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Electrical Engineering

Columbus, Ohio, 43235, United States
150000 per year
January 06, 2017

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RESUME: VARADARAJAN PERUMAL < > Electrical Manager/Engineer Electrical Power System/Petrochemical/Oil/Refineries/Gas Industries/Utilities/Consulting & Contracting Companies in Projects/Engineering/Relay Protection/Testing/Commissioning/Startup/Operation/Maintenance (ax1c21612ts1).

1. STATUS: Authorized to work in USA.


• M.E.: 2 years Master’s Degree in Electrical Power System Engineering.

• M.B.A.: 2years Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

• B.E.: 5 years Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering.


Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Experience: 7 years since 1984.

Electrical Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Experience: 19 years since 1966.

Plastic Processing Industrial Experience: 25+ years since 1991-current.


Expertise: Electrical Design, Projects Design,Management, Construction, Engineering, Electrical Testing & Commissioning, Electrical Power System Operation & Preventive Maintenance, Environment, Safety & Training,.


5.1. Industry Sector:

• Electrical Maintenance, Trouble Shooting,Repairing, Operation of Electrical Power System Equipments in Electrical Transmission and Distribution System and Petrochemical Industries: (26 years).

• Electrical Design, Engineering, Construction of Projects of Electrical Power Projects for Electrical Transmission and Distribution Systems and Petrochemical Plant:( 26 years).

• Testing and Commissioning of Electrical Power System Equipments for Electrical Transmission & Distribution Systems and Petrochemical Industries: (26 years).

• Relay Protection and Metering Testing, Calibration & Commissioning for Electrical Power Transmission & Distribution Systems and Petrochemical Industries: (26 years).

• Design, Installation, Construction, Testing, Commissioning, Monitoring, Trouble Shooting and Maintenance of Cathodic Protection Systems in Petrochemical Plants: (7 years).

• Training and Development of Technical Personnel in Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution Systems & Petrochemical Plants: (26 years).

• Health, Safety & Environment. (HSE) in Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution Systems & Petrochemical Plants: (26 years).

• Industrial experience in Plastic Processing Industries in Injection Molding and Extrusion: (16 years).

• Developing and Writing Procedures for Standards, Specifications, Operation, Maintenance & Safety: (26 years).


19 yrs in Electrical Power Industry since 1966: Distribution Company in India, Saudi Arabia, Yemen Republic, In

• Relay Protection, Metering, Testing, Commissioning.

• Operation, Maintenance, Design, Engineering Projects, Plant Engineering, Planning, Technical Services.

• Safety relating to Electrical Power System Equipments, Human Resource & Material Management, Training.

7 years in Petrochemical & Continuous Process Industry since 1984:

• As Senior Electrical Engineer/Senior Supervisor in one of the world largest Petrochemical Plants, The Arabian Petrochemical Company, Saudi Arabia for Ethylene, Butene, Polystyrene, VCM,PVC Plants, Dock Tank Farm Export Facilities, Common Facilities and worked in various capacities in:

• Projects, Plant Engineering, Planning, Technical Services.

• Maintenance, Operation, Inspection, Safety, Training, Development, Human Resource & Material. Management.

25+ years of experience in Plastic Processing Industry since 1991 to current:

AS Manager in self owned Electro Plastic Manufacturing Industry in India, manufacturing Flexible Multi Core Cables & Injection Molded Power Cords, Connectors & Cable Harnesses for Original Equipment Manufacturers & worked in various capacities in Design, Engineering, Planning,Project,Construction,Marketing,Sales,Production,Finance, Human Resources, Material Management, Training, Development.


• Power System Protection, Art of Protective Relaying: By Central Electricity Authority of India.

• Power Line Carrier Communication and Protection Coupler: By BPL Systems and Projects, India.

• Safe Work Permits Class A, B, C: Issue and Receipts in Petrochemical and Power System: By

• Petrokemya and Royal Commission, Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia.

• Recycling of Plastics: By Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology of India.

• Entrepreneur Development and Training Program: By AIEMA Technology Center, India.

• Train the Trainer: Training Course on Teaching Course on Teaching and Training Tech: By Royal Commission, Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia.

• PERT and CPM Techniques: By National Productivity Council, India.

• Project Management Institute (PMI) Frame Work & Methodologies.

• SCRUM Frame Work & Methodologies.

• ITIL Frame Work & Methodologies.

• Manual Software Testing, Computer Software & Networking, Web Design.


• Electrical Testing Commissioning, System Operation, Sub Station Maintenance.

• Technical Services, Plant Engineering, Electrical Design & Engineering, Consultancy, Contracting

• Cathodic Protection.

• Relay Engineering, Power System Equipments.

• Projects, Project Construction, Inspection, Quality Assurance in Petrochemical Plants, Electrical Power Companies.

• Training & Development, HR Management, Material Management.

• Operation, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Startup.


• Good Communicator in English Speaking, Writing & Reporting.

• Analytical, Problem Solver, Trouble Shooter, Conflict Resolver.

• Good Leader, Supervisor, Manager, Motivator.

• Thinks Differently, Impacts Bottom Lines, Self Starter, Supervision not Needed.

• Adaptable to Environment, Multi Cultural, Open Minded, Good Listener.

• Quick Learner, Updates Knowledge & New Technology.

• Risk Taker & Manager, Skilled in Project Mgmt.

• Schedule, Cost, Time, Safety & Quality Conscious, Objective & Result Oriented, Pro Active.

• Training & Teaching Skills to train Engineers & Technicians.

• High Analytical Skills to Trouble Shoot, Fault Finding & Quick Decision Making.

• Leadership Skills & can lead the Team for effective performance.

• Multi Task Capability, Highly reliable, Dependable, result oriented & Can make a difference and impact bottom line

9. CONTRIBUTIONS MADE TO ORGANIZATIONS: 1. Reduced 2%Electrical Distribution Line Loss. 2. Saved Power System from Under Frequency. 3. Saved Lives from Substations Ground Potential Rise. 4. Solved Frequent Power Interruptions in Petrochemical Plant. 5. Proactive & Improved Plant & Power System Reliability. 6. Claimed Million Dollars Warranty & Completed. 7. Created State Record to Repair/Test Sick Energy Meters. 8. Tested &

Commissioned 100s of EHV/HV Substations Tested/Commissioned. 9. Trained 100s of Engineers/Techies. 10. Set Workload for Mass Testing of Energy Meters. 11. Classified Electrical Hazardous Area. 12. Completed New Petrochemical & Electrical Substation Project before Schedule.

10. LEAD/MANAGED/SUPERVISED Teams of 100s of Multi-National Engineers, Designers & Technician in Multinational Companies & Talented to handle Multi-Disciplinary, Multi-Functional, Multi Task Assignments & Projects under different Work Culture & Environments. An Experienced, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Efficient, Productive, Proactive, Electrical Engineer is an Asset. Perumal Varadarajan <> (ax1c21612ts1).


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