per IEEE 1012 V&V (Validation & Verification) standard

I was leading a team of 17 control system engineers during the detailed design and software development phase of the project

Turbine (1200 MWe capacity steam turbine) and BOP (balance of plant) was supplied by MHI (Mitsubishi heavy industries) and nuclear reactor was supplied by Westinghouse (AP1000 Pressurized water reactor)

Developed SAMA logic for BOP package including Feed water system, Main steam system, condenser system and Moisture separator and reheater system on Emerson OVATION DCS

Created CCL (component control logic) for various devices like Solenoid valves, Motorized valves, pumps and control valves

Performed system engineering and generated hardware database and IO list for Ovation DCS

Performed functional allocation of IO on Ovation Controllers, IO modules and branches as per reliability and functional segregation requirements.

AREVA, Noida, India

Manager – Control Systems Aug 2007 – Jan 2010

Areva (Now Alstom Transmission) is a major electrical EPC contractor executing projects in Power Sector.

a)Managed O&M (Operation and Maintenance) contracts for various electrical and control systems packages for thermal power plants & combined cycle power plants

b)Developed design specifications for electrical and control system packages during the tendering phase of power plant projects

c)Carried out design reviews of RTU, telemetry systems and Control systems

d)Developed FDS (Functional Design Specifications) of control systems for Gas turbines, BOP & boiler systems

Accomplishments in Areva:

1.Honored “Control System Specialist” by Areva T&D France in 2009

2.Developed strong customer relationship with Power Grid India. Areva received repeated orders (worth $30 Million USD) for 400KV & 220KV Switch yard from Power Grid in between 2008 & 2009

EMERSON PROCESS MANAGEMENT – Power & Water Solutions, New Delhi India

Assistant Manager – Project & Services Jun 2004 – Jul 2007

Emerson is an OVATION DCS supplier for power & water industry worldwide.

a)Carried out the programming, commissioning & maintenance of OVATION DCS for Thermal, Combined Cycle & Hydro Electric power plants

b)Programmed control logic & graphics on Ovation DCS for Alabama Electric Power project in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

c)Carried out the FAT of controls & graphics on Ovation platform for “Kentucky Utilities Ghent Power project” in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

d)Commissioned Ovation DCS for Hydro Electric power plant in Angola, Africa for client “Techno Prompt” Russia

e)Executed BMS (Burner Management System), Turbine Supervisory and Control System, BOP (Main steam system, condenser system, reheater, super heater, cooling towers, Economiser & Moisture separator system) controls on Ovation DCS.

f)Carried out APC (Advanced Process Control) and implemented PID loops, Feed forward and Adaptive Controls to increase efficiency of Turbine and Boiler Control Stations.

Accomplishments in Emerson:

1.Conducted first ever successful commissioning of Foundation Fieldbus on Ovation DCS in Asia Pacific region for REGCO (Rayong Electricity Generating company) project in Thailand

2.Awarded letter of Appreciation from Ras Lafan Power Corporation, Qatar for playing a very active role as a Field Engineer - DCS during the commissioning phase of Combined Cycle Power plant.

Major Project in Emerson

DCS & Turbine Control system for Combined cycle Power Plant


Ras Lafan Power Corporation (RLPC), Qatar

Major responsibilities

Responsible for programming & commissioning of Ovation DCS

The 700MW combined cycle power plant was having four GE MS9001 gas turbines units with Mark V control system, four Doosan HRSG and 2 Franco Tossi Steam turbines.

Commissioned following control loops for GE Gas Turbine & Steam Turbine – Speed Control Loop, Acceleration Control, Turbine Load Control Loop, MW Control and Governor Control

Successfully Commissioned Historian, operator stations, redundancy of Historians, alarm annunciations and sequence of event recording in Ovation DCS

Established OPC communication between power plant’s & desalination plant’s DCS & also between ABB steam turbine & Emerson Ovation DCS

Solved critical items & Punch list points for the final handover

General Electric, New Delhi India

Application Engineer – Instrument & Controls Nov 2000 – Mar 2004

GE-Fanuc is a General electric company and a supplier of PLC & SCADA systems worldwide. Their PLC system include 90-30, 90-70 & TUV certified SIL 3 Safety systems. Their SCADA platform includes CIMPLICITY & Intellution.

a)Carried out the software development & commissioning of 90-30, 90-70 PLC for power and water customers

b)Carried out programming & commissioning of GE Mark VI Turbine control system

c)Worked as a design engineer and created IO list, graphics & control logics for GE-Fanuc control systems

Accomplishments in General Electric:

1.Established first ever communication of GE-Fanuc PLC with Foxboro SCADA (Foxscada Rev-5) on Modbus over TCPIP protocol for client Gas authority of India Ltd., Delhi, India

EPS INSTRUMENTATION, New Delhi India Aug 1999 – Oct 2000 Project Engineer

a)Migrated Pneumatic Instrumentation into Electronic Instrumentation for Ammonia-I & Urea-I Fertilizer plant by installing Yokogawa Centum- CS DCS for client IFFCO, Phulpur, India

b)Performed Installation & commissioning of field instruments like Transmitters, control valves, flow meters, I/P converters, level & Pressure switches and Analyzers.

Accomplishments in EPS Instrumentation:

1.Successfully commissioned Yokogawa DCS for IFFCO fertilizer plant within the specified time & budget


I am an Australian citizen. I am currently stationed in Brisbane, Australia. I am planning to permanently migrate to USA in near future.

I have a valid H1B visa. It has 52 months remaining to reach the maximum limit of 6 years.

I have got a valid USA driving license of Pennsylvania State.

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