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Clinical Research Coordinator

Al Ain, AZ, United Arab Emirates
January 05, 2017

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Personal Information

Name : Khaled Hussein Al qawasmeh

Nationality : Jordanian

Place and date of birth : Amman - Jordan, 23 August 1967

Marital Status : Married

Address : Tawam Hospital, Oncology Department

Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE

PO Box 15258

Tel: 009***********

Email :


Licensing Body Professional Status

License Number

Valid Until

Jordan Nurses and Midwifes Council/ Jordan

Registered Nurse


30 Jan 2017

Licensing Body Professional Status

License Number

Valid Until

Health Authority of Abu Dhabi

Registered Nurse


June, 14 2016

License number

Valid Until


July, 03 2016


Qualification Attained

Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing

Date Started

June 1985

Name of Institute

Bagdad University

Date Completed

June 1989

Address of Institute

Bagdad, Iraq

Master’s program

Master’s in Nursing Science (Clinical Nurse Specialist, Oncology/Hematology)

Date started

June 1995

Name of Institute

University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing

Date completed

June 1998

Address of Institute

Philadelphia, PA, USA, 19104-6096

Special Certificates or Programs

CCRP Certification, Society of Clinical Research Association, 18-September-2015. Denver, USA.

OCN Certification, Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation, 30-December-2011. Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Chemotherapy and Bio therapy Course by ONS, May, 13-14, 2008, (Renewal, 2015) Philadelphia USA

Hematology Nursing Diploma, Jan to Jun 2014. American Institute of Health Care and Hospital management.

Three days ICH-GCP Advance Training Course, 8th -10th April 2010, Dubai UAE.

Clinical Trials Workshop, Clin-Art, 13th – 14th of May 2011, Dubai UAE.

Introduction to Good Clinical Practice, Certificate based examination. 14th – 15th December 2012, Dubai UAE.

Clinical Research Training Program in Hematology and Oncology, 25th -26th of Jan 2013. Amman Jordan.

ICH-GCP Workshop by Clin Academy, 16 November 2013. Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

SOCRA Clinical Research Professional Certification Preparation and GCP Review Course, 14th- 15th July 2014. Kansas City USA.

SOCRA Clinical Science Course for Clinical Research Professionals. 20th – 24th July 2015 Chicago, IL USA.

SOCRA Clinical Research Professional Certification Preparation and GCP Review Course, 16th of Sep 2015. Denver Co USA.

SOCRA annual Conference, 17th- 20th Sep 2015. Denver CO USA.

Shedding Light on Research web course, January, 2011, By Oncology Nursing Society, Pittsburg USA

Work Experience

1.Tawam Hospital

Years of Experience:

I am working as Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator for oncology and hematology clinical trials. Since October 2009. (CCRP) certification SOCRA.

Chairman of Nursing Research Committee, Tawam Hospital.

Main duties and achievements:

Managing and coordinating phase 2, 3, 3B, and 4 clinical trials in oncology and hematology

Responsible for coordination, appropriate internal review and approval of Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA),

Responsible for timely review of Adverse Event Expedited Reporting System (AdEERS) reports, Clinical Safety Reports (CSR), and Risk Profiles

Responsible for all other communications and meetings between Tawam Hospital and Sponsor or the CRO.

Manage clinical trials budget, negotiating clinical trial budget with sponsor and coordinating payments outline.

Develops, implements, monitors & improves nursing quality research and nursing quality improvement projects.

As a senior member of oncology therapeutic area, served a mentor and program lead to new employees and participated on various committees including: Project Development Teams, Publications Teams, Medical Monitoring Committees, and Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE).

Provides evaluation, direction and guidance in the proper selection, use, care and control of material resources to all clinical trials projects.

Appraises quality and effectiveness of material and equipment used in clinical trials in the Outpatient Oncology Areas and collaborate with appropriate departments to assist with proper handling and storage of medications and materials according to the protocol.

Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities, reviewing professional publications, maintaining personal networks, and participating in professional organizations

Provides direction, motivation, education and leadership to all nurses involved in clinical

Participated in develpoing the call centre for the uint.

The avarage waiting time for the physican visit decreased from 47 min to 14 min on april 2010.

Complete all the monthly reports for the clinical trials activities, data management and statistics.

II.Tawam Hospital Oncology Clinic and Infusion Center:

I.1 worked as a senior charge nurse (Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist) OCN / oncology hematology outpatient and infusion center. Administering chemotherapy and targeted therapy to cancer patients sine June 1998 till October 2009.

Main duties and achievements:

Effective and efficient management skills of staffing resources developed

As a masters’ degree prepared nurse, a clinical nurse specialist in oncology. I serve as charge nurse of oncology services in the out-patients and Infusion center administering chemotherapy for cancer patients in oncology and hematology settings

Working as an active member of various committees and groups; developing deferent policies and procedures and making sure that patient care is provided within the regulatory body Scope of practice, organization policies and procedures

Staff education and development by introducing evidence based practice and continues education.

Fostering the scientific nursing approach has significant outcomes include increased staff awareness about scientific nursing practice, and evidenced based nursing care.

Active participant at the oncology course at Tawam Hospital.

President of the hematology diploma at the Emirates Hematology Society.

Supervision of staff in the delivery of care to cancer patients

2.Al Hussain Cancer Centre Amman Jordan

I worked in Hematology-Oncology outpatients unit since July, 1995 till Sep, 1998 as a clinical nurse specialist in oncology.

My Main Duties:

To provide good quality of care to all the oncology patients in the unit.

Administer the chemotherapy agents and the related medication in high standards and according to hospital policy

Help in orienting the new staff members to the unit

Participate in improving the unit education program by giving some oncology lectures.

Helping in the development of policies and procedures at oncology unite.

Professional memberships

Member on the medication utilization committee at Tawam hospital

Member on the oncology patient and family education committee at Tawam hospital

Chair of the Nursing research committee at Tawam hospital

Member on the oncology service committee at Tawam hospital

Member on the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) in the USA.

Member of the ISNCC (International Society Of Nurses in Cancer Care), since 2012.

Member of the EONS (European Oncology Nursing Society) since 2007.

Member of SOCRA research organization since 2014.


High incidence of microsatellite instability and loss of heterozygosity in TP53Alu, Mfd41 and Mfd28 among breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy

Nasir Kamat1, Mohammed A. Khidhir2, Mohammed Jaloudi3, Sabir Hussain3 Mouied M. Alashari4, Khaled H. Al Qawasmeh3 and Ulf Rannug11Department of Genetics, Microbiology and Toxicology, Stockholm University, Stockholm Sweden. 2Department of Genetics Research, Management of Natural Conservations, 3Department of Oncology and Hematology, and 4Department of Pathology, Tawam Hospital, UAE.

Choroidal Metastases from Breast Carcinoma: Case series

Jaloudi Mohammad, MD1, Sivatrakasam Karthiga, MD2, Al Qawasmeh Khaled, MD1, Kanbar Jihad, MD1, Kumar Pawan, MD1(1) Department of Oncology, Tawam Hospital, Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE

(2) Department of Radiotherapy, Tawam Hospital, Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Impact of Oncotype DX Assay on decision making in estrogen receptor positive early breast cancer. H.Jaafar, A. Taher, K. Qawasmeh, M. Jaloudi. 13th st. Gallen conference primary therapy of early breast cancer, the breast, 2251 (201) 520-570.

Everolimus with endocrine therapy as a treatment option in ER + MBC failing at least one line of endocrine therapy: a single institute experience

Jaafar H, Elzain R, Alqawasmeh K, Trad D, Jaloudi M.

