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Technician Maintenance

Mariveles, Central Luzon, Philippines
500+allowance+boarding hauz/staffhouse
January 04, 2017

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Sonny Rey Maquilan

Mobile number: 093*-***-**** / 092*-***-****

Contact Information:

Semilla St San Carlos Mariveles Bataan

To secure an AC Technician position with a successful, well-established organization that will enable me to grow professionally while contributing to the company’s goals and objectives.


GEM Technology Vocational School

RAC Servicing

Pasan,Guinacot Bohol

GEM Technology Vocational School

Building Wiring

Pasan,Guinacot Bohol

Secondary Level

Catungawan National High School

Catungawan, Guindulman Bohol

Graduate – SY 2011

Primary Level

Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Integration School

Punta Sta. Ana Manila

Graduate – SY 2001

In-depth Knowledge and experience to install, maintain and repair AC

Great knowledge of the laws, regulations and safety procedures related to AC equipment.

Operational knowledge of electrical circuits

Amazing ability to work safely and effectively with all types of power and hand tools

Ability to handle busy workload

Skyrise Builders Management Inc.

T.Padilla St. Cebu City

Mobile #: 092******** / 093********

Position: Assistant Aircon Technician

A.R.M. Resources, Inc. under Mitsumi Philippines Inc.

Economic Zone, Mariveles, Bataan

Position: Aircon Technician (Maintenance and Repair)

Date: September 27, 2016 - Present

Job Description:


Duties & Responsibilities:

1.Conduct maintenance check for air-con, heaters and coolers

2.Install Air-con and heaters.

3.Repair damage and dysfunctional air-con, heaters and coolers

4.Check its functions and status

5.Fix and check backage type and Split type

6.Change spare parts

7.Encode the reported damage of the air-con, heaters or cooler

8.Check the its major parts (i.e. Freon)

9.Conduct daily routine for inspections

10.Check leakage

Delta Earthmoving Incorporation under GN POWER Dinginin Coal Plant Project (GNPD)

Dinginin Mariveles Bataan

Tel #: +(63) (2) 687-1000; 687-1265; Fax: +(63) (2) 687-3000; 584-8276


Position: Auto Aircon Technician (Maintenance and Repair)

Date: June 20 2016 – Present

Job Description:

Automotive Air Conditioning Technicians install and repair car and truck air-conditioners and service their components, such as compressors, condensers, and controls.


Duties & Responsibilities:

1.In charge in diagnosing and repairing domestic and foreign vehicles especially heavy equipment vehicle, maintaining high satisfaction and meeting productivity and efficiency numbers.

2.Installs and repairs automotive air-conditioning units: Bolts compressor to engine block and installs driving pulley on front end of crankshaft.

3.Places fan belt on pulleys, adjusts tension, and tightens bolts.

4.Bolts evaporator unit under dashboard or in trunk.

5.Welds or bolts mounting brackets to automobile frame.

6.Drills holes through interior panels, threads hoses through holes and connects hoses to compressor, evaporator, and cool-air outlet.

7.Fills compressor with refrigerant and starts unit.

8.Measures compressor pressure to determine efficiency of compressor, using gauge.

9.Listens to operating unit for indications of malfunction.

10.Removes faulty units from vehicles, disassembles them, and replaces worn and broken parts and fluid in unit.

11.Makes electrical connections as required.

Tri-Tech General Services Incorporation under GN POWER Mariveles Coal Plant Project (GMCP)

Alas – asin Mariveles Bataan

Fax #: 926-4063


Position: Aircon Technician (Maintenance and Repair)

Date: June 06 2015 – May 03 2016

Job Description:


Duties & Responsibilities:

1.Troubleshoots, maintains, inspects, modifies and repairs heating, ventilation systems, air conditioning and refrigeration systems and equipment including screw, reciprocating and absorption chillers, cooling towers, fans and fan motors, pumps and pump motors, electric controls and associated safety, overcurrent and other equipment protection devices.

2.Makes use of acceptable practices, methods, and tools used in installing, maintaining and repairing air conditioning and related air handling equipment of large tonnage.

Skyrise Builders Management Inc.

T.Padilla St. Cebu City

Mobile #: 092******** / 093********

Position: Aircon Technician (Maintenance and Repair)

Date: June 06 2011 – June 21 2013

Job Description:


Duties & Responsibilities:

1.Examined issues and provided satisfactory solutions to the customer.

2.Analyzed and developed job repair plans to complete repair process on time.

3.Used electronic system guides and established successful repair process.

4.Repaired official ACs and maintained its quality.

5.Performed repairs at customer’s location and commensurately followed with company guidelines.

Date of Birth: 13th of February 1989

Place of Birth: Malate, Manila

Age: 27 years old

Sex: Male

Civil Status: Single

Dialect: Can speak or write: English, Tagalog, and Visayan

Nationality: Filipino

Religion: Iglesia Ni Cristo

Contact Person in Case of Emergency: Precious Riano

Contact No. : 092********

I hereby certify that the information given above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Sonny Rey Maquilan

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