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Sales Supply Chain

Bradenton, Florida, 34202, United States
January 06, 2017

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Nellie A. Perry

**** ****** ****** **, ******** Ranch, FL 34202

+1-513-***-**** (m) /

Purchasing manager with 13 years of experience, currently with Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) as the Senior Director of Global Sourcing responsible for raw material purchases used in IPG’s tape, films (stretch & shrink) and engineered coated products. Prior to joining IPG worked at Argus DeWitt as a petrochemical consultant specializing in monomers, polymers, tackifier resins and synthetic rubbers that are related to the adhesive industry. In addition, worked at Procter and Gamble (P&G) for 7 years and held variety of management positions in the global purchasing organization. As part of the purchasing organization, held three roles starting with a business responsibility of $40 million to $400 million and was promoted into jobs with progressively higher level of spend responsibilities. Key contributions in these jobs included: over $150 million in commercial negotiation savings; material supply assurance systems and breakthrough cost and forecasting models.


Quick learner

Extraordinary people skills

Results driven

Multilingual and culturally diverse

Demonstrated ability to work in multifunctional/multilevel teams

Advanced negotiation

Strategic Material Sourcing

Cost and Forecast Modeling


Intertape Polymer Group, Sarasota, Florida – Senior Director of Global SourcingJune 2015 – present

Joined Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) as Director of Global Sourcing responsible for sourcing strategy and supplier relationships for raw materials used in adhesive formulations for IPG’s tapes ($100 million spend). Three months into role assumed responsibility for enitre raw material sourcing for adhesives, films and engineered coated products ($400 million spend).

Recently promoted to Senior Director of Global Sourcing for delivering $26 million in negotiated savings, reduction of 7% of total raw material spend for IPG. Intertape Polymer Group is the second largest tape producer in North America with more than $812.7 million in revenue for 2014. Shares in Intertape Polymer Group are publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the stock symbol ITP. Approximately 61% of sales from IPG products hold a Top 2 market position in North America with 65% of sales in Tapes, 19% in Films and 16% in Woven and other products. (

-Responsible for $400 million spend of raw materials. Group includes purchasing managers at 10 manufacturing sites in North America and Canada.

oKey strategic raw materials include: Acrylic adhesives, C5 tackifiers, SIS, APAO, Natural Rubber, Polypropylene, Polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, metallocene), nonwovens, PP films utilized across three business segments of Tapes, Films (stretch and shrink) and Engineered Coated Products.

-This included leading and creating a multifunctional global sourcing strategy that delivered $26 million of cost savings for IPG within 9 months of joining the company. These savings were realized by commercial negotiation and identifying and integrating Asian suppliers in IPG raw material portfolio for SIS, C5 tackifiers, polypropylene. Currently 20% of all raw materials are coming from an off-shore source. 2014 company sourced 3% from off-shore sources.

-Identified raw material synergies for Tara Tape, contributed to their reduction of 35% of raw material spend upon acquisition.

-Created, deployed first Purchasing Policy for IPG. Established correct purchasing policies and procedures in AP automation project. Reclassified all raw materials for reporting and set vendor master data.

-2016 Purchasing lead in Mergers and Acquisitions team. See additional savings delivered in Q4 2016:

oIdentified, negotiated and delivered 46% raw material savings for NA acrylic adhesive business, enabled continued production of NA made acrylic tape - $3 million

oReduced Cash cost at BOPP producing plants optimize NA made tape backing to bridge gap while expanding in Asia - $2million savings

oNegotiated terms in incumbent polypropylene suppliers to include matching import resin prices. For Truro NS plant PP Coating savings of 25% - $2 million

Argus Media, Houston, Texas – Vice President C5 Monomers and PolymersJan 2012 – May 2015