Department of Oncology, Tawam Hospital, Al Ain, United Arabic Emirates

Submitted for publication in the Pan Arab Journal of oncology

Improved Outcome by Using Lapatinib after the Failure of Trastuzumab Therapy

H Jaafar, M Jaloudi, K ALQaqwasmeh

Tawam Hospital, AL Ain, UAE

Lapatinib in ErbB2+ Metastatic Breast Cancer

H Jaafar, M Jaloudi, K ALQawasmeh

Tawam Hospital, AL Ain, UAE

Booklet, Psycho-Social Concerns of Cancer Patients and their Families, University of Pennsylvania, USA, June 1995.

Long lasting response with Lapatinib and Capecitabine in HER2 Positive Brain Metastases

M Jaloudi, H Jaafar, K ALQawasmeh

Tawam Hospital, AL Ain, UAE

Lapatinb and Letrozole in a premenopausal female following surgical ovarian ablation

M Jaloudi, H Jaafar, K ALQawasmeh

Tawam Hospital, AL Ain, UAE

Prolonged tumor response in skin and soft tissue metastasis with Lapatinib and Capecitabine.

H Jaafar, M Jaloudi, K ALQawasmeh

Tawam Hospital, AL Ain, UAE


Clinical Trials what every nurse need to Know? December 2013, UAE.

Distress in Cancer Patients, Tawam Hospital Experience, UAE, November 2013.

A Review of the Use of Rituximab at Tawam Hospital, UAE Rania Slika Pharm.D.*, Nicole Gebran Pharm D, BCPS*, Khaled Al Qawasmeh RN, MSN , Kholoud Jamal, RPh*, Aya Takieddine Pharm D*, Abdelmajid Al Natsheh RPh, BCOP*, Arif Alam M.D. #

Outcome of CML patients treated with Imatinib; a retrospective analysis. Experience of Tawam Hospital a tertiary care oncology center in UAE. *SabirHussain MD, *Khaled Al qawasmeh, RN, MSN, *Masood Rahman MD, *Amar Lal MD, *Asad Khan MD, *Arif Alam MD.*Tawam Hospital, Al Ain UAE

Improve Patients' Adherence to Oral Cancer Therapy *Khaled Al Qawasmeh, RN, MSN, OCN, CTN, Department of Oncology, Tawam Hospital, Al Ain, UAE

Nurses Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Cancer Pain Management By Khaled Al Qawasmeh RN, MSN, Oncology Clinic Poster presentation for the UAE Cancer Congress Dubai 2010.

Educational Needs Assessment of Cancer Patients at Tawam Hospital, By Khaled Al Qawasmeh RN, MSN, Oncology Clinic

Nurse Knowledge and attitude about cancer pain management, qualitative study, Tawam Hospital, 2008

Safe Handling and Administration of Antineoplastic Chemotherapy By: Khaled Al Qawasmeh, RN, MSN, CTN, and Oncology Research Nurse

Nursing Research

Distress in Cancer Patients, Tawam Hospital Experience

Khaled Al qawasmeh, RN, MSN, OCNS, CTN

Tawam Hospital, Oncology Department, UAE

Improve Patients Adherence to Oral Cancer Therapy by: Khaled Al Qawasmeh, RN, MSN, CTN, Tawam Hospital, UAE

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Proposal for Optimizing the Quality of Medical and Nursing Care for Pediatric Patients at the End of Life – In Abu Dhabi area

Scholarships and Awards

Recipient of a grant for obtaining the Master Degree of Oncology Nursing, University of Pennsylvania/School of Nursing (Philadelphia, PA, USA) From Al Hussein Cancer Center (Amman Jordan) in August 1993.

Professional presenter

Professional presenter for the Oncology Course, Tawam Hospital, since 2010 until today.

Professional presenter for the hematology course, Emirates Hematology Society, since 2013.

Professional presenter and committee member of the Emirates Oncology Conference, since 2011.

Professional presenter and committee member of the Emirates Hematology Conference, since 2010.


Satish Chandra

Clinical Research Director

Tawam Hospital, UAE

Tel: 009***********

Hassan Jaafar, MD

Consultant Medical Oncology

Tawam Hospital, UAE

Tel: 009***********

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