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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
January 04, 2017

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Calgary, AB, T*H *C*, Canada



+1-403-*******; cell:+1-587-*******


More than twenty six years of experience in oil & gas industry possessing a wide range of expertise and experience: a very experienced geoscientist, expert in seismic data processing, technical advisor on issues of seismic data acquisition, processing, reservoir characterization, imaging, a seasoned Regional, Country, Division, Business Development Manager

A leader with proven track record of financial success, good leadership qualities that contributed to the success of companies and clients I worked for.

Technical expertise on issues of seismic data acquisition, processing, reservoir characterization, in particular seismic data processing technologies. Experience in technology benchmarking, R&D and the development/championing of new products and technologies (near surface, velocity model building, depth imaging).

Pioneered and championed new technologies for both acquisition and processing (EOR, HD/WAZ surveys in Middle East and India, reservoir monitoring on WCSB, multi azimuth and modern depth imaging technologies offshore Gulf of Mexico, Red Sea, Bay of Bengali, Arabian Sea, East Coast Canada, Libya, innovative solutions for near surface corrections in difficult areas and complicated geology settings of Africa, Middle East, India).

Expertise in managing seismic data processing contracts, client interactions and partner meetings. Proven record on HSE and implementation of QA management systems

Expert on Seismic Data Processing, from technical supervisor to manager of processing centers, processing teams and large processing projects. A proven technical supervisor providing high technical expertise to the production teams and ensuring the quality of the seismic data processing projects.

Expert on overseeing the technical integrity, production processing flow standards, turkey shoots, test projects and utilization of computer resources for multiple teams.

I have a proven history of managing multi-cultural teams, with a particular focus on development of local expertise in increasing the efficiency, quality and the safety

Expert on development, championing and marketing of new products, opening of new markets (Sagd, Reservoir monitoring, Imaging, Reservoir Characterization, TZ,OBC, Land & Marine Wide Azimuth acquisition & processing technologies)


Cairn India, Gurgaon, India

Consulting-Principal Geophysicist

March 2014-Current

As a member of Geophysical Function Team, I report directly to Chief Geophysicist and I am in charge of seismic data acquisition, processing, and reservoir characterization projects.

I am responsible for working with in-house seismic data processing/acquisition groups, asset managers, project teams, JV partners, internal and external clients (contractors) to plan, design and complete geophysical programs to ensure that business and technical objectives are achieved.

I am responsible for the execution of seismic data processing imaging and reservoir characterization programs for different assets teams (onshore, shallow water and offshore)

I am coordinating and supervising all the seismic data processing, imaging and reservoir characterization projects (2D/3D/4D, land, marine, OBC, PSTM and PSDM) currently being processed by different geophysical contractors based in India and Internationally.

I am in charge of finalizing approving seismic data acquisition programs, processing workflows and scope of work.

I lead a team of geophysicists supervising and QC different seismic projects. I am in charge of revising, approving and supervising contractors QC and tests plans, propose corrective actions as needed.

I review processing flows, tests, seismic volumes, projects and propose, implement new technologies and processes that will improve the data quality.

I prepare training and development plans for the new hires.

I look after all seismic activities pertaining to imaging of subsurface geological structures while acquiring and processing/reprocessing seismic data using latest techniques available in the industry.

Perform geophysical contract administration/ management, including working with procurement to develop contracts, carry out comprehensive quality control to verify and validate product quality with recommendations and approvals. Ensure that work is completed on schedule and within budget and report project results to management.

LABU International Consulting Ltd, Calgary, AB, Canada

E&P Consulting Services

October 2012-Feb 2014

LABU International Consulting Ltd. offers the expertise on following:

Management of Exploration & Production Projects

Training on geophysics and data processing

Coaching people and processing geophysicist on processing technologies and software conversion

Seismic Data Acquisition Projects, operations, supervision, QHSE, client representative

Seismic Data Processing and Imaging Projects (supervision, technical expertise, QC, client representative)

Supervision and QC of Reservoir Characterization and Quantitative Interpretation projects

Integration of different geophysical methods and technologies.

Creation of Seismic Data Processing workflows, best practices, quality assurance and quality control processes and systems

Data Centers, Data Management and G&G Applications

Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Championing and promotion of new products and Services, non-exclusive surveys

Divestco Inc., Calgary, AB, Canada

Director of Processing

April 2011 – September 2012

Responsible of Seismic Data Processing Division, P&L and client contacts.

