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Design Engineer Mechanical

Clarkston, Michigan, 48346, United States
January 06, 2017

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Mechanical Design Engineer Intern, recent graduate from Arizona State University

Experience in Product design, CAD modeling-developing part and assembly designs in CATIA, FEA/CAE analysis, manufacturing processes and DOE

Keen interest to be a Product Design Engineer; seeking new opportunities to design and develop highly functional, safe and reliable products in the automotive and manufacturing industry


Master of Science (MS) in Mechanical Engineering, Arizona State University-Tempe (3.45/4) May 2016

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Mechanical Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India (8.81/10) June 2014

Technical skills

CAD, CAE and PLM tools: AutoCAD, CATIA, Unigraphics NX, ANSYS, ABAQUS, Teamcenter

Multibody dynamics (MBD) tools: Adams Computational and statistical tools: MATLAB, JMP, Minitab Programming language: C++ Office suite: MS Office

Core competencies

CAD modeling, Structural analysis, FEA methods and their implementation in CAE tools, Design calculations, Multibody Dynamics (MBD), Design of Experiments and Optimization (DOE), FMEA, DVPR

Relevant coursework

Mechanical design & failure prevention, Finite Elements for Engineers, Advanced CAE simulation, Automobile Engineering, Vehicle Dynamics, Design of transmission systems, Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery, Manufacturing process, Design of Experiments, Process planning & control

Work experience

Mechanical Design Engineer Intern- Sential LLC September 2016-present

Currently working on the design and structural analysis of a chest compression device

Conceptualization of CAD design in CATIA and Multibody Dynamics simulation(MBD) in Adams/View

Performing design calculations, comparative and feasibility studies on different mechanisms to meet the packaging and performance requirements; Liaison with the manufacturers to convey design specs and order products

Chassis and Suspension designer- SAE INDIA BAJA All-Terrain Vehicle

Modeled the suspension subsystem and assembly inputting the hard points and stiffness parameters in Adams/Car to analyze the half-car kinematics & compliance characteristics. Optimized the suspension system according to the target curves. Developed tools and analysis process to aid junior students

Developed the 3D model in CATIA and performed FEA on the A-arms and the knuckle in ANSYS. Machined and welded components for assembly. Prepared and presented the technical design report at the Virtual Design Presentation with 3 team members

Achieved a better predicted performance with improved handling and prevented unexpected failure of parts; Achieved better scores in maneuverability and endurance tests than the previous design

Student Researcher-Arizona State University August-December 2015

Structural analysis and design qualification of a Rocket Thrust Vector Control (TVC) hydraulic filter

Modeled a TVC filter using Solidworks and analyzed it in ANSYS Workbench to test the design for Operating, Proof and Burst pressures and vibrations.

Set-up the model to simulate the operating conditions with appropriate boundary conditions and performed a mesh convergence study with 4% error tolerance. Performed design optimization on fillet radius to minimize the stress and the mass of the filter bowl

Presented a detailed technical report listing the calculated Margins of Safety and Fatigue Damage Ratios from the Pressure, Acceleration and Random vibration cases (from a PSD) along with design assessment and design suggestions

Design Intern-Royal Enfield Pvt. Ltd., India December 2012

Engine assembly & process team-Understood the components and working of a 4-stroke gasoline motorcycle engine with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) and a 5-speed constant mesh gearbox

Identified the processes in the engine manufacturing and assembly plant; Worked with the process team to learn how a DFMEA chart is prepared for a new engine head machining process for risk assessment & process validation

Design Intern-Brakes India Pvt. Ltd., India July 2012

Disc and drum brake Design and Testing department- Understood the automotive brake circuit and the working of the components of a disc and drum brake assembly (servo booster, master cylinder, proportioning valve, calipers) and performed CAD for a new rotor design

Identified and understood the different processes and layouts in the manufacturing plant

Learned about the test rig and components, assisted the test team to modify an existing test rig to run tests for design validation for a new product, accelerating the overall testing time and cost

Trainee-Ashok Leyland Ltd December 2011

Underwent an in-plant training at Ashok Leyland Ltd- Engine R&D to study and understand the types and working of diesel engines and components like camshafts, valves, turbochargers, etc.., and various performance and emission tests

Technical projects

Design of a Heat recovery system using Thermo Electric Generators (TEG) to reduce turbo lag in turbochargers

Designed a TEG and its mounting elements for a turbo-charged engine at the school’s I.C Engines laboratory using Pro- E and conducted a performance study on the engine to optimize the TEG location on the exhaust line to extract its maximum efficiency

Presented a model that uses the energy generated to reduce turbo lag in the engine and achieved a ~2.5% increase in the volumetric efficiency of the turbocharger

Design and Fabrication of door and ramp system for differently-abled people in low-floor buses

Designed an integrated door and ramp mechanism to utilize minimal space in buses; Fabricated and assembled the control system. Won the “most socially-relevant” project award in the project exhibition

Statistical analysis of factors influencing a penalty kick in soccer

Performed a full-factorial-2^k design(DOE-Design of Experiments) using JMP data analysis tool

Generated ANOVA, performed normality, constancy of variance and independence of observations checks and also obtained interaction effects. Interpreted the results to conclude on the deciding factors for a successful penalty kick

CAE solver development for Thermal & Structural Analysis of a flange plate using Finite Element (FE) methods

Developed MATLAB code to generate a finite element analysis (FEA) model of a rectangular flange plate that develops the mesh and solves stress and conduction equations.

Compared & validated the MATLAB solution with hand calculations and ABAQUS results. Also performed mesh convergence studies on the MATLAB and ABAQUS results

Pre-stressed modal analysis of a turbine blade design

Performed a modal analysis on a turbine blade after importing the CFD results into the model to extract the structural loads for the pre-stress condition

Extracted the mode shapes and the corresponding natural frequencies and compared the behavior for the pre-stress and no pre-stress conditions. Suggested design changes to prevent structural damage

Random vibration analysis of girder assembly

Performed a random vibration analysis of a girder assembly to characterize its behavior and response using a PSD (Power Spectral Density) to input the random vibration loads and prepared the model with necessary boundary conditions

Obtained the probable response results and interpreted the values with participation factors from modal analysis

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