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Air Force Engineer

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
January 03, 2017

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Randy Walker

** ***** ******** **

Conway, AR ***32

H(501) ***-****

C(501) ***-****



Cisco Network Professional certificate from Lanier Technical College

CISCO Technician from Lanier Technical College

CISCO Specialist from Lanier Technical College

USAF Satellite Operations Control

USAF Comm./Computer Sys. Control

USAF NCO Training School

USAF NCO Leadership School

Bell South Electronics Technician

Bell South Services Technician

STI Satellite Doss/Dasa Elements


Currently open to the job market. Experience in the telecommunications industry: Troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair complex analog and digital electronic circuitry to the component level. Train technicians in safe, efficient troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair techniques. Use test equipment: protocol analyzers, dual trace O-scopes, audio/digital analyzers, sine wave generators, frequency counters/generators, and HP open view systems management software. Outstanding attention to detail, excellent organizational and problem-solving skills. Work well individually, or as part of a team. Install ONIs, NIs, CISCO 2000, 3000, 4000, and 7000 routers on AT&T Frame-Relay WAN network, helped techs identify demarcs, etc. Also configure CISCO 2000, 3000, 4000. and 7000 routers with RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, BGP, OSPF.

Computer Skills:

Software: MAC OS 7.5-9, Windows 3.1-XP, LINUX redhat, UNIX, MS Office, MS Word 1995-2003, MS Excel, MS Access, PowerPoint, CISCO router IOS, Windows NT, Novell, Adobe Acrobat Professional, MS Visio, Dream Weaver, DBMS, SQL, Project 2003, DSR Tools, DNS Stuff, What’s Up Gold. Swift, Android, XML and other application developer programs.

Hardware: Use dual-trace oscilloscope, analog and digital volt meters, perform computer tests such as; Bit Error Rate Test, Frequency Response, Idle channel noise, etc., use automated test on computers, MAC, HP, Dell, Compaq, and IBM computer installation, setup and repair, router configuration, circuit board troubleshooting and replacement, component replacement and troubleshooting, replace resistors, capacitors, IC Chips, etc. Military Electronics course to test and repair electronic devices.

Databases: Dbase4, Excel, Access, FoxPro, SIS, ASAP, AAA Tools, M Tools, DSL vision.

Other: Ability to read schematics and perform trouble isolation, HP Open View, routers, modems, switches, hubs, LAN's, MAN's, WAN's, T1, T3, DS0, TCP/IP network configuration, IPX/SPX network configuration, LAN-RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, WAN-BGP, IS-IS, Bus, Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, FDDI, Star, Token-Ring, PPP, SLIP, SDLC, HDLC, Remote access networks, BERT, ICN, envelope delay, frequency response, SNMP, NMS, experience identifying and troubleshooting network performance issues, experience with network diagnostic hardware such as analyzers, basic Unix experience, basic experience with MS desktop tools such as Excel and Word, identify demarc, POP, NI, ONI, RJ21x, 66block, create Web Sites and Web Pages.

Work Experience:

June 2016-August 25, 2016 CT&T Engineer III

Created Risk Assessments using Site surveys so the Statements of Work could be processed to add Calix equipment to internet networks.

Feb 2006-June 2016 Windstream, Little Rock AR Network Analyst II

Provide support to Windstream data customers. Services supported include DSL with Static IP, ATM, Frame Relay, Point-to-Point circuits, IMA bonding, VPN, MPLS, Metro-E, and BGP routing from WINDSTREAM. Interface directly with the business customers, customer IT organizations. Use various software programs to isolate and resolve customer issues. Check customer provisioning with Alcatel, Lucent CGBX, CISCO routers and switchs, Juniper routers, ADTRAN routers, and ADIT routers.

14 years experience with CISCO routers

8 years CCNA

6 years CCNP

8 years Juniper router experience

Jan 2004-Feb 2006 ADCom, Atlanta GA Network Engineer

Monitor companies WAN systems for various issues and restore them to proper operating procedures when problems occur. Monitor and check configurations on 2500, 2600, 2610XM and 7200 routers in WAN environments correcting any configuration problems and testing if any other issues appear to effect circuit utilization. We also setup these routers for NAT translation when needed for WAN systems. We watch for over utilization of CIR and correct same when it occurs. Monitor PIX and Netscreen firewalls for both circuit failure and port scans. We identify port scans to appropriate managers and ISPs for further correction we set up inside and outside IP addresses. Utilize AT&T Frame Relay circuits and communicate any problems with their personnel when needed. Isolate RAM and Flash memory issues and replace same.

