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Research Management

Baltimore, Maryland, United States
January 06, 2017

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Permanent address: *C Misty wood circle, Lutherville,MD 21093 Ph. 720-***-****


To secure a rewarding research position in the pharmaceutical industry where I can apply my 8 years of expertise in cell cellular and molecular biology, cancer biology, prostate cancer, high throughput screen, small drug discovery and laboratory management to secure this position. Career Summary

A research scientist in biomedical research at Nation’s top ranked medical institute (Johns Hopkins Medicine) with 1 US PATENT, 23 peer reviewed original research articles published in major journals, more than 60 research abstracts presented at national and international meetings and more than 15 projects accomplished within designated time frame

Established and led successful research teams, prepared grant applications; 8 years’ experience in study design, assay development, execution, and data analysis

Provide training to research fellows, clinical fellows and interns/summer student. Strength/Skills

Capable of organizing complex studies involving multiples scientist, institute and facilitating internal as well as external network.

Excellent communication skills and expertise in basic as well as clinical data organization, IRB writing, human sample processing, high throughput screening of biomaterials ( RNA), functional genomics and data presentation.

Expertise in cancer biology, prostate cancer biology, RNA structure and function, primary cell isolation, cell culture and transfection, retrovirus and lentivirus transfection for gene editing, animal process, IHC, three-dimensional tissue culture (3D culture) and bioinformatics data analysis.

Skilled in various molecular techniques, including cloning, soft agar assay, RNA/DNA isolation, CHIP assay, Northern Blot, virus transduction, SDS PAGE, ELISA, cell viability assays, Luciferase assay, cellular imaging, FACS.

Expertise in all kind of PCR especially droplet digital PCR, in vitro translation, large scale screening and data analysis.

Professional Experience

Senior Post-Doctoral Research Scientist 2011 – present The Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, Baltimore, MD Responsibilities:

Development of novel therapeutics as well as biomarkers for prostate cancer.

High throughput RNAi screening approaches to discover miRNA-protein networks in cancer.

High throughput Protein Lysate Microarray (Nanoplotter, GESIM, Germany).

High throughput cellular based screen for transcriptional activity (RNAi screen).

Cellular based high throughput screen for radio-sensitization in cancer (RNAi screen).

Digital Droplet PCR (ddPCR) for validation studies using clinical specimen (tissues).

Handling of automated Hamilton liquid station.

3 prime RNA sequencing for novel biomarker for early disease detection. 2

Mentored undergraduate/graduate students for scientific techniques and research. Research Fellow March 2008 – 2010

University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO


Discover novel therapeutic regimens in urological cancers including prostate and bladder.

Regeneration of human primary cell lines, knockdown of target genes using lentiviral shRNA.

Development of Fluorescence based biochemical assays, three-dimensional (3D) tissue culture.

Efficiently managed studies involving multiple-group collaboration, data analysis, and trained research staff and students.

Management and Mentoring Experience

Efficiently managed studies to timeline and delivered; served as a team leader in study design, protocol development and execution.

Coordinated collaboration and communication between the laboratories and institutions; set strategy and adjusted priorities to meet deadlines.

Taken professional courses of Leadership and Management of Clinical trials.

Provide training and teaching to 9 research professional including postdoc, clinical fellows, intern or summer students.


Ph.D. in Life Science, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai, and Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India 2003-2008

M.S. Biotechnology, APS University,Rewa, India 2001-2003

B.S. Biotechnology, Ranchi university, Ranchi, India 1997-2001 Patents/Awards/Honors

“Patent” 48317-468P01US-Sensitizing Agent for Cancer Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy and Uses Thereof, 2015.

“The John Willey First Place presentation award”, 10thth Johns Hopkins Prostate Research Day, Baltimore, 2015

“Best Poster Award” 9th Johns Hopkins Prostate Research Day, Baltimore, 2014

“Travel Award” by Society of Basic Urological Research (SBUR)-Nashville, TN, USA 2013.

“The Ralph M. Burnett, Jr. First Place presentation award”, 8th Johns Hopkins Prostate Research Day, Baltimore, 2015

“Best Poster Award” 7th Johns Hopkins Prostate Research Day, Baltimore, 2012

“Best poster Award” International Symposium on ''Novel Strategies for Targeted Prevention and Treatment of Cancer'' 19-20th December, 2008, JNU, New Delhi, India.

“Best poster and presentation Award” 1st World Conference on Magic Bullets-EHRLICH 2004, Nurnberg, Germany, September 9-11, 2004.

Training and Courses

Leadership-Spring 2013-Johns Hopkins University

Workshop- Data Mining (RNA and DNA Sequencing)

Management of Clinical Trials-2015-Johns Hopkins University 3

Society Memberships/ Journal Reviewer (regular)

Full Member- The RNA Society from 2011- current.

Associate Member-American Association for Cancer Research from 2008- current (# 221076).

Affiliate Member- American Urological Association from 2009 –current (# 00801618).

Affiliate Member- Society of Basic Urological Research 2013 –current (# 00801618).

Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry


Molecular Oncology

Cancer Letters

Selected Research Abstracts (podium/poster)

1. Kumar et al. AACR-Non Coding RNA and Cancer: mechanisms to Medicines, December 04- 07, 2015, Boston, MA, USA.

2. Kumar et al. 10th Johns Hopkins Annual Prostate Cancer Research Day, Baltimore, MD, USA. February 21, 2015. (John L Willey First place Award) 3. Koji Hatano, Binod Kumar et al. American Urology Association Annual meeting (AUA), May 16-21, 2014 Orlando, FL, USA. (Best Poster Award) 4. Kumar et al. 10th World Congress on Urological Research (Society of Basic Urological Research) November 21- 24, Nashville, TN, USA. (Travel Award). 5. Kumar et al. In: proceeding of 8th Annual Johns Hopkins Prostate Cancer day, Mount Washington, March 2, 2013, Baltimore, MD, USA. (The Honorable Ralph M. Burnett, Jr. First Place presentation award).

6. Koul HK, Meacham RB, Binod Kumar et al. ASCO-2010, Bone, 2010, Volume: 47, Supplement: 2, pages: S296-96. (AstraZeneca funded Work and presentation). 7. Kumar et al. In: Proceedings of American Urological Association- South Central Section 88th Annual Meeting, October 14-17, 2009, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. (Highlighted on the cover page of Cancer Research, 2010).

8. Sweaty Koul, Binod Kumar et al. In: Proceedings of International Symposium on ''Novel Strategies for Targeted Prevention and Treatment of Cancer'' 19- 20th December, 2008, JNU, New Delhi, India. (Best Poster Award).

9. Kumar et al. In: Proceedings of the 99th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research; 2008; Apr 12-16, San Diego, CA, USA. (Most cited original article; 450 times).

10. Banasri Hazra, Binod Kumar et al. In: Proceedings of the 1st World Conference on Magic Bullets-EHRLICH 2004, September 9-11, 2004, Nurnberg, Germany. (Best Poster and presentation Award).

Selected Publications and Chapters in Book

1. Kumar et al. Analysis of miRNA expression from specific cell types in prostate cancer tissues by expression micro-dissection. submission (The Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2016) 2. Kumar et al. Identification of miR-30 family members as Androgen Receptor regulating miRNAs and correlation with AR activity in castrate resistant metastatic prostate cancer. Oncotarget, September 2016

3. Amarnath Mukherjee, Binod Kumar et al. Evaluation of Active vs passive targeting in prostate 4

Cancer model by using PSMA Targeting Antibody. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, 2016. 4. Koji Hatano, Binod Kumar et al. Functional screening identifies microRNAs, which alter prostate cancer sensitivity to radiation therapy. Nucleic Acid Research, 2015. 5. Binod Kumar et al. p38 MAP kinase driven MAPKAPK2 regulates invasion of bladder cancer by modulation of MMP-2 and MMP-9 activity. Cancer Research, 2010. (Highlighted on the Cover page of Cancer Research issue).

6. Binod Kumar et al. Reactive Oxygen Species is Inherent in Prostate Cancer and is necessary for Aggressive Phenotype. Cancer Research, 2008. (Most cited article in its class; more than 430 times).

7. Binod Kumar et al. Differential effects of MAPKs signaling on the growth of invasive bladder cancer cells. International Journal of Oncology, 2009. 8. Thomas R. Johnson*, Lakshmipathi Khandrika*, Binod Kumar*, Sarah Venezia, Sweaty Koul, Ryan Chandhoke, Paul Maroni, Robert Donohue, Randall B. Meacham and Hari K. Koul. Focal Adhesion Kinase controls aggressive phenotype of androgen independent prostate cancer; Molecular Cancer Research, 2008; 6(10): 1639-1648. 9. Lakshmipathi Khandrika, Rachel Lieberman, Sweaty Koul, Binod Kumar, Paul Maroni, Ryan Chandhoke, Randall B. Meacham and Hari K. Koul. Intermittent Hypoxia Contributes to Emergence of Aggressive Phenotype of Androgen Independent Prostate Cancer By p38 Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase Mediated Androgen Independent Androgen Receptor Activation and Increased Hif-1 Levels. Oncogene, 2009; 28(9): 1248-60. 10. Hazra B, Binod Kumar et al. Enhancement of the tumour inhibitory activity, in vivo, of diospyrin, a plant-derived quinonoid, through liposomal encapsulation. Toxicology Letters, 2005.

11. Banasri Hazra, B.N. Pandey, Amit Kumar, Subhalakshmi Ghosh, Binod Kumar and K. P. Mishra. “Plant products in modification of cellular damage by radiation: implications in cancer radiotherapy” edited by Dr. Rajesh Arora; Herbal Medicine: A Cancer Chemopreventive and Therapeutic Perspective”: Section 5, pp 363- 376, 2010. (Chapter in Book)

*Equal Contribution


Jeong S. Hwa (Visiting Scientist) MD, PhD- Gyeongsang University, South Korea

Hyoh Jin (Summer Intern) University of Colorado Boulder

Jung S Huh (Visiting Scientist) MD, Jeju National University, South Korea

Ramu Annamallai (Summer Intern) North western University, Chicago

Hyeon J kim (Visiting Scientist) MD, Jeju National University, South Korea

Abdalla Ali Deb (Research Fellow) MD, Cairo university, Egypt

Anna Kuropatkina (Summer Intern) University of Colorado Boulder

Brian Mears (SURE Intern) University of Maryland, College park, MD

Salar Khaleghzadegan (SURE Intern/Research Tech) University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Binod Kumar, PhD

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