Joined Argus DeWitt with the acquisition of T.A. Brewer Consulting as VP of C5 group, in charge of publications and consulting projects. Argus is a leading provider of data on prices and fundamentals, news, analysis, consultancy services and conferences for the global crude, oil products, natural gas, electricity, coal, emissions, bioenergy, fertilizer, petrochemical, metals and transportation industries. Data provided by Argus is used for indexation of physical trade (

-Worldwide subject matter expert on Carbon number 5 molecule.

oDuring first year invited to speak at 7 key industry conferences. These include: PCR, Asphalt Congress, PSTC, ASC, AFERA and PCA. Subscription sales grew 20% versus last year.

oLead and delivered 10 hydrocarbon resin studies and 3 isoprene entry studies. Consulting sales and revenue up 30% versus last year.

Regional and global supply/demand assessment.

Production and capacity assessment of key manufactures.

Trends and implications in different end use markets.

oDeveloped net raw material models to assess the market value of key product streams. Established and recommended negotiation strategy with clients key customers. Delivered more than $20 million in missed sales opportunity.

oHydrocarbon newsletter service grew 40% in revenue due to new clients since start at Argus DeWitt. Hydrocarbon newsletter now 4th largest in earnings of the petrochemical portfolio at Argus DeWitt.

-Develop and publish a monthly market report on 27 key chemicals related to the hydrocarbon resin, tire, hot melt adhesive, polymer modification and asphalt industries. Over 80 clients globally to manage.

-Develop and publish only global hydrocarbon annual report.

T. A. Brewer Consulting INC., Houston, Texas -- Senior ConsultantJuly 2011 – Dec 2012

Joined T. A. Brewer Consulting to capitalize on broad industry experience developed at P&G and strong chemical background. T. A. Brewer consulting was the foremost recognized experts in resins, polymers and monomers that go into adhesives and other rubber end-uses. T. A. Brewer Consulting was acquired by Argus Media effective Jan 1, 2013. (

-Rapidly assimilated understanding of chemical industry and supply chain. Within 6 months, transition to develop and publish 70% of the Hydrocarbon Newsletter content and international consulting. The Hydrocarbon Resin Newsletter is published through Argus/DeWitt & Company ( Responsible for 11% of clients and new client subscriptions.

-In the first 6 months brought in $85,000 of consulting projects leveraging expertise in raw material sourcing.

-For 2012, brought in $64,800 of international consulting projects which included the building and enhancing of databases and cost models used in 6 client projects. Some key results are:

oLead strategic raw material assessment of adhesives used by a global consumer product manufacturer, identifying 66% savings in adhesive price by standardizing adhesives used at different plants

oDeveloped a sourcing portfolio management tool for an adhesive client to utilize during sourcing strategy deployment. The tool identified opportunities for cost savings up to $30 million.

oLead short and long term supply/demand analysis of key monomers and tackifier resin producers which helped client identify key supply regions for monomers used in durable goods, adhesives, and rubber industry.

oCreated production cost models for producers of tackifier resin, dicyclopentadiene, piperylenes and isoprene monomers. Recommendations allowed clients to set a baseline price for their products.

-Within one year was invited as key speaker for raw material market assessment in a major adhesive industry conference. Ranked 1 of 38 speakers at conference according to attendees’ evaluations (500+ attendees)

The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) June 2003 – July 2011

P&G is one of the world’s leading consumer products company, with net annual sales of $84 billion. P&G is the brand-building leader in the consumer products industry, with portfolio of brands that are among some of the world’s best-known household name. Twenty-five of these brands each generate more than $1 billion dollars in annual sales and are present in more than 180 countries. (

Global Hygiene Polypropylene and Polyethylene Resins Sept 2010- July 2011

-Responsible for day-to-day of North American business of global $1 billion resin spend.

