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Hotel General Manager

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
January 05, 2017

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Cell: UAE +971**-***-****, (009****-**-***-**) Email: - Skype: arsao53

Personnel Details

Nationality Egyptian

Status Married

Address Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Telephone 009*********** / 009***********


Languages Arabic, English and French

Drivers Licence United Arab Emirates and Egypt

Last Salary 8,000 $ per month

Availability Immediate Effect


“I feel that my greatest strengths are:

Firstly my strong commitment to giving all hotel guests the best possible experience.

Secondly my skill at working efficiently as part of a team, and forming solid personal bonds with other staff members.

Thirdly my desire to do everything possible to ensure that my hotel not only meets but indeed exceeds all of the goals and targets set for it.”


An Egyptian Citizen with Over Twenty Five years’ experience, with Twenty years performed at the management level and above, in positions including Hospitality Consultant, General Manager, Owner Representative, General Manager commercial Hospitality.

Skilled in all aspects of hotel operations for large national and International properties, ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies, budgeting and forecasting of sales and revenue, P&L accountability, monitoring payroll, food and beverage cost controls, analyzing performance trends, scheduling staff and hotel management meetings, and coordinating all departments, including Sales, Front Office, Reservations, Housekeeping, Convention Services, Guest Relations, Food & Beverage, Banquets, Security, and Senior Management.

Human Resource experience includes recruitment, screening, hiring, implementation of training programs, effective discipline, prevention of internal theft, coaching and motivation of staff, ensuring compliance with minority hiring regulations, organizing participation in job fairs, safety and accident awareness, management development, and production of comprehensive employee rules and procedures manuals.

Well-developed communication skills demonstrated through generation of in-depth reports, group speaking and presentation skills, extensive public relations, and the ability to interact productively with individuals from all backgrounds.

Knowledgeable in computer operations and applications including IBM-PC, Windows 95 / 98, Microsoft Word, Excel, Works, Desktop Publishing, Internet, and E-Mail programs.

Owning Company, chairman, key clients, vendors, and staff for leadership skills, ability to execute directives, analysis and marketing skills, superior performance, detail-oriented management style, effective decision-making, and timely completion of all project.

Today looking for a NEW CHALLENAGE with a new position, to take an active part in the development, with a new professional challenge to face. I want to put my abilities to work for a reputable Organization.

Excellent in English, Arabic and French, I can adapt to talk to any type of person and in any type of situation. I am a man with practical experience, and like to combine the interests of the owner and those of my staff with those of my clientele, always aiming to maintain quality and comfort.


Hospitality and Hotel Management skills

Able to work effectively under time and resource constraints

Can prioritize and handle multiple tasks while meeting established deadlines.

Ability to manage the planning and preparation of capital and operating budgets.

Developing added-value customer service programs

Extensive experience of working in a face to face customer service environment.

Able to take responsibility in emergency situations

Courteous and always focused on providing a consistently high standard of customer service

Coordinating any renovation or rebuilding work, and ensuring it is cost effective

Maintaining correct staffing levels in line with busy periods and holiday leave.

Providing reports, as required, for the owner.

Business Administration

Event management

Extensive experience pre-opening, opening of hotels, resorts & hotel apartments and Clubs.

Asset Management & Owning company representation.

Start up and reorganization Hotels and hotel and Catering Companies.

Development of various Operating Manuals and Corporate Identity.

New project feasibility and evaluation, market analysis.

Development of collateral, brochures, appointments of Marketing Reps.

Revenue Management.


Consistently striving for continuous improvement whilst ensuring a high level of professionalism.

Can work collaboratively and communicate effectively with team members at all levels.

Treating all hotel staff fairly, consistently and without prejudice.

Possessing an enthusiastic management style that keeps all staff engaged

Logical, passionate and determined when approaching problems.





