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Biotechnology Scientist, Clinic Manager

Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560001, India
5 Lakh per Annum
January 04, 2017

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Poornima BN

Address: *nd Floor, #**, ** Feet Road,

Srinivasanagar, BSK-1st Stage,

Bangalore-560050, Karnataka

Ph: 974-***-****



Strong educational background in Biotechnology, Genetics with reputed institutes of Bangalore University

A dept understanding of assessment techniques like Real time PCR, RNA and DNA extraction, Gel Electrophoresis, ELISA Techniques, Primer Designing, Lyophilisation of Bead & Buffer, Biotyinyalation, Protein estimation, Fox Assay, New born screening, Genetic Counselling, SOP preparation and management

Good working knowledge and experience in different methods and technologies in Cytogenetics, Molecular genetics and Biochemical Genetics.

Dedicated, hard working individual with the interpersonal and communications skills to work and educate personnel at all levels of the organization.

Excellent individual with a lot of practical experience in hospital and R&Ds and ability to efficiently mix theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

Highly creative and productive, competent and confident. Responsible and reliable.

Innovative problem solver with a high degree of research acumen and ability to manage multiple functions simultaneously.


Dr.CV Raman University, June 2015

Master of Philosophy (Zoology)

Result: 1st Division

Bhundlekhand University, June 2014

Master of Technology (Biotechnology)

Result: 1st Division

Bangalore University, June 2010

Master of Science (Applied Genetics)

Result: 1st Division

BHS First Grade College, Bangalore University, June 2008

Bachelor of Science (Microbiology)

Result: 1st Division

{Certificate Online Diploma Course: Nutrition and Public Health Education, IGNOU, July 2014

Result: 1st Division}


1) Bigtec labs, Bangalore, March 2014-till date

Designation: Member of Technical Staff.

Exploring a time-reduced PCR protocol for diagnosis for HBV (Supported by WHO, and funded by Grand Challenges Canada (GCC).

Standardised Bead Coupling and ELISA (Immuno Assay) protocol for HBV detection in rotary fluidic cartridges.

Exploring a time-reduced PCR protocol for diagnosis for Tuberculosis (Supported by WHO, and funded by FIND.

Carried out consistency tests to validate internal control system on chip to standardize and validate a portable RT (Real Time) PCR device.

Expanding access to new diagnosis for Tuberculosis- EXPAND TB (Supported by WHO, FIND, GLI, GDF, and funded by UNTAID).

Carried out consistency tests to validate internal control system used in nucleic acid extraction process.

Novel sample processing for simple and rapid diagnosis of TB, MDR-TB and XDR-TB (Supported by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), India and ICMR).

Carried out nucleic acid extractions to check efficiency of device and micro fluidic cartridges.

Point-of-Care detection of infectious disease using handheld Micro PCR (Incollaboration with Molbio Diagnostics and Tulip, Goa and Grand Challenges Canada (GCC).

Carried out consistency tests to validate internal control system used in various infectious diseases caused by nucleic acid (HCV, HIV, Salmonella, HBV, HPV, Dengue, Malaria, Vivax, and Chikungunya) extraction process.

2) Genomics lab, Apollo Hospital, Bangalore, Jan 2013-Jan 2014

Designation: Scientific Officer.

Lab-Incharge; Expert in New born screening (ELISAs). Metabolic Screening for Inborn Errors of Metabolic disorders. Quantification of Vitamin D, JCI-Documentation, NABL auditing, EQAS Quality assurance and testing, Food and inhalation allergy testing and Genetic Counselling. I was given the check by and finalizing (signatory authority) in the absence of HOD.

3) Renuka Diagnostics, Bangalore, Oct 2010 – Dec 2012.

Carried out various biochemical tests and validated the reports. I was Incharge of Quality Control Unit.

Designation: Lab Incharge & Research Associate.


Three day’s Workshop on “Human Cytogenetics and karyotyping” at M.S. Ramaiah Medical College, 2008.

Participated in various Seminars:

Importance of IVF in older women; organized by Jnana Bharathi, Bangalore, 2009.

Molecular techniques involved in diagnosis of Chromosomal abnormalities and Cancer Cytogenetics organized by Centre for Human Genetics, Bangalore, 2010.

Role of Genetically modified Foods in greater yield organized by Foundation for Biotechnology Awareness and Education, Bangalore, 2011.