Developed and implemented division’s strategic plan that led to profitability and long-term growth for the division.

Supervised company's R&D and technical teams that led to the successful development and implementation of new technologies for use in exploration and production (modern near surface technologies, SRME for land and marine, depth imaging (RTM), FWI for model velocity building and multi component processing).

Managed a team of geoscientists working on benchmarking of different processing, interpretation and reservoir technologies that led to new products and offering. Acted as the technical focal point and client interface for these new technologies

Assisted productions teams on creation and implementation of QA procedures, QC systems, test and production processing flows that maximizes the production and ensures the quality

Prepared a training plan on new technologies and QA/QC systems.

Worked closely with Seismic Data Operations and multi-client survey teams on design of acquisition programs and the implementation of new processing technologies

Worked closely with field operations teams on enforcement of HSE rules and the delivery of high quality seismic data.

Negotiated large contracts with major Oil & Gas companies in Calgary

CGGVeritas Services SA, Paris, France

EAME Business Development Manager

July 2009 – April 2011

Regional Technical Manager

In charge of operational performance of the seismic data processing partnerships and JV-s on the assigned countries.

Liaised with the Company's technical teams to ensure the successful implementation of new technologies, software and G&G applications.

Offered integrated solutions to the E&P companies: design, planning of acquisition programs, field QC, processing, imaging and reservoir characterization

Responsible for the technical aspects of all the seismic data processing projects assigned to the JV-s, partnerships and projects on the assigned countries; worked closely with Technical supervisors and R&D teams to address client’s problems and find solutions (Qatar, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Oman, Pakistan, Kuwait, India, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, France, Romania, Turkey, Algeria, Nigeria, Angola and North Sea)

Responsible the technical aspects of the first ever High Density Wide Azimuth survey in GCC

Initiated the first 4D project in Iran (feasibility study, acquisition design, processing, reservoir and QI project)

I contributed to the company wide efforts on proposing new technologies for near surface anomaly corrections and multiple attenuation on land data (Middle East), modern depth imaging (RTM) (Red Sea) and high density, wide azimuth surveys (Middle East)

Acted as company’s main contact with external clients and contract holder. Negotiated contracts for large seismic data acquisition, processing, G&G centres, reservoir characterization, software, training with major E&P companies

CGGVeritas Services, Tripoli, Libya

Technical Advisor

September 2005 – June 2009

Seismic Data Processing Centre Manager

Country Manager/Regional Coordinator

Oversaw country’s license management functions and represented the company before host government, national oil company, regulatory agencies, joint venture partners and IOC clients; excellent connections with NOC.

Responsible for formulating and consolidating a group wide vision of the local market and the competition

Responsible for the technical aspects of all Libyan projects done by teams in different countries, served as the client’s focal point and a reference for all technical and commercial obligations.

Supervised different seismic data processing teams working on large land and marine projects

Carried on with tests, implementation of new technologies, establishment of processing flows and QA/QC procedures, won very important turkey shoots

Coordinated the efforts of different G&G, production, technical and R&D teams (Cairo,Massy,London,Calgary and Abbou Dhabi) working on the Libyan projects.

Evaluated field data of vintage geophysical surveys in view of possible reprocessing, added value by using of modern technologies (like depth migration, srme, inversion, modern near surface velocity model building)

Hired, coached and trained local staff, created a personal development plan that led to an excellent integration of expat and local teams that led to a reduction of expat personnel.

Reviewed technical documentation for tenders of seismic data processing (2D/3D, land, marine, time/depth) and interpretation services (QI, reservoir, interpretations)

Supervised, supported teams of seismic imagers to obtain accurate 2D/3D images of the subsurface by using state-of-the-art imaging software and helped them select parameters to ensure a high quality, timely, and cost effective product.

Served as client focal point and ensured that the clients received a timely product that exceeded their expectations for image quality; this resulted on repeated business and added value for the company.

Directed, mentored, coached and trained seismic imagers and project leaders on technologies, tools, QA procedures, processing flows and reporting.

Carried on with turkey shoots, processing tests, provided technical support to production teams and acted as a key anchor for implementing new technologies, developed and approved project plans and allocated resource requirements.

Managed day-to-day operations of large projects, providing optimal quality control, problem identification and defining ideal solutions.

Responsible for the implementation of the rules & regulations concerning quality, testing workflows, corporate governance, QHSE, financial security & training plan.