Hilton International Dubai & Fujairah -



ADNHCO – Abu Dhabi National Hotels –Catering Division



ADNHCO- Abu Dhabi National Hotels – Al Diar Hotels and Resorts Div.



Mubadala CapitaLand – Capitala



Guest Hotel Management



ARO Hospitality Consultancy – Self Consultant -




Service orientated


Leadership skills

Professional judgment

Problem solving

Super organized

Decision making



Excellent communicator

Tactful & articulate

Well organized


Pre-Opening, Opening and start operations of Food @Beverages, Cleaning, Security of ADNIC project “

At Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center”.

Preopening opening and Start Operation with Family Entertainment center with BANAHILL Resort, Dana nag, Vietnam

The Development of Kanon Hotels Group operations in Khartoum, Sudan ( 3 Hotels )

Pre-opening, Opening and operating ORIENTAL Hotel, Abu Dhabi.

Visibility Study for Sharjah ORIENTAL Hotel, 250 Rooms.

Mobilization and opening of QUEST catering company in Cairo, EGYPT.

Academic Qualifications

Faculty Of Law, Ein Shams University, Egypt, Cairo 1972 - 1977

Bachelor’s Degree in LAW - (Hons)

Michigan State University -The American Hotels and Motels Association -USA 1990 - 1994

Diploma in Hotel management with 15 Subject materials

Career Courses

HILITES – Hilton international lessons in teaching effective supervision 1983

Hilton International Dubai

Rink Advanced General Manager Certificate 1994

The Ice Skating Institute Of America – Orlando - USA

Additional information:

Software skills: Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), e-mail, Internet, Hotix hotel system, Fidelio, Opera and Micros

Hobbies: Music, Cinema, Theatre, Travel, Scuba-diving

Summary of Experiences

April 2015 Hospitality Consultant (Self Consultant)

Present Hospitality,

ARO Hospitality Consultancy

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Consultancy Hospitality, (Hotels, Catering, Clubs, leisure)

Dec. 2011 General Manager /Owner Representative, (Hospitality, Residential, Commercial)

April 2015 Hospitality, -Hotels, Real Estate

GUEST Hotel Management Co.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Real Estate < Hospitality, Hotels

4 Y. – 4 M.

Jan 2009 General Manager Commercial Hospitality, (Real Estate, Hospitality) -

Dec. 2011 Hospitality

Mubadala CapitaLand – Capitala

Abu Dhabi UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Real Estate Hospitality

2 Y. - 11 M.

Sep. 1999 General Managers - Al Sadyaat Resort and Abu Dhabi Tourist Club / Owner Representative

Jan. 2009 Abu Dhabi National Hotels Co. – Al Diar Hotels and Resorts Div. -ADNHCO

Abu Dhabi UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Hospitality (Resorts, Sports, Club, Catering )

9 Y. – 4 M.

1988 Operations Manager -Zayed Sport City

1999 (Ice Rink, Bowling, Tennis, Football Stadium, Retails & Catering Venues

Abu Dhabi National Hotels Co – Catering Division

Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Hospitality (Catering, Leisure)

11 Year

1985 Deputy General Manager in charge for sales and Marketing

1988 Hilli Fun City and Al Ain Ice Rink - ADNHCO

Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Leisure Parks and Catering

3 Year

1982 Purchasing and Credit Manager

1985 Fujairah Hilton Hotel


3 Year

1978 Receiving clerk, night auditor and income auditor

1982 Dubai Hilton hotel and Dubai Trade Center Apartment


5 Year

Reason to Move:

The role in my Previous Job has expanded my experience in terms of diversification but I feel that the opportunities to progress are very low and the position has reached its plateau.

In order to spread my wings further, I am doing a self-consultancy job but scouting for a challenging and rewarding opportunity, where my skills and talent set can be put to better use for the productive development for the benefit of the new Employer company and my personal achievement also.