Aug 2003-Oct 2003 Contract ADCom, Atlanta GA Network Engineer

Supervise install and check configuration of 2610XM CISCO routers at remote sites identifying demarcs, Outside Network Interfaces (ONI), Network Interfaces (NI) on AT&T Frame-Relay WAN network. Work with AT&T closely to isolate issues not related to equipment. Identified PVC, LMI, DLCI issues to appropriate carrier (AT&T, Bell South, MCI, Qwest, etc.) department. Also troubleshot RAM and Flash memory trouble isolation and replacement of bad components. Achievements: Complete contract 2 months early with a failure rate of less than 12% due to circuit problems.

Mar 2001-Dec 2002 Bell South, Atlanta GA Electronics Technician

Supervise install/deinstall of all comm. circuits from single phone to T1, T3, DSL, ISDN and fiber service with an average of 99.95% accuracy. Helped Techs identify demarc, ONI, NI. Also had to be able to perform simple soldering/de-soldering of circuit board components. Achievements: Relief Manager for first level Supervisor and trainer.

Aug 1999-Sept 2000 ETC, Inc Technical Service Supervisor

Supervised two people in the testing and maintenance of different companies voice mail and weather machines worldwide. Supervised installation of various time, weather, temperature and voice mail machines. Achievements: Moved company of 35 people to new building installing telephones, networks cable, etc, created training plans for newly assigned supervisors.

Jun 1996-Dec 1998 FIU Library, Miami FL Student Work Study

Install and repair over 250 nodes on Windows NT network, setup CISCO 2600 routers. Punch down new circuits on 66 block and RJ21Xs. Setup nodes with IP addresses, create network architecture diagram for easier problem isolation. Utilize digital and analog meters for troubleshooting. Achievements: Integral in movement and setup of all 250 nodes to new location in 8-story building from 3-story building.

Mar 1974-Jul 1995 U.S. Air Force Communications - Computer Systems Control Craftsman

Install, troubleshoot, and repair voice, data and computer systems used for both local and long haul info. exchange with a 99.5% uptime. Ability to read electronic schematics and perform installation and trouble isolation. Install and troubleshoot circuit boards and components remove and replace bad components; resistors, capacitors, IC chips, etc. Plan installation of Base LAN with 5000 customers and setup each with IPX/SPX addresses installed circuit cards and replaced defective cards. Train newly assigned personnel in operations, safety, security, technical aspects of job, and various test equipment. Maintain inventory for five million dollars worth of test equipment. Prepare requests and orders for install/deinstall of circuits for Air Force saving them a hundred thousand dollars per year. Train personnel to install, program, and maintain CISCO 4000, 2500, 2600, 1600, 1700, 2900 series routers. Fully meshed network with all types of services: BUS, FDDI, Token Ring, Star, and Ethernet. Integrated HP Open view management system for troubleshooting LAN. Achievements: 2-NCO Professional Education ribbon, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, 5-Air Force Good Conduct Medal, Served in support of Desert Shield/Storm from 2 Aug 90-30 Jun 95, received Excellent rating during Inspector General Inspections, promoted to Staff Sergeant in less time than most airmen, 2-Air Force Commendation Medals.


Community College of the Air Force: Telecomm. Systems Control

Tech, USAF NCO Training School, USAF NCO Leadership School.

U.S. Army-Satellite Operations Control

Stanford Technical Institute-Satellite DOSS/DASA elements

Lanier Technical College-CISCO Technician, CISCO Specialist certificates, CNP certificate.

Mar 2001-Sept 2003 CISCO Technical Training Lanier Technical College

Took in-depth and hands-on courses for the CISCO Technician/Specialist (CCNA courses) and CISCO Network Professional dealing with LAN, WAN setup and troubleshooting. Also used RIPv1 & 2, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP protocols their installation and troubleshooting. Have been awarded the CCNA from CISCO and CNP certificate by Lanier Technical College. Received Presidents List Certificate Fall Quarter 2000 for 4.0 average in all classes. Completed Computer installation and maintenance course, which taught proper isolation and use of test equipment to perform computer upgrades, maintenance, etc.

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