Sucessfully managed offshore projects involving many JV-partners and clients (Exxon, Conocco, Hess, Woodside,Petrobras,OXY,ENI, Oil India, Sonatrach, ONGC Videsh)

Supervised very large marine processing projects using 2 different SRME technologies and different imaging technologies (controlled beam migration and RTM).

Supervised a turkey shot (test) from Murzuq basin that led to the creation of a basin wide model for near surface by combination of upholes, check shots, VPS, geological information, satellite and first breaks (refraction)

Responsible for the technical aspects of all Libyan projects carried over by different teams in different countries, coordinating the projects, while keeping all the client contacts and reporting

Tested depth imaging technologies to the 2004/2005 non-exclusive survey which led to the added value and the resale of the data to clients.

I was the focal point for large seismic data processing projects (onshore and offshore, time and depth) for major E&P companies (Shell, BP, Exxon, ENI, Gazprom, OXY, Total, Woodside, RWE, ONGC, Oil India, Repsol, Petrobras, Japex)

Directed seismic acquisition & processing projects in both 2D and 3D (land and marine) to include design, budget estimates, tender preparations and field QC.

Participated in pre-qualification process for potential geophysical acquisition and processing services tenders

Evaluated technical bid documents for geophysical acquisition, processing, reservoir services and recommend winning strategy

I assured technical supervision of seismic data processing projects, with particular regard to QC, validation of tests, processing workflows and technical requirements

CGG Canada Services, Calgary, AB, Canada

Group Manager

May 1998 – August 2005

Technical Supervisor

Managed a team of minimum 15 Geophysicists, Project Leaders, Team Leaders and Technical Supervisors.

Responsible for setting both short and longer term work objectives for team members. Assessed and monitored performance.

Oversaw the testing, production and QC phases of projects making sure that contractual requirements were honored and QA/QMS procedures were followed.

Worked closely with the Geophysical Advisors in the development and optimization of production sequences, proposed new technologies and involved R&D teams on finding solutions to client problems.

Responsible for the quality of test projects and turkey shoots

On 2002, completed the first large Pre Stack Depth Migration project in Canada.

Developed expertise on SAGD, 4D and heavy oil projects, from survey design, processing, interpretation and reservoir attributes.

Led the efforts on implementation of first 4D, SAGD and reservoir monitoring pilot project in WCSB.

Developed technologies and tools on building near surface weathering model, to be deployed companywide (Yemen, France, Algeria, Tunisia, South America, India)

Planning of seismic operations using state of the art software, advised client on seismic operations, parameter selection, QHSE and field operations

Proposed solutions for our clients from India (GSPC, GeoGlobal, Niko, Conoro) for their problems with near surface, imaging, multiples attenaution and surface multiples (srme).

First team in North America to implement processing ‘must haves’, (a comprehensive QA system), using of Geowork/Aspro/Maspro for processing flows, testing and QC. All these led to increased efficiency, improved quality, faster turnaround and client satisfaction.

Helped Houston teams to implement the same QA/QC and production system

Bubeqi ltd, Vlore, Albania

President & CEO

November 1995 – March 1998


Exploration, geophysical services, import, export.

Dedicated Processing Centre for PDO/Shell, Muscat, Oman

Staff Processing Geophysicist

August 1994 – October1995

Expert on issues of near surface and multiple attenuation

Turkse CGG, Ankara, Turkey

Operations& Processing Geophysicist

June 1991 – August 1994

Processing of seismic data data from S.E. Turkey, Anatolia and Adana Basins

Albpetrol, Vllahine, Albania

Wellsite drilling

September 1990 – June 1991

Sonatrach/Enageo, HassiMessaoud, Algeria


September 1989 – June 1990


Field Geophysicist. Interpreting seismic data from Hassi Messaoud Basin


Various Technical, Managerial, Business Development, Marketing, Financial and Training Programs


English, French, Italian, Turkish, Albanian


Microsoft Suite (power point presentations, excel, access)

Processing & Interpretation (working knowledge of Epos, Geodepth, Probe, E360, SeisSpace, Promax, Winpics, Geocluster, Geovation, Geoland, Tornado, Humpson-Russell, Geoland and other G&G applications)

IT configuration, computer centre design, data management, QHSE systems


Bachelor’s Degree in Geophysics

IAP, Boumerdes

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum & Mining Faculty, University of Tirana, Tirana

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