The Details of Work Experiences

1-Position : Hospitality Consultant

Company: ARO Hospitality Consultancy

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Period: From April 2015 till Present

Industry: “Hotel, Clubs, Catering and Leisure “Management and Consultancy

The Role

Primarily concerned with an experience of 5 years in the field of hospitality management services to helps in providing strategies, solution and services that are profitable for the clients and also helps in growing hospitality portfolio and Revenue Generation

To help Client’s organization to solve issues, create value, maximize growth and improve business performance.

To provide objective advice and expertise and help The Client organization to develop any specialist skills that it may be lacking.

To identify options for the Client organization and suggest recommendations for change, as well as advising on additional resources to implement solutions.

My main role specializes in:

Revenue Management

Sales Representation

Hotel Distribution

Hotel Internet Marketing

Hotel Management

Hotel Pre-Opening Planning

Hotel Asset Management


It is vary depending on the client and type of project.

carrying out research and data collection to understand the Client organization;

conducting analysis;

Interviewing the client's employees, management team.

running focus groups and facilitating workshops;

Preparing business proposals and presentations.

identifying issues and forming hypotheses and solutions;

presenting findings and recommendations to clients;

implementing recommendations/solutions and ensuring the client receives the necessary assistance to carry it all out;

managing projects and programmes;

leading and managing those within the team, including analysts;

Liaising with the client to keep them informed of progress and to make relevant decisions.

Attending tourism trade fairs and exhibitions.


Operations Management: Team Building, Human Resources, Personnel Benefits, Team Facilitation, Training/ Development

Research & Development: Strategic/Tactical Planning, Competitor Analysis Marketing Strategies, Policy/ Procedure

Development, Problem Resolution, Project Planning, and Risk Management

Organizational: P&L Management, Financial Reporting, Budget Planning/Preparation Expense Reductions, and Cost Control

Public/Business Relations: Seminars, Community Presentations, Contract Negotiations Board Participation, Team Facilitation, and Member Management

Work Experiences - Continue

2-Position : General Manager, Owner Representative Industry: Hospitality “Hotels, Catering “

Company: Guest Hotels Facilities Management Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Guest Hotel Management Company in Abu Dhabi UAE operates a chain of luxury properties across the UAE. Since Their inception in the early 2010’s, they have been guided with the passion of designing, constructing and managing unique architecture and accommodation experience for their guests. Today, Guest Hotel Management Company maintains a total of three deluxe hotel apartments, in Abu Dhabi and Ajman plus the sharjah one which is under construction, each one offers one-of-a-kind personality and ambience

Period: From December 2011 - till April 2015 (4) Years and (4) months

Industry: Hospitality “Hotels, Catering “

Corporate Office :

The purpose of the role is to run the operations for the 55 million AED turnover businesses and enhance the revenue by offering add on and timely service. And its employees 350 people across the UAE region

Report to “ the President “ the Chairman of the company

Oversee the development and implementation of all the company's activities including marketing, financial control. Heading the Entire Operations of the hotel business of the Group across the UAE Region.

Prepare plans and programmes to achieve approved objectives and oversee their implementations.

submit an annual operating budget, capital budget and manpower budget

Provide the appropriate resources including manpower for the execution of goals and plans

Set measurable KPIs for staff and conduct objective assessments to motivate and build capacity and capability among the staff

Select subordinate staff

Ensure that the company complies with all statutory and regulatory requirements.

Oversee the development and implementation of all activities

Oversight of all day to day Oriental Hotel operation, administration, guest service, maintenance & employee development & welfare in coordination with the Department Heads.

Reviewing, developing & enhancing the current operation manual & implement for consistent use throughout the Hotels.

Establishing operational service ensuring the highest level of guest service.

Reviewing and if necessary, realigning market positioning of Hotels.

Creating pre-opening plan for each new Hotel & to drive its implementation.

Leading the pre-opening team (Re opening Of Oriental Hotel in the successful on-time & on-budget opening of the Hotel.

