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Medical Assistant

Oyonnax, 01100, France
January 06, 2017

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Shaker Mohammad AL FARESS



Clinical Pathologist and Assistant Professor with a Background in Medicine Laboratory and a Strong Expertise in Microbiology


Date of birth: 30/03/1971

Marital Status: Married with 2 children

Nationality: French

Languages: Arabic (Mother tongue), French (Proficient), English (Proficient)

Contact Address: 17 Impasse Paul Bert – 01100 Oyonnax - France

Contact phone: +33-664******



08.11.2007: Doctorate Degree in Medical Virology, Lyon-East Hospital, France

2003 -2004: Master's Degree in Clinical Microbiology, University Lyon I, France

2000-2002 : Specialized Certificate in Medicine Laboratory, Lyon-South and Montbéliard Hospitals, France

24.12.1996: Medical School Diploma (M.D), grade: Very Good, College of Medicine, University of Aleppo –Syria


2013 - 2015: - Microbiology Specialist, Aseer Central Hospital, ABHA – K.S.A

2007 - 2012: - Microbiology Specialist, Aleppo University Hospital - Syria

- Associated Professor in Medical Virology, College of

Medicine, Aleppo University – Syria

2003-2007: - Resident in Medical Microbiology, Lyon-East Hospital

University - France:

RESPONSABILITIES: - Maintaining a High Standard of Diagnostic Microbiology in tune with the prestige of Lyon-East University Teaching Hospital

- Rotating on Reviewing the Viral Serology and the

Molecular Virology Results

- Teaching the students during their practical sessions.

2000-2002 : - Specialized Training in Medicine Laboratory, Lyon-South and Montbéliard Hospitals - France:

RESPONSABILITIES: - Supervising the Routine Diagnostic Laboratory and Making approval of Laboratory Results across all Laboratory Sections; Hematology, Biochemistry and Microbiology.

The goals:

- Familiarize with Laboratory Routine Work

- Build a Solid Clinical background in Different Laboratory Sections before specializing in Microbiology/Virology

1999-2000: - Microbiology Training in Diagnostic Microbiology, Edouard Hérriot University Hospital, Lyon - France.

1997-1999: - Assistant-Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Aleppo University Hospital - Syria

RESPONSABILITIES: - Taking part in Teaching the students during their practical sessions at College of Medicine, Aleppo - Syria

- Supervision and Approval of Microbiology results, Aleppo University Hospital, Aleppo - Syria


S. Al Faress, G. Cartet, O. Ferraris, H. Norder, M. Valette, B. Lina. Divergent genetic evolution of hemagglutinin in influenza A H1N1 and A H1N2subtypes isolated in the south-France since the winter of 2001-2002. J Clin Virol, Vol. 33, No. 3. (July 2005), pp. 230-236.

Al Faress S, Ferraris O, Moules V, Valette M, Hay A. Identification and characterization of a late AH1N2 human reassortant in France during the 2002-2003 influenza season. Virus Res.132 (1-2): 33-41 2007.

AlFaress S. Evaluation of diagnostic serological tests used in the detection of Hepatitis C virus infection. Diagnostic Laboratory Journal, Damas, 2012.


1- Pr. Bruno Lina (M.D)

Groupement Hospitalier Est

Centre de Biologie et de Pathologie

59, Boulevard Pinel

69677 Bron cedex, France

Tel: +33-4 72 12 96 57


2- Ayed Alshahrani (M.D)

Medical Director

Aseer Central Hospital, KSA

Tel: +966-*********

2- Maha Hammouda (M.D)

Medical Manager

Department of Laboratories and Blood Bank

Aseer Central Hospital, KSA

Tel: +966-*********

3- Fatiha Alahmad (M.D)

Consultant Serology

Aseer Central Hospital, KSA

Tel: +966-*********

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