-This included leading and creating a multifunctional sourcing strategy that identified $35 million of cost savings for the largest business unit (Pampers, nonwovens). This cost savings project was realized by identifying and consolidating key commodity polypropylene grades utilized globally and creating a menu of pre-qualified resin suppliers for these grades. This resin menu not only identified significant savings, it shortened qualification cycle from 36 months to 9-12 months. In addition, delivered through commercial negotiation for films group 19% commercial savings on polyethylene resin used in Bounty/Charmin/Puffs flexible packaging materials.

-In the first six months in the role, lead, created, deployed and validated first-time standardized global forecasting model and process for $2 billion resin spend pool. This forecast was updated on a quarterly basis and is used as the company wide resin forecast input for materials that utilize PP, PE, PET and engineered resins. Key material groups that used model outputs to create individual material forecasts included: injection molding, blow molding, engineered resins, hygiene (nonwovens, product films, flexible packaging films).

Hygiene Hot Melt Adhesives Aug 2005-Sept 2010

-Promoted into Senior Purchasing Manager level with incremental material spends and global responsibilities for the day-to-day of $400 million spend in hot melt adhesives used across all P&G hygiene products. Lead commercial and contractual negotiations for the entire adhesive supply base that culminated in the deployment of standardized 3-year global sourcing contracts which delivered $28 million savings in year 1 and aggregate savings of $56 million in year 2 & 3.

-Lead multifunctional material team that developed and implemented global sourcing strategy that introduced a 4th supplier into supply matrix. This supplier was the first new entrant in adhesive supply base in over 20 years. The execution of this strategy tactic, delivered the $84 million in commercial savings explained above. This multifunctional team also identified 2 new breakthrough alternate technologies to traditional hot melt adhesives. These innovative technologies

-Created and deployed first time forecasting model for global adhesives. This adhesive model incorporated supply chain understanding and forecast for each key component of adhesive formulations: tackifier resins and polymers. Other material buyers (stretch films and acquisition layers, Gillette soft touch resins) utilized same polymers as adhesives which led to the adhesive forecast being the company standard for key polymers (SIS, SBS, SB). Forecasts are updated on a quarterly basis.

-Developed and negotiated global algorithmic pricing models with each adhesive supplier. This allowed commercial team to exclude raw material fluctuation from negotiations and focus on margin improvements. A first time in the adhesive industry.

-Lead, created and deployed first-time, companywide global process for the creation of raw material supply assurance plans for P&G’s largest $13 billion brand (Pampers). In order for plans to be viable, all key functional stakeholders had to be involved. It forced further penetration in supply chain and the plan incorporated input raw materials, equipment/process, and supplier solvency. This was the first time multifunctional team collaboration was mandated (purchasing organization, material planners, R&D and brand owners). Process and system was adopted and deployed by other Hygiene billion dollar brands: Tampax ($3 billion); Always ($2 billion); Charmin ($2 billion); Bounty ($1 Billion).

Stretch Diaper Components June 2003 – July 2005

-For year one of the role, responsible for day-to-day of $60 million spend for North America diaper stretch components. Lead commercial and contract negotiations with Tier 1 incumbents and delivered $13 million savings (22% of spend).

-During year two of role, lead the expansion of supply base in order to be prepared to produce current material for the projected 210% increase in current material demand. It included the high risk implementation of new lamination technology at suppliers which led to new features added to Tier II diapers. This initiative delivered a 33% reduction in unit price per square meter of stretch component that allowed for expansion of this technology globally (120 diaper lines converted to new technology).


Masters in Decision and Information Sciences; Concentration in Supply Chain Management / MSDIS, 2003 GPA: 3.5/4.00

University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

Warrington College of Business Administration, AACSB International Accredited

Dual Degree -Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry & Chemical Engineering, 1999 GPA: 3.75/4.00

University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences & College of Engineering


-Magna Cum Laude, B.S & B.E.

-Golden Key National Honor Society

-Isshinryhu Karate Black Belt


-Su Casa Ministries, English as a second language, Math & Science Tutor, Cincinnati, OH.

-Big Brother & Big Sisters, Cincinnati, OH.

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