Working closely with the HR department to develop training programs driving operational & Service standards while advancing company culture.

Ensuring maintenance of company vision & culture.

Regular financial & report review of each Hotel.

Functioning as Key communicator between The Owner & individual Hotels.

Managing & approving all FF&E related issues and obtain the company Chairman Approval.

Coordinating & implementing cost control; measures.

Preparing & approving annual Hotel budgets and obtain approvals from Chairman.

Review hospitality operations and sales, marketing & accounting, IT and human resources,

Conduct quality control inspections and evaluate report findings in order to mitigate risks

Work out the local legal requirements and standards and make sure that all are Obtained at the correct time for present operations and new development especially Tourism department licenses (Abu Dhabi Tourism Department) and municipality, Firefighting.

Preparing The Feasibility study for the new Proposed Sharjah Oriental Hotel at Emirate of Sharjah.

Participate with the owner in obtaining the new hotel fund through a Local UAE Bank.

Negotiate with the international hotel brands the terms and conditions of managing the New Sharjah Hotel especially the management contract terms and Conditions.

In operating Abu Dhabi Oriental Hotel :

Develop the renovation strategy and oversaw the AED. 12 million remodel while still open for business during 2011.

Successfully increased revenues during 2012 by 120 % from previous years.

Provide each guest with an exceptional stay which facilitated an increase in the average daily rate of 10 %

.Increased productivity by decreasing employee turn-over by 50%.

Reorganized accounting department and implemented new control procedures resulting in increased efficiency.

Increased guest satisfaction scores by 10% from previous year..

The Owner's representative Role

To control the co-ordination between the Business Owner and operating party ensuring compliance of the service level agreement.

Assisting the sourcing and acquisition of hotels and or management contracts.

Prepare the annual business plan with particular focus on accurate revenue forecasting for the Hotels.

Clearly and concisely frames issues to be researched and reports the analysis with recommended course of action

Liaise in Al Smou Group ( Real Estate Div. ) with a team of qualified & experienced internal and external architects, planners, specialist consultants and ensuring present and proposed Hotels project is managed and completed satisfactorily meeting all the different criterion and within budget timelines and costs.

Work Experiences - Continue

3-Position : General Manager Commercial Hospitality

Company: Mubadala CapitaLand – Capitala

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Period: From Jan.2009 - till Dec. 2011 - (2) Years and (11) months

Industry: Real Estate – Hospitality Hotels

Duties and Responsibilities :

Strategy Development, Planning

Forecast market Trends in a Proactive manner and Plan, Organize, Execute, Control the Business Development activities in a profitable manner as per the Vision of the company.

Ensure the VISION & MISSION objectives of the organization is percolated to the down the line in the manner in which they understand.

Marketing / Business Administration and Development

Keep a watch on brand image to build more brand awareness and loyalty through consumer need based plans.

For effective marketing new tools to be explored concentrating on e-marketing plans.

Monitor, analyze the product, menu and revenues of completion and suggest plans and ideas to management for market excellence.

Involve in streamlining current operations and employ best practices to maintain the competitiveness of the Operations.

Operational Management

Ensuring that the day to day operations are hassle free and profitable with appropriate checks and controls. .

Implement norms and procedures for Annual Revenue / Manpower / Financial Budgeting and ensure the achievement and compliance of the budgeting.

Team / Relationship Management

Developing and maintaining effective strategic relationships with internal as well as external customers.

Developing a wide range of relationships and networks with the local, national and international clients and retail industry to position the Operations as a well-known and credible organization throughout the industry

Personnel Management

Ensure that all the Policies and SOP’s of all the departments of the organization are formulated / customized /modified as per the needs of THE Operations & changing trends in the Market.

Ensure the Performance Management System and Career Development plans are implemented at all levels to recognize and encourage the talent pool in the organization.

Build leaders through succession planning and multi skill assessment

Involve in talent acquisition and talent maximization of the division and employees.