Pre natal diagnosis organized by SRL Diagnostics at Apollo Hospitals, 2013.

Impact of Nuclear Medicine by Dr.Ananth Rao, Apollo Hospitals, 2013.

Basics of Clinical Research at Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore, 2013.

Basics of Quality Controls and EQUAS Report Interpretation, 2013.


M.Phil Thesis: Cytogenetic mechanisms of human breast cancer and therapeutic interventions. The thesis involves the genetic lineage, environmental factors which influence breast cancer. It assesses cellular-genetic mechanisms of human breast cancer in both women and men with therapeutic interventions.

Under the guidance of Dr.Sumangala K Bhat, for Dr.CV Raman University (2015).

M.Tech (Dissertation): Prospecting anti cancerous properties of plants and their role in Complementary Alternative Medicine. The dissertation sums up a cross-sectional study assessing few anti-cancerous fungi and plants which are potent to be supplemented as Complementary Alternative Medicine with Chemotherapy to reduce its side effects. Under the guidance of Dr.Sumangala K Bhat, for Bhundlekhand University (2014). (Working still on this extended scientific study of two anti cancerous plants).

M.Sc. projects:

Culturing of bacteria for research purposes. The present study elaborated all the bacterial culturing techniques for research purposes.

Preparation of chart of human karyotype abnormalities (syndrome)-Downs, Criduchat, Kline filters, Turner syndrome. A qualitative study aimed at an in-depth understanding of the chromosomal abbreviations in various syndromes.

Genetic Counselling and Pedigree Analysis. As the title suggests it was focused on studying the role of the genetics in several genetic disorders, consequences of consanguineous marriages, possible reasons for miscarriages, evaluating major sources of genetic diseases, and exploring family tree for healthy progenies.

Nutrition and dietary measures for Genetical Abnormalities, which was focused on studying the nutrition and diet plan involved in gauging several Genetical Abnormalities.

B.Sc. Projects:

The Field Report of Diary Microbiology (Organization) to understand the development of dairy farming system and to boost the production of these diary and their products.

The project entitled “Evolution of Birds” comprising collection of data from ARCHAEOPTERYX to present era birds.

The Project entitled “The Significance of Industrial Microbiology” proposed to understand how data can be mined from all the sources to explore the applications of industrial microbiology.


“Securing Genetic Database in cloud computing” under the guidance of Mr.Rajaratnam Nalluswmy, HOD of Information Science Centre, INFOSIS.

“Correlation between levels of Vitamin D and AMH in IVF success rate” under the guidance of Dr.Ananth Rao, HOD of Genomic Laboratory, Apollo Hospitals.

“Iron profiling for mutagenic causes and to correlate between anemia and cancer with tumor markers” under the guidance of Mr.Govindraju, Biochemist, Biochemistry lab, Apollo hospital.

Extraction and Invitro-screening of Anti-Cancerous product from plants on Breast cancer cell Lines guidance of Dr.Sumangala Bhat, Principal Scientist, BioWave Resources, and Bangalore.



Poornima B.N, Govindraju N.L. and Bhat S.K. September (2014). International Research Journal of Biological Sciences. Vol. 3 Issue 9:97-99.

Available at:,


Rao Poornima B.N, Bhat. S.K. May (2015). Journal of Drug Delivery & Therapeutics. Vol 5 Issue3:76-79.

Available at:

“FOOD ALLERGY AMONG CHILDREN AND ADULTS; A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS”. Rao Poornima B.N, Bhat. S.K. August (2016).International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Research.

Available at:


Microsoft Office, Internet and email.


Recipient of Higher Educational-yearly scholarship from Hoysala Karnataka Association, Bangalore (2005-2010).

Ranked 7th in PG-CET, Jnana Bharathi Campus, Bangalore University.

Ranked 3rd in M.Sc (Final Semester), Jnana Bharathi Campus, Bangalore University.

Ranked 5th in PhD (Neuropsychology) Entrance Exam, NIMHANS.


Class representative in 1st and 2nd years of Bachelors and Masters.

Incharge of the Honey Bee Raring Unit in the 1st year.

Secretary of the Student Welfare Association in the 2nd year.


Freelance Abstracter for (Green Point Global website) InfoCognitio Solutions Private Limited.

Freelance Summarizer for

Freelance Content Writer for Ripple Writers Company.

Online-Surveyor for Indiaspeaks and Opinion World.

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