Handle team discipline issues and ensure the adherence to Code of Conduct at all level always.

Employ team motivational tools and implement methods and actions to boost the team morale there by improving the productivity levels at all levels.

Staff and Contractor Management and Leadership

Involve in vendor development, negotiations, new vendors identification in coordination with purchase department.

Ensure appropriate checks and controls are employed for the accurate quality and quantity of the products.


Overhauled the online booking system, resulting in streamlined customer contact services

Oversaw the redesign and marketing of the Hotel website, which resulted in a 10% increase in bookings within 4 months.

Received a local business award for exceptional service

Work Experiences - Continue

4-Position : General Manager – (Abu Dhabi Tourist Club & Al Sadyaat Resort ) / Owner representative

Company: Abu Dhabi National Hotels Company – Al Diar Hotels Division

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Period: From Sep. 1999 - till Jan. 2009 – ( 9 Years and 4 Months )

Industry: Hospitality “Hotels, Club and Catering “

Regarding Al Sadyaat Resort

Reports to: The Director General – Al Diar Hotels and Resorts Div. ADNHCO (Abu Dhabi National Hotels Co. )

Key accountability

Responsible for achieving optimal guest satisfaction and a good working environment to attain all set objectives.

Run the Resort in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures and Policies as set out by the company.

To maintain the implementation of optimal and attractive products and services required to address the Resort’s target groups, based on pre-agreed marketing plans and budgets.

To ensure the correct production and distribution of information and promotion materials as agreed to.

Guard the efficiency/productivity and the company results:

Draw up plans and budget concepts (revenues, costs, etc.);

Safeguard the realization, tracing and adjustment of deviations;

Developing improvement actions, carry out costs savings;

Guard/ controlling of cost price.

Delivering of data and proposals for the budgets and investments.

Safeguard quality of operations (internal & external audits)

Manage the various Department Heads

Coordinate planning of Department Heads and Assistant Managers with regard to time-tables, work schedules, employment of employees within the different services; solving of bottle necks;

Coordination of the execution of activities via instructions to the Heads of Departments/ Assistant Managers, supervision of the execution;

Determination of the workforce, recruitment and hiring of new staff, supervision of sufficient introduction, execution of performance reviews and training of staff.

Accountable for responsibilities of department heads in their absence.

Implement the SOPs optimally in the Resort and the club and act as a flag ship establishment for the brand.

Prepare a monthly financial reporting.

Ensure an adequate administration, for the outgoing and incoming invoices, for the payment of invoices and for drawing up

Periodical management data. Justify deviations and differences.

Other tasks

Handling complaints.

Other reliable to the above mentioned, tasks in order of the executive;

Handing over opinions and beliefs, decisions etc. to the executives;

Leading various internal and external meetings;

Supervise the fulfillment of the regulations of the employment

legalization, Occupational Health & Safety Act, HACCP, legionella, fire regulations and other legal requirements

Correct use of Company's corporate identity.

Maintain contacts with public authorities.

Work Experiences - Continue

Club Management

Job Summary:

The role to provide leadership and management to the entire Social and Sports Abu Dhabi Tourist Club and Sadyaat Resort.

Implements the Owner (Abu Dhabi Government) strategy and provides recommendations and advice to the owner committee for various aspects of club management and improvement.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

Planning, directing, coordinating and evaluating all activities of the club in order to ensure that it effectively carries out the members’ objective.

propose and design the club and resort business strategy to the head office for approval then follows up implementation

The final approval for the key management issues in the club and the resort property (Capital expenditures, Refurbishment, training, Customer service)

Finance management

Preparing the club and resort Annul budget to be submitted first to head office (ADNH) for approval then to be forwarded to the Government the owner committee for final approval.

Ensure that the club operations are financially sustainable.

Enforce internal controls to safeguard club's asset and resources.

Provide leadership in formulation and implementation of annual work plans/ budgets.

Ensure that the club operates at positive cash flow at all times.

Maintain strong relationships with financial institutions, suppliers and the owner committee.

Ensure all expense control systems are in place with close monitoring of all department expenses including revenue to payroll ratio. Ensure appropriate forecasting systems are utilized.

Human Resources

Ensure optimal levels of competent staff by utilizing labor scheduling tools to follow demand patterns.

Enforce Performance management and service delivery.

Promote an organization culture in line with the core values of the club.

Manages staff by training, directing, supervising, evaluating and implementing corrective action when required.

Conducts weekly department head bi-monthly co-worker meetings

Manages facilities by working closely with all department heads to ensure compliance with the ADNH (Abu Dhabi National Hotels Co.) standards.

Acts as a role model for all employees by demonstrating behavior and work ethic expected of all club employees.

Ensure all Club Policies & Procedures are adhered to and ensure all Club staff is accountable for compliance of these Policies & Procedures.


Overseeing implementation of the club and course master plan.

Promote the club as a premier sports and Social destination.

Develop and maintain relationships with existing and potential corporate clients.

Continuously improve the quality of the club service and activities.

Develop and implement plans to ensure the club dominance of sports in Abu Dhabi and All UAE.

Ensure efficient administration of all sports and social events & activities


Work closely with, and implement decisions of the membership committee in respect of new and existing members.

Ensures open communication and high visibility to members and guests by constant engagement with members.

Models and reinforces by acknowledging, greeting and thanking all members and their guests.

Maintain and grow membership and customer base by promptly handling member and guest concerns and issues.

Generate revenue by acting as sales manager for the entire club; expand sales by initiating and monitoring effectiveness of monthly promotions, demand managements, and demand creation strategies.

Work Experiences - Continue


Restaurants and Catering Service

Maintains and Grows membership and customer patronage by improving the levels of service and quality of food, beverages and product offering.

Monitoring inventory levels for Food and Beverage and ensuring wastage is minimized.

Expanding sales by initiating and monitoring effectiveness of monthly promotions, demand management and implementing demand management strategies.

Focus on revolutionizing service levels of all areas of the club.

Communication, Marketing and Events

Ensure constant and professional internal communication to members to keep them updated about the club.

Create a calendar of events for the members. It used to include at least 4 non-sports related events per month. These always are marketed and communicated effectively to members.

Create avenues for effective member feedback and ensure the feedback is acknowledged and acted on.

Ensure external events are run efficiently (weddings, conferences, corporate days etc…)


Investigate and manage all security concerns.

Follows occupational health and safety guidelines and conducts regular safety meetings.

Additional Responsibilities

Any other duties that may be assigned by the ADNHCO Board and the Owner Committee.

Ensure the club is not placed in a position of liability by acts of negligence or poor management decisions.

Other Employment

Aug1988- Sept.1999

Abu Dhabi National; Hotels Company

Catering Division / Leisure _ADNHCOMPASS

Operations Manager - (11) years

Sep 1985 – Aug. 1988

Abu Dhabi National Hotels, Catering Division / Leisure

Al Hilli Fun City – Al AIN

Deputy General Manager- (3) years

Jan 1982 – Aug 1985

Hilton International Fujairah

Purchasing &Credit Manager – (3) years

Jun 1981 – Jan 1982

Hilton International Dubai

Income Auditor – (1) year

Mar 1980 – Jun 1982

Hilton International Dubai

Night Auditor – (2) year

Dec 1978 – Mar 1980

Hilton International Dubai

Receiving Clerk – (2) years


Name Company Telephone Number

Hani Farag National Tourism Corporation +971-**-*******

Aziz Osman National Tourism Corporation +971-**-*******

AbdulKarem Al Zarouni National Bank of Abu Dhabi +971-**-*******

Hassan Al shemi Abu Dhabi National Hotels Co. +971-